10 Amazing House Tools You Should Have

(dramatic music) – [Announcer #1] There’s a powerful new tool that combines 48 tools into one. Introducing the Tiger Wrench..

(dramatic music) – [Announcer #1] There’s
a powerful new tool that combines 48 tools into one. Introducing the Tiger Wrench. (tiger roars) By simply clicking between
the different sizes, you instantly have the
tool you need for the job. Think about all the time you’ve wasted in the past fishing around
for the right sized tool. With just a few clicks
of the Tiger Wrench, you’ll have the right tool
for the job every time. (tiger roars) The Tiger Wrench is fast. Look how quickly the Tiger Wrench can go from one size to the next. As fast as you can click the tool, you’ve got a new size, and because of the unique,
revolutionary tooth design you can do both standard and metric sizes. Simply flip the tool around
and you have more sizes. Ordinary wrenches slip on rounded corners. Not the Tiger Wrench. Its specially designed teeth won’t slip like ordinary wrenches. Ordinary wrenches can’t
do 45 degree angles. With the Tiger Wrench you could
easily do 45 degree angles. No problem! (tiger roars) The Tiger Wrench is handy,
convenient, and saves you time. With this one tool, you can
tackle dozens of projects around the house, on the road,
in the garage, or on the job. You’ll use your Tiger Wrench all the time. The Tiger Wrench is well-built
and extremely durable. It’s a heavy duty, professional tool that’s designed to handle
up to 300 pounds of torque. – [Announcer #2] Painting
the old fashioned way can be slow and messy, but now there’s the HomeRight
Paint Stick EZ Twist, and painting has never been easier. Begin by attaching the universal lid to any standard one-gallon paint can. Place the Paint Stick EZ
Twist on the fill tube, pull back on the handle, and twist. You’ll be able to paint up 64 square feet with just one fill. No more globbing or wasted paint. Just perfect one coat coverage every time. Simply place, pull, and twist for a smooth and even finish every time. No need to worry about
spills, drips and mess because the EZ Twist
Paint Stick is designed to evenly distribute paint from the inside of the roller cover to the
outside with just a twist. You can paint an entire 8×8 wall like this in as little as one minute. Ceilings used to be a nightmare, but the Paint Stick EZ Twist
large 64 inch extension handle makes painting ceilings a snap. Attach the uniquely-designed
spatter shield for extra mess-free protection, and use it as a stop guide
for wall-to-ceiling painting. Clean up takes just minutes. Simply place the Paint Stick
EZ Twist back on the fill tube, push the handle in and the paint
goes right back in the can. Flush the handle with water
and rinse the roller cover, and you’re ready for your next project. The HomeRight Paint
Stick EZ Twist is built to last a lifetime. – [Announcer #3] If you’re
looking for a drain cleaner with more power in the
shower, no kinks in the sink, and that you’ll love in the tub, RIDGID has the tool for you. The PowerSpin Plus Drain Cleaner. With a battery-powered drill and RIDGID’s exclusive
auto-feed trigger technology, just pull the trigger and
the 25-foot kink-resistant cable self-feeds through the
drain line quickly and smoothly til it reaches and removes the blockage. Simpler blockages can be handled manually. The PowerSpin Plus features
a reinforced hand grip for comfort and firm control. A light-weight polyethylene
drum that will not dent or rust. And a positively retained
cable in the drum prevents cable pullout. When you need to clear
the drain without the pain and without the mess, count on the brand with
a nearly 100 year history of quality craftsmanship and
a full lifetime warranty. The RIDGID PowerSpin Plus Drain Cleaner. – [Announcer #4] Introducing
the Wagner FLEXiO 5000. A paint sprayer that
makes it faster and easier to fill your life with
the colors you love. The 5000 is primed to handle
all your painting needs, especially the long painting projects. Like a hallway, a dozen
doors, or a large family room. The X-boost turbine has the power to spray all paints and
stains directly from the can and comes with two nozzles,
variable power settings, and an on-off switch on the handle so you can make adjustments on the fly. The base is stationery so the weight stays on the
floor and not in your hand so you can spray longer with less fatigue. The 11 1/2 foot hose lets
you paint continuously as you move along your large projects. The innovative eye spray nozzle with adjustable paint
settings gives you the control to spray almost any surface. In fact, it’s 12 times faster than painting with a brush. The versatile 5000 works great
outside with its long reach. It’s perfect for staining a
fence, tackling your garage, or painting a shed. When the large surfaces are covered, switch to the detail nozzle
to get a smooth finish on projects that require more precision. And with just a few parts to rinse off, the 5000 cleans up in only five minutes. Pack it away in it’s own storage case, and enjoy crossing another big
project off the to-do list. Add the FLEXiO 5000 to
your D-I-Y tool collection, and spray your world with color. – [Announcer #5] This is the Xtend+Climb telescoping ladder. It is convenient to store and transport. It is also light-weight and easy to use. True telescoping technology
is the patented technology behind Xtend+Climb series
of telescoping ladders. Ladders with true telescoping
technology provide maximum versatility and have
been tested and surpassed ANSI and OSHA standards. True telescoping technology
is safe and easy to use with its patented lock-and-release system. The design of the ladder allows
it to firmly stay in place on all four points of contact. The feet of the ladder feature
a double over mold design that provide strength,
durability, and secure traction. Storing ladders with true
