10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Low Budget People

Working in the same kitchen with the same look for years is the real chores. It is tedious, isn’t it?.

Working in the same kitchen with the same look for years is the real chores. It is tedious, isn’t it? and you wish you could add a twist to your mundane kitchen to give it a lively lift. Unfortunately, you’re pretty tight in budget. Don’t be upset! I’ve summed up 10 kitchen remodel ideas for low-budget people just for you. Now sit back and enjoy this video! As always, this list is coming for you from simphome.com 10. Faux Tile Backsplash The backsplash is the spot that can add a little bit nuance to your kitchen. Therefore, installing some tiles or repainting it would perk your kitchen up in no time. However, investing in some tiles will cost you a fortune. Don’t be sad! If you can’t afford the tiles, you can still fake the look. It will definitely help you save more bucks. To make faux-tile backsplash, you will only need semigloss paint, painter’s tape, rosin paper, box brush, paint roller, etc. First, tape the counter space so the paint won’t ruin the unwanted area. Apply the color base of your choice along the backsplash. This will be the grout of your faux tiles. Then, apply ¼” masking tape that you can get from a craft store to form the design of the tiles you want to cover the backsplash. Once the tape is up, you can begin to paint the tiles. If you’re done painting, you can remove the tape and let the paint dry before applying a little glaze and polyurethane to make the tiles look authentic. 9. Jazz Your Backsplash Up Temporarily If you are a kind of person who can be bored easily, installing tiles to cover your backsplash is not a good idea as you will find it hard to remove the tiles without wreaking havoc to the wall. Instead of covering your backsplash with tiles, you can try covering it with plywood and Velcro for a temporary charm. This idea will enable you to install and remove the plywood in a jiffy without jeopardizing the backsplash. To get this look, you need to get some plywood panels, measure out the panel dimension, and begin to cut them off using a jigsaw. Apply a coat of primer before your base color. Let it dry before applying the patterns. You can actually use any kinds of patterns including stencils. Just make sure they can add a personality boost to your kitchen. Once you’ve applied the patterns, now you can begin to attach the panels on the backsplash using Velcro ultra-mate. It’s super easy and super cheap. 8. Painted Subway-Tile Backsplash If you want to bring a timeless charm to your kitchen,subway-tile backsplash will be your best bet. These tiles will provide unrelenting charm that suits any generation. However, subway tiles can be a bit pricey. Let’s cut down on splurging out on the tiles andpaint the backsplash, instead. But, you’re not gonna paint it just like what you usually do. You’re gonna have your own backsplash hack. This trick is super easy and cheap. But first, get 2-3 rolls of painter’s tape, high gloss paint to make the tiles look real, a long level, a pencil, and a real subway tile. You’re gonna still need the actual subway tile to get the best measurement. You don’t want your backsplash look terrible, do you? then do the measurement before painting it. 7. Garden Stone Kitchen Backsplash Adding a little bit touch of nature to your kitchen provide a nifty look. Try covering your backsplash with pebble tiles for a more dramatic accent wall. First, attach the pebble tiles on the wall. Once they are up, apply a coat of acrylic sealant, then you can cover the pebbles with grout. Make sure you cover the pebbles and spaces. If you get a terrible look, don’t panic! You can clean the pebbles with wet sponge later to get a stunning look. Tip: apply pre-mixed thin set on the backsplash can give an extra grip to the pebbles. 6. Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash This mosaic tiles will definitely provide an upscale look to your kitchen without making you short on cash. And what makes it wonderful is you can do it yourself. You’re gonna need to get some mason jars first. Paint them on the inside and let the paint sit overnight before you crush the jars. Always remember to put the jar in a large cloth or towel so the pieces won’t be scattered. Apply tile adhesive a long the backsplash and arrange the pieces of mason jars on it. I warn you that this process will take a long time so hang in there! Once they are all up, let the adhesive dry and hold the pieces firmly. Then, apply non-sanded grout to the backsplash. Just cover up all the pieces and spaces because you’re gonna clean them with wet sponge later. 5. Display Your Precious Cups Storing your cups while creating a centerpiece that can steal anyone’s focus? Why not? If you have beautiful cups that can add pops of colors to your kitchen, don’t hide them in your cabinets. Display them, instead. You can make a rack from a rod to hang these cups. Don’t forget to get a few S hooks that will hold the cups in place. Now youcan grab the cups more easily as well as adorning your kitchen. 4. DIY Roman Shades Roman shades can add luxury to any room including your kitchen. The best part is you can make it from mini blinds that are attached on a white fabric using glue. You don’t need to sew it. but, yeah, you need to remove some parts of the blinds. 3. DIY Knife Rack A magnetic rack comes handy in your kitchen. It allows you to have a super easy access to the kitchen tools. However, you might loathe the price. Well, you can get a magnetic rack for a very low cost if you make it yourself. First, get a wood board, 1-inch ceramic magnets, 1-inch round Forstner bit, etc. Sand and clean the board before making holes for the magnets. Using Forstner bit, make 12 to 14 holes in the board depending on the length of your board. Drill it as far as you can and make sure you don’t break through the surface. Lay three stacks of magnets in each hole. Use the gel adhesive to do it. once you’ve filled the holes with magnets, you can mount the rack on the wall. 2. Geometric Pendant Light This geometric pendant light features copper seams that add the touch of industrial look to your kitchen. Why don’t you make this pendant light and make your kitchen look stunning? To make this light, you need translucent plastic and cut it to form some pentagons. Assembly the pentagons and secure them with epoxy glue and copper tape. But you’re gonna use hinges for the top side. and don’t forget to make five small holes near each corner and a bigger hole in the middle for the light socket. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you, and bell icon beside it. That’s way, you will receive a new notification directlyin your mailbox every time I publish a new video. 1. DIY Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors Just tweak your cabinet doors a little bit and you’ll get a brand-new look. You can get shaker cabinet doors on the cheap by using MDF. Have it cut at the same size as the previous doors. Sand them down before attaching the trim and paint them. For a more modern look, you need to invest thin and simple handle bars. Those are 10 kitchen remodel ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Now you only need a little elbow grease and a weekend to make it happen. That’s it, Before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share it with anyone inside your close friend or family list Come back again next time with more home or decorating ideas. And until that time, thanks for watching.

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