🏠 HOUSE TOUR !!! – Man Vs House Episode #8

Hey, what’s going on everybody? Rob, Corrine here. You are watching yourself a very special episode of Man vs. House!.

Hey, what’s going on everybody? Rob, Corrine here. You are watching yourself a very special episode of Man vs. House! We did it, the moment has finally come! We’re moving in to the new place. This is the old place. Which has absolutely nothing left in it! One last spot check, we gotta make sure, we didn’t forget anything. Yeah, look at that. Empty basement. My bucket! Okay, take the bucket. This is the old ThreadBanger studio here. Bye, closet room! An entire room in this house just dedicated to Corinne’s closet. There’s nothing wrong with that. And inside of this closet, another closet Ugh, now I’ll have to share a closet with Rob! Alright that’s it, I think we’ve kept them waiting long enough. Yeah, we’ve all been wanted to see the final reveal shots. We’ve kept Jenna Marbles waiting way too long. I know! Sorry, Jenna. Alright put the key over on the counter, that’s it. Bye, key! Here we go Are you ready for this? I’ve been ready for a really long time. I’m a little nervous actually. There’s been a lot of good times there’s been a lot of Bad times whatever the case it’s been a long time. It’s been a journey that’s for sure but We made some new friends. Hey Bob, that whole crew it feels like yesterday when We met all those guys. I’m Bob I’m Rob and Corinne’s Contractor. You probably seen me on a couple of the previous episodes so when I first came over to check the house out I was A little taken back, by the amount of work that it needed. I’m pretty sure he had no idea what he Was getting himself into with us. It was definitely more than I was expecting but, there were a lot of surprises when We got into the walls. Like termites damage, mold. Especially in the kitchen someone had taken I guess their outfit for the day And stuffed it in between the crack. The turtleneck! I forgot all about the turtleneck! And that’s not the only, weird thing we found. Not only did We find a coal chute actually in the house with coal in it, we found a body in there Rob! Get in here! I think we need to call the cops. You never told me about that! Bob took care of it it was like, not even a big deal. I’m not really sure What you’re supposed to do in that situation. I think, we just threw it in the dumpster something like that Well now I’m gonna have to burn some sage! We put a lot of blood, a lot of sweat, a lot of tears, a lot of time, a lot of money into this Whole thing. Well you put a lot of blood into everything you do. Nah, I did a pretty good job on that house. I actually think Bob, kinda hates you. What are you talking about? Working with Rob was really interesting. Definitely some lack of attention to detail. So what, we want you to do is basically shoot this thing in here What’d ya say? I overheard Bob talking about how I would be perfect on his crew. I don’t think he’s somebody that would quite fit on our team Rob, Rob! We’re supposed to keep that wall! You said that one! No, no. Rob! You know rob would come in with enthusiasm but very Very little skill Is that it? I just need to hold this? Working with Rob, he’s always in the way. Always asking questions. Really? Yeah. You don’t need any help here? Nah, I’m good. Need any help! No, thanks. Ya know, Bob’s a really chill Guy, I walked around the corner once and heard him raising his voice and I was like “omg, somebody’s getting yelled at!” You get the gas line? Oh sh*t! Like i’ve never seen, Bob yell at anyone and he was yelling at Rob. That gasoline wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. No, you dug the hole in the wrong place. I’m sure that they loved you with all of your ideas. They did love me! My ideas were fantastic! On the other hand, you have Corinne who’s like The opposite. She’s the one that’s always on the details. Corinne you know, always had a really good vision of what she was trying to do She was, she would come in prepared. Working with Corinne was awesome! she’s funny she knows how to lighten the mood I’m helping! She had all these like, huge visionary ideas so we jived right away Which was awesome and as you can see from the finished product There are tons of things that Corinne had a lot of input on and they worked out super well. We’re almost there! All right, here we are. Oh, look! Look at that! It’s so pretty with the trees. This is just amazing. Welcome home. We did it! This is the house that Thread Banger built! The home of our dreams. And Lowes thanks Lowes. Yeah, awesome Let’s go let’s check it out! [laughing] Just kidding that’s not our house Okay, for real this time. wow huh Here we go No! Give it to me! No no no no! We did it! Welcome home! This is the living room. This is what it looked like before I mean it was a small space for sure. From afar it didn’t look, so bad but When he got up close to all the things the floors were all patched up and a mess. Old, weird, wiring