telescoping technology is easy. They collapse down to
the size of a lawn chair. Xtend+Climb ladders can be
transported in any sized vehicle. With true telescoping technology, you can easily carry a
ladder with just one hand. Xtend+Climb offers both a
Home and Pro series of ladders for every application. Because of true telescoping technology, they’re perfect for
projects around the home. Builders, painters and
contractors of all types use them for their jobs every day. They are used in large factories, hotel chains, and warehouses. – When you’re trying to get things done, nothing is more frustrating than working where it’s hard to reach
or where you can’t see. Til now. Meet the cordless FlipOut,
an incredible power driver. It’s compact and can get into tight spaces other drivers can’t, yet drives with the same power and torque of much larger tools. But here’s the real magic. With FlipOut, you’ll
always come at your work from just the right angle. FlipOut delivers torque
and power using a design based on industrial robots. There are three pivoting joints. The top one pivots to
reach into tight spots. The middle joint lets
you reach around or over. And the third joint gives
you all this flexibility with 360 degrees of rotation. The result? FlipOut locks into over 380 positions giving you power in tight spots. Power in hard to reach spots.
Power where you need it. FlipOut gets the job done. Use a drill driver at the wrong angle and you’ll quickly strip screws. A FlipOut adjusts to
drive screws straight on, and with the drill driver
you just don’t have control for RTA furniture. A FlipOut’s variable speed
switch gives you the touch you need to assemble furniture quickly. FlipOut runs on a built-in 8
volt max lithium ion battery. You can fully recharge
it in just 45 minutes. And even if it sits for a full year, FlipOut still holds its charge. And maybe the best thing about the FlipOut is it only weighs one pound. So whether you’re working
in hard to reach places on electrical or plumbing, or just need a powerful
driver around the house, FlipOut is the tool for you. – [Announcer #6] The Hammerhead 4 volt rechargeable screwdriver is kind of like the Swiss Army knife of screwdrivers. Sure you can zip in or
remove a screw with ease, but you can also light an
area, strip and bend wire, and detect a live circuit
all in the palm of your hand. The Hammerhead 4 volt
rechargeable screwdriver has a forward reverse ring that activates with a simple twist. Once activated, the LED lights turn on illuminating your work. When not in use, the spindle locks and can be
used like a manual screwdriver. A circuit sensor is located
at the front of the tool. Press the voltage detection button and place the sensor within one inch of a switch, outlet, cord, or
fixture to see if it is live. A light and a buzzer will let you know if electricity is present. An integrated wire
stripper makes short work of taking off an insulation sleeve, and wires can be bent using
the bending slot on top. Take the guesswork out of
any electrical project, and use a rechargeable
screwdriver that just does more. – [Announcer #7] Cut-in
boxes are hard to reach, and usually too small for most hands to easily attach conduit connectors. Traditional methods of attaching locknuts like a screwdriver, pliers,
or fingers don’t work. Kline Tools Conduit Locknut Wrench turns a complicated operation
into an easy two-hand task. Perfect for hard to reach half inch and three-quarter inch connectors, this locknut wrench works
in deep or tight boxes where pliers and fingers can’t. The patent-pending drive shaft design lets you easily loosen and
tighten conduit connectors using a stationery twisting motion. Heavy-duty steel construction
enables needed torque to loosen or tighten connectors. The innovative Conduit Locknut Wrench lets you work smarter, not harder. – [Announcer #8] Fixit’s
essential electronics toolkit offers the tools you need
to be able to open a device, swap out batteries, and replace displays. The kit comes with a magnetized driver and sixteen common bits
found in today’s electronics, such as phillips, pentalobe, flathead, torques, and torque security. It also comes with a suction handle that will help you lift displays along with an opening
tool to pry open devices. We also include an ESD-safe
spudger for disconnecting cables along with a jimmy that will easily slip between the tightest of gaps
in the toughest devices. Six opening picks for scraping and prying. One set of ESD-safe tweezers to grab small screws and
pieces in tight spots, and you can even stay organized by using the lid sorting tray. Devices get damaged all the time, don’t get caught off-guard with the new essential
electronics toolkit. – [Announcer #9] Typically,
car washing means back-bending, dripping
sponges, and fighting the hose. Not any more. With the Auto and EZ Wash Sticks, your cleaning time is cut in half. Just place the Wash Stick head
into a bucket of soapy water. Draw back the handle, and the cleaning solution fills the tube. Simply push the handle to
dispense the cleaning solution onto your vehicle. With the Autowash Stick, the cleaning solution
feeds through the mitt and cleans smooth surfaces such as hoods, roofs,
and doors of vehicles. The super absorbent lamb’s wool head removes the deepest dirt and grime. The flexible head conforms
to the curves and contours of any vehicle. The EZ Wash Stick is great
for gently scrubbing grilles, hubcaps, mirrors and more. The EZ Wash Stick brush
bristles are tough enough to get a good clean, yet gentle enough not
to scratch the surface. The handle extends four feet so roofs of cars are no longer a problem. Adding four feet of reach
means no job is too big. RVs, windows, patio furniture. The Autoright cleaning method uses a limited amount of water. An excellent option for people living in apartments or condos,
water-restricted areas, or winter climates.

