1920s Maytag Washing Machine Engine [Restoration]

No Spark Oil/gas mix Spark! Bosch Magneto This is bent, I have a replacement bushings seems to be in reasonable.

No Spark Oil/gas mix Spark! Bosch Magneto This is bent, I have a replacement bushings seems to be in reasonable condition What has been done to this? Asbestos Alert! Coating it with oil to reduce airborne fibres Top piston ring is stuck cylinder looks good Looks like this is worn Someone has lined the gas tank Bacon bits! What secrets are you hiding? This controls the fuel amount These small parts need to be replaced Lead alert! These brass screws have lead washers I need the rust off first so I can see the paint colour A nice dark green Definitely lead paint, so I will wipe it off Wire wheel everything… Etching primer Fuel-resistant clear paint Ultrasonic cleaner + detergent Nice and clean! Top piston ring is no longer stuck Much better Unpainted parts go back into the evapo-rust to darken I am going to give everything a coat of oil Sensually massage piston with oil The gaps in the piston rings should not line up with the intake or exhaust ports I felt that new piston rings were not needed Crankshaft already oiled Old smoking pipe screens This is the governor It needs to be adjusted to 1.2″ I will adjust the points later New lead washers Wooden pedal brake Points gap need to be 0.020″ 16:1 fuel mix Well, that is not supposed to happen I forgot the flywheel nut pin Flywheel key is gone I salvaged parts from this extra motor. R.I.P. The motor will go under this washing machine Next restoration is on this replacement part is on I will try and slow it down with the governor

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  1. MY grandfather has a 2 cylinder version of this engine. Never restored and still working to this day. He did sandblast and paint the exterior of it a few years ago but insides are a still all original.

  2. Thanks for saving a piece of history. I have heard of a gas powered washing machine but I have never seen or heard one before.

  3. incrivel a inteligencia de um bom restaurador eu fico chocado de ver uma maravilha dessas ai gente e um trabalho lindo demaIS deixou nova uma reliquia que iria pro lixo estou estasiado parabens amigo deus lhe deu o dom

  4. I bought one of these off ebay a couple of years ago, mine is a 1929, love to hear it running, I can almost see my grandmother kick starting the washing machine.

  5. Может я ошибаюсь, но для работы магнето нужны постоянные магниты. Они еще живы спустя столько лет ?

  6. I used to restore vintage Snowmobiles as a hobby. Imagine restoring not just that engine but the gear box and drive train. I usually did one a year starting early spring and usually had it ready for show in the fall when the snowmobile swap and sells would start up. If I got it done soon enough, I would take them to the vintage snowmobile shows. I had no problem selling what I restored, my problem was I usually ended up with 2 or 3 more on the trailer home! Now I just do lawn mowers. I cannot wrestle snowmobiles around like I used to. Even riding lawn mowers tend to wear me out now. Nice job on that restore!

  7. I hate you Hand Tool Rescue… You make all of this restorations look easy and now my wife thinks I'm a joke… very good restoration as always

  8. My mother had one of those when we were on a farm out in Montana. After she done the washing, I rode it to school and the the summer, we threshed corn with it. Darn good motor.

  9. I was never around a Maytag washing machine motor. But grandpa had 3 Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke engines that I played with when I was 5-6. Found out that you don’t do everything that you’re uncles tell you to do, namely holding the spark plug wire while he pushes the pedal!
    Thank you.

  10. There's something wild about removing a rusty bolt and revealing that the contacting threads are still pristine and look brand new.

  11. G’day and greetings from Tasmania Australia 🇦🇺 fantastic restoration job I was trying to figure out how it work till you showed the tub for the washing machine well done regards John

  12. so cool. so simple. everyone would go out of business if everything was made like that. Keep it up, I love your work.

  13. You should rivet your own stamped steel info plate own stuff ! " restoration by"; and the year you restored it. Surely these antique machines will be around long enough where your badge affixed will become extremely valuable and useful for future appraisals and restoration.

  14. Holy Cow! What an amazing video. But where did you get those small part replacement kits and the decal?? Does Maytag still make parts for these?

  15. Back in the 1900’s, the average household had command of about 5 horsepower. Today, the number is probably 500. The introduction of the washing machine did not save women time….they wound up doing laundry more often.

  16. Where do you get replacement parts for a 1920 gasoline-powered washing machine? I think my next appliance will be a Maytag.

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  18. Если бы я так шплинтовал на самолете, мне бы руки повыдергивали..😂

  19. "Well, that's not supposed to happen…" 43:26 … You mean hitting the thing with a hammer while it's running? WTH? Not sure why one would do that. That can't really be blamed on a missing flywheel nut pin, methinks.

  20. In 92 I saw brand new wringer washers that were Briggs & Stratton powered for sale in Guatemala. It's the appropriate technology for the location.

  21. It's crazy how all da screws dat wer used in da old days wer Flat headed…??????
    But anyways keep up da great vids, I enjoy wat u do..!!!!!

  22. Я очень удивлён, как можно найти запасные части для агрегата из 1930х годов.

  23. Думаю внутри под маховиком в круглой детали тоже должен быть фетровый сальник

  24. Bud your counter weight lobe was off set. The big bump on the flywheel outer plate is supposed to be in line with the light weight cover opening to balance the flywheel. It’s that’s not right you’ll brake a flywheel at the keyway every time.

  25. Video style is great – love it. Just the facts … with a bit of closed caption. No twiddling around and wasting time with mindless chit-chat and speculation. Love it !

  26. Детальки новенькие с упаковочной нашлись.
    Походу там они досих пор так стирают бельё)))

  27. Great video, glad to see such wonderful parts of our past restored. What make and model is that swivel head ratchet wrench you used in the video and what spray cleaner did you use on the ignition coil? Thanks Tony

  28. 0:04 What the fun i've just been seeing?!!!!!!!
    was that an 2019 Intro?!! 😄
    and that look wich was supposed to be a smile !! 😄😄😄

  29. every time I see some pseudo mechanic working with adjustable wrenchenches I'm done with, for god sake, buy a few spanners dude

  30. سبحان الله
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