10 Strangest Floating Structures Built on Water

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of floating structures those are houses bridges or artificial islands that.

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of floating structures those are houses bridges or artificial islands
that are constructed on the lakes rivers and even in the middle of oceans these
are the ten most amazing floating structures that actually exist
number ten floating island this is a floating artificial island built in
Mexico by British artist Rashard Rishi Silva located in the Isla
Mujeres near Cancun its upper part is made up of wood and lower floating base
is the made up of plastic bottles it has a diameter of 25 meters and floats on
top of 150,000 plastic bottles tied with the nets
the island has three beaches a beautiful house and some trees aside from solar
panels and internet connection this is the third Island the artist has built
after hurricanes destroyed the two previous ones
number nine floating bar it’s a floating platform that is located
in the middle of the ocean near coral reefs it has various restaurants and has
two levels equipped with loungers and beds it has room for 100 people and they
can organize activities like private parties and also offers aquatic sports
like scuba diving or motorbike trips number eight
floating pool it is located in the middle of a river of bait chef in Berlin
and was opened in 2004 it was built on top of a part and is 32 meters long and
2 meters deep next to the pool there’s an area with beach sand and a bar for
concerts are arranged in winter the area withstand is exchanged for a sauna and
everything is closed with covers number 7 Ponte bridge it’s located in Seattle and Washington
and is the longest floating bridge in the world
it is 2400 meters long and cost so much to construct it to float it uses
concrete pontoons that have submerged 60 meters underwater and protrude 2 meters
over the surface the bridge is held by 58 anchors of more than 100 tons and can
withstand winds of more than 140 kilometers an hour number six a scenario
state it’s located in the Constanza Lake in Austria and it is one of the biggest
floating stages in the world and every year local people celebrate a festival
where concerts are held as well as theatrical plays to which thousands of
spectators assist the stage and can be customized for different performances as
well in addition this floating stage is shown in a scene from the James Bond
movie Quantum of Solace number five skate ramp it was built by a professional Brazilian
skater along with a few designers to use it in the middle of the Tahoe Lake it
required three hundred hours of work and more than a thousand screws to build it
and plastic barrels were placed beneath the platform to keep it floating
it was later towed for four hours until they reached the lake and they used
anchors to keep it from moving number forms floating walkway it was
inaugurated in January 2017 at the city grow zoo and China it is more than five
kilometres long and has the world record of the most extensive floating walkway
in the world and covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters it floats on
more than 200,000 plastic blocks set with anchors different shows are
organized during the day and night and it takes 10 hours to walk from one end
to the other number three floating hotel this beautiful Amazon jungle palace
built on the Black River is the most abundant branch of the Amazon River it’s
comprised of a group of floating structures and is located in a natural
environment it has 70 apartments with views towards the river a pool and all
types of equipment and services the hotel also offers different activities
like boat tours in which you can swim with the dolphins number to you floating cultural center it is floating in the Han River in South
Korea and is comprised of three buildings and interconnected placed on
artificial islands it occupies 20,000 square feet in total and in each
building different cultural recreational and sports activities are organized in
its construction they used materials like steel or glass
and has solar panels and illumination systems the structures are supported on
anchored floating systems and has been designed to withstand different
ambiental factors number one Casa seahorse more than 100 luxury floating houses are
being built that will be completed in 2018 and will cost around two million
dollars they’ll be located on an artificial archipelago called Europe’s
heart which is a group of six islands connected by bridges the houses have the
latest technology and its bottom is submerged so that you can see the beauty
of underwater marine life thanks for watching which floating structure did
you find the most impressive let me know in the comments below if you’re new here
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