And old walls and things. Windows were broken and didn’t open and if you remember there were porch lights inside the house. Unfortunately, It all needed to go. But this, is what it looks like now Wow! Look at that! Totally a different space. Look at how, high these ceilings go! Thanks Joanna Gaines! we did it and this fireplace here all the way floor-to-ceiling With my amazing custom mantel! damn, ah and check out These floors, now. I’m floored, by, these floors. Ay oh! By the way we’re still working on the furniture game a little bit and the decor. We don’t have everything up We want but most of the stuff came from Lowe’s.com Boom! And we also included some handmade pieces from other Local artisans. i hung this television right here. Yeah and if you look closely enough You’ll see that it’s a little crooked. In the camera it looks more crooked than it actually is. No it’s definitely crooked! Moving over into the Dining room here. More like a dining nook, i would, say. But this, is what it looks like now Still the same size obviously but it feels a lot, bigger without the ceilings here We got three of these little chairs tables one for me, Corrine, the cat It’s all we need. look at that fruit Isn’t this a nice fruit bowl? And this is real fruit! Not that plastic stuff around here, nuh-uh. I thought we were gonna do the final shots like two weeks ago so these these are pretty old actually. no yeah, bleh bleh. I know Corinne’s chandelier Was supposed to be up here but once the electrician saw all that wiring he said, absolutely not. But that’s, okay I feel a lot safer with this. Talking about lights, these, we found in a local antique store. I performed the most amazing DIY project on them ever Are your ready for it? I’m ready What? Light up your glass, yo! This is gonna be my new Business when this whole youtube thing goes up in smoke. Nice! Uh, huh! You need to give the kitchen tour because this This is the money shot. here’s the before pretty basic kitchen not a lot of storage older appliances And floors so bad they had to be carpeted but, now, let me present to you our new MasterChef kitchen Wow wow, we got those quartz counter tops. Of quartz! Plenty of storage for all the crap We use for the show A farmhouse sink. subway tile it’s, my dream kitchen come true These are the appliances right here black stainless steel check this- Uh. – What – ooo What?? Come on now what is that even for? It’s called a cold saver so all you got to do if you Want one of your fancy Carbonated beverages that you like to drink. Rob’s pretty much just your average basic White girl. What come on now, everyone drinks La-crooks. Know what the most exciting part about this frigerator is? What’s that? The wine drawer! Oh! There it is! What?! Wait, here’s a little cat wine too – what is this? This is a pinot meow we’re gonna celebrate all together. Everybody is I guess Yeah, you know, I kinda wanted to Keep it simple, cause, you never know, we may want to sell this house at some point. What? Yeah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa? What are you talking, about selling the house, we just moved in! Okay enough now Here’s the here’s the real exciting part this This Is the bedroom Let’s take a look at the befores. This bedroom has had a couple transformations. First, when the weekender Was here and Monica and the whole team made this thing look, amazing! But then we found the termites and the mold but then We decided to build the addition and vault the ceilings and get new windows so, everything had to go. Here is the new Bedroom yeah Look at this! What are those ferns in the corner? Yeah! they’re good for air quality I’ve heard They help with snoring too. What? Well that’s good for you then These mirrored closet these are these are freaky. If you remember the closets before there were two closets Matching closets on either side. Absolutely you couldn’t even fit a hanger in them. Absolutely no space. That little vault up there and a little loft. Storage space for the win! Wait wait wait before you before that this just ended. This was a wall this That was the end of the house. Alright so there is a door there now but where does it go? Whoa? That’s right! Ensuite washer and dryer. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me. We have never been at laundry zero so many times. It’s amazing It’s my favorite thing! All right, moving on. Welcome To the new Spa bathroom. Damn Daniel, we now have an ensuite bath. Now this, was nothing. This wasn’t even here before! Obviously, we kept the vault going in here. Really gives it a nice feel. Look at This tub. Look at that right there My main goal was to achieve an old-school kind of looking vibe. Some gold fixture you know, to give it that like art Deco feel. I went with a black and white hexagon. She’s probably enjoying the new heated floors Absolutely unnecessary But Necessary apparently! Boom! Did we do the before- I guess there’s no before of this space. But there is a before of