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  1. ▶️Link To All The House Tools Listed
    #10.Tiger Wrench ➡ http://amzn.to/2qW6TZS
    #9.EZ Twist Paint Roller ➡ http://amzn.to/2CU30q1
    #8.Power Sping Drain Cleaner ➡ http://amzn.to/2D1Qic1
    #7.Flexio Paint Sprayer ➡ http://amzn.to/2CRYCaO
    #6.Xtend Climber ➡ http://amzn.to/2mhIFnz
    #5.Flip Out Power Driver ➡ http://amzn.to/2mhIJnj
    #4.HammerHead Screwdriver ➡ http://amzn.to/2D2TlR2
    #3.Conduit Locknut Wrench ➡ http://amzn.to/2D06VWi
    #2.iFixit Electronics Toolkit ➡ http://amzn.to/2CS2rwN
    #1.Autoright EZ Wash ➡ http://amzn.to/2CSnyzj

  2. We purchased the Flexio Sprayer. Save your money. This tool is supposed to spray paint directly from the can, no dilution needed. However, it doesn't produce a usable finish due to spattering and horrendous overspray. We adjusted paint volume and air flow in virtually all combinations, along with adjusting the tip and trying various distances from the surface. Fortunately, we tried it on primed test boards in our barn before jacking up our walls. Avoid this one.

  3. That cheapo import " tiger wrench " looks pretty high profile, and probably won't fit in a lot of places.

  4. Why can't they put the name of the products at least for 3 seconds what is the point of putting these tools on you tube if u can't get to know the names of the products


  6. I wouldn’t buy the Wagner spray gun. It’s cheap and hard to clean. I bought the HomeRight Super Finish Max. Much better coverage and easier to clean and maintain.


  8. 7:18 "the best feature about the flip-out is that ONLY WEIGHTS ONE POUND" So forget the tool it self, buy it for its weight. °~°

  9. @4:50 love the idea of this ladder. But if you use it to paint or drywall it gets in the tracks and the safety and then doesnt close or open properly. Also the top contact point aren't big enough and tend to divot drywall

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