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We’ve got a really long, long way to go to making it just livable, but I want to go beyond.

We’ve got a really
long, long way to go to making it just livable,
but I want to go beyond that and I want this
house to be lovable. I want to just
have fun with that. Let’s do something
we’ve never done before. [ding] All right, guys, Alise
Matthews is precious. So when we’re thinking about
designing for her house, think about keeping
it very youthful but mostly keeping
it as affordable as it can possibly be. I really want to
stay under $75,000 being a young single woman, find
something that I can call home. All right, this
is the Bush House. This is a $12,000
house, but it’s important in Laurel’s history. It is the last
remaining structure of the Bush Dairy Farm. If you grew up in
Laurel, it’s very iconic. It’s been blue since the
day it was first painted, and I want to keep it blue. This house is situated on
such a beautiful property with the lake, with all
of the trees around it. So I think we can bring a lot of
those nature-inspired patterns and colors into the house. I agree. Alise’s young. This means this is
not her forever house. So for now, let’s give her a
house that is full of style and that is safe and beautiful. We don’t want to give her,
like, the luxurious sedan. It’s like that fun car
you drive in college. Yes. Yes. This house didn’t really have
any design choices of any kind before. I mean, it was just a house,
just a place to make a meal and sleep and then go to work. So we’ve got our work cut
out for us to make this house have style and personality. Hear me out. We’re not going to do
marble countertops, but have you thought
about laminate? We’ve talked about
this before in the past, and I’m kind of
excited about laminate. It’s got a very,
like, marbled look that’s almost kind of modern. We’re not going to put $4,000
countertops in a $12,000 house. If we base all of our decisions
around this that has to happen, what if we have fun
with the backsplash? We can take spray paints,
vinegar, and water to make mirrored mercury glass– – I love that idea.
– I love that. –for the backsplash. I kind of think it’s fun,
and we can afford it. So color– if
we’re going to kind of go modern and kind
of funky and fun, what if we play with green? And you know how I
feel about green. It’s gorgeous, and
I love this green because it’s a different
green than what we’ve done in the past. It’s not quite an olive,
but it has a warmth to it. It’s very sophisticated. I don’t think anyone’s
lived in it for the last, like, 15 years or something. The fireplace is
completely rotted. The mantle is just, like,
hanging by a thread, and it’s held together
by its structural paint. The floors are
horrible right now. We’re just going to cover them
up completely with pine floors. Right, good. We’ve done it before,
and it’s really beautiful. I think if we keep the woods
light, it’s going to feel good. Then the rest of the house we
can tone it down on the wall colors because I want to
bring in fun and color with furnishing. And I was thinking
we could probably go with more of
like a matchstick, wood blind again
to kind of add– So we’ve got a big window
in that living room– – Right.
– –dining room. Right. And then add lots of
layers of, you know, kind of color and
texture with the drapery. Yes. We start with really
cleaning up the bones and then just really adding all
of these personality touches. I don’t what to do with
that bathroom, y’all. That bathroom is tough. I’m just going to
say this is atrocious. It’s revolting. It’s a tough,
tiny space, and I think we’re also trying
to accomplish a laundry area into the equation as well. If we add something like a large
black-honeycomb-style tile, that would be a
really pretty detail. This whole house almost
feels like a little beehive, and this feels beehivey. Taking out that window
and putting the shower and the tub there will
actually give you a lot more space to put a vanity. I feel like a big vanity
where she can store everything she needs
would be a lot more useful than what’s there now. I want Alise to
jump up and down she’s so excited when she sees. I want her to be
overcome with excitement. I think that houses
like this make my artistic background shine. This backsplash, it
doesn’t have to be tile. Tile’s cool, but
we can use glass. We can make it
unexpected, and then it’s more personal that way. It makes it more special. Typically the houses we’re
working on are forever homes. They’re houses that
are going to be lived in for many, many
years to come, and we have to have the
highest quality, lasting, durable finishes
in every decision. But in this house,
because it’s going to be her home for a few
years and then she’ll move on, you know, so make this house
perfect for her right now.

32 thoughts on “$12,000 Home Gets a Gorgeous Renovation – Erin’spired – HGTV”

  1. It went from a dumpy home to a very beautiful and functional home. I love bright kitchens and was doubting the olive green as it was dark, but it actually looks bright due to the accents and the window.

  2. For $12,000, I,'ll buy it, without looking inside. I wouldn't have cared what it looked like inside. Even if I would need to spend like $75k. It would still be worth it.

  3. WOW…….. talk  about trash to treasure. the house was a dump… but for 12.000  what a find. not just a find but a beautiful home it is now.  just one word can describe this home…. stunning.

  4. Love the end results but three things…
    I would have kept the original fireplace metal front plate as a decorative piece, added character, the color on it was great and it went with the color scheme of the house.
    Didn't really show a lot of the end results of the house, would've been great to show a complete tour of the house.
    What's the name of the paint color and maker used on the kitchen cabinets?!
    Just gorgeous!! 💚

  5. Where was the reveal of the whole house? It is disappointing to watch every facet of the renovation and then only see a few seconds of the completed house. A reveal of every room is needed otherwise it is like watching a show without an ending. Very disappointing.

  6. One of many favorites because I live in a small two bedroom home. My small home is my forever home and wish there more episodes with small homes on your show because I just can see my myself in anything larger.

  7. Another wonderful remodel, great job ! ! Erin, I'm a follower and just LOVE your sense of design. I want to compliment you on the backsplash in the kitchen, by doing that in my kitchen. (I'll call it "My ERIN wall !".) Seriously, my one question is . . . how did you secure the glass to the wall ? ? Some sort of wood glue ? I wouldn't even know where to start, so I'll ask you, the Master ! ! ! Just Lovely ! ! ! TY Cathey :o)

  8. Lovely but wished the colour of the kitchen cabinets could have been a light faded country blue, blue to tie in to the exterior n to the blue sofa. So different shades n hues of blue to have more consistency in a small house.

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