this space, which was totally, not good. This is how big the bathroom Was before. I know! That’s crazy. It was tiny Oh, but this is my favorite part of this of this whole thing. You have not lived until You have yourself a future toilet. You want to talk about unnecessary things. What? This would be one of them. absolutely not check this out you just walk up right next to it right I’m gonna go to the bathroom I don’t even have to touch anything. Except myself, that’s it! And then it has this little remote control panel right here. Check this out I want to flush it Boom I recommend this one. Spiral for all the ladies out there especially Hey oh! This is YouTube money, y’all. To continue our tour right next to the bathroom We got the second bedroom which is now Corinne’s office slash workspace. Let’s take a look at the before Pretty standard room here and now the after Boom there it is still killin it with These before and afters. It’s like we’re a real show. i am appropriately dubbing this room, the crazy cat lady room Well i can see that already I measured and figured out furniture Situation for here. I get to sit here and look out the sliding glass door Oh, yeah, we didn’t talk, about that! Now this was just a window before. Now it’s a sliding glass door out onto our new patio! But do they remember, what it looked like before? oh, yeah, yeah yeah! Hold on here’s the before. here’s the before right it was just a Rickety, old deck. it was sketchy for anyone to stand on it at any time. A deathtrap pretty much but now check it out. It adds a little bit more space everything’s screened-in. We are protected from the elements. Yeah mosquitoes Watch out! Not to mention it’s got a view in the back what We were Originally calling the tiny house has now morphed into, just the house that now exists behind our house The second the second house. The second house! Let’s take you down stairs you can check that out. Here we go, the backyard What?I shouldn’t say what. What? What!? I mean that’s how- that’s what they do on all the shows! Should we like, pretend it’s our first time seeing it? Here it is! Are you ready to see your new, tiny house? [gasps] Oh my god! Look at it! And it’s a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be. Thats what she said! Wow! It is pretty nice! We’ll check out this- You don’t wanna just show them a little bit? No i don’t. Just show them how it is! It’s not finished It’s fine! Oh, my, goodness this isn’t what they do on the shows I think they deserve a little sneak peak! Yeah, sure all right here we go I’m warning you, it’s not finished, quick little sneak peek, no fancy befores and afters. I guess because there wasn’t ever really a before but Wait , hold on! This is the before! Got a little spiral staircase going up to a loft up there Beautiful kitchen here Washer and dryer What!? Come on… What?! A little bathroom. Look at this little bathroom action here. It’s so cute! It’s a little bit more work to be done out here but this is the next big space to be redone And that is the basement Here’s here, actually, let’s do a little before and after in this space. Remember all the pipes and things hanging down yeah And the hot water heater And that furnace or whatever whatever it was i don’t even know What that thing was This over here this used to be the cold room but now none of that Still a lot to do in the house around the house outside so this Series i’m sure is just gonna keep on going and going. The work is never done in a home! All in all, it cost us twice as much as we wanted to spend took, twice as long as We wanted to do it in, but it’s home! This is truly the house that Thread Banger built! A big shout-out to our sponsor Lowe’s, without whom this series wouldn’t even exist. We love you Lowe’s! Thank you so much! Be sure to check out their YouTube channel and give them some love. Subscribe to them and we’ll see you around here next Man vs. House!

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  16. Currently on a Threadbanger binge watch! Here to give some of my opinions on things.

    3:39 I know people have actually commented a lot about this since Rob and Corinne never kiss on camera (they're probably just not as comfortable with showing that type of content or PDA in general and that's totally okay). But the thing that more so got me about the whole scene is that they drive up to a house that isn't theirs, kiss in front of it and act so excited about their accomplishments with a completely straight face, and then turn around saying "just kidding, that's not our house" before cracking up at the very end. It's so absurd and dry and probably one of my favorite Threadbanger moments and would probably be one of the clips I showed to people if they asked me what I loved about Rob and Corinne's humor and dynamic. It just makes me break out into a giggle fit every single time with how straight the play it and I think it's brilliant.

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