1940’s Multi-tool Vise ~ RESTORATION

Years of tool abuse died here! Let’s Give this a Try! In use as a Giant Pipe Wrench.

Years of tool abuse died here! Let’s Give this a Try!
In use as a Giant Pipe Wrench.

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  1. http://www.rustyiron.com/literature/ColeDrill.pdf
    These are still made, I have two of them. Too bad you didn't stop at just the green paint. The raised lettering was never highlighted from the factory- gaudy paintjobs have no place in a blacksmith shop-

  2. you deserve, and will garner a lot more viewers and subs…i like your squared away shop, and the editing and humor was fantastic..i subbed!

  3. I bought one just like it at an auction several years ago (well…I bought A scrap pile and the vice was in it!) Not restored and it's unlikely it will be during my tenure. (I had A lazy eye as A child and over time it spread to my entire body!!) Mine is missing the anvil mount unfortunately.
    Good luck in your future endeavours!

  4. Congratulations in my 55 years of shop work (welding, repair and manufacturing) I have only seen those easy – outs (removing the broken face plate screws) work a few times. Only once in RL the rest of the times in videos. Great job BTW. I love that vise and you've resuscitated it to go on for another 100+ years of use.

  5. Really nice restore, did some searching and found one on ebay in need of restoration for 135 USD https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cole-Tool-Mfg-No-11-Swivel-Bench-Vise-Anvil-Blacksmith-Machinist-USA-WE-SHIP-/292572831101 Also found more items from Cole over here https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/cole-tool-mfg-old-no-11-blacksmith-anvil-vise not seeing the drill press attachment just hand drills.

    Fantastic work, that's the biggest pipe wrench I've ever seen, thanks!

  6. Hi wow NEW to us this style f vise and it was made in the USA. The demo of the use you found for this vise was nice thank you for sharing as we did not clearly understand how this model or style vise clamping unit works. Lance & Patrick always seeing and through watching learning more nearly each and everyday.

  7. That is a nice restoration on that old vise! I love how there is no obnoxious music playing during your video's! I like how you got those screws out. I finally managed to buy myself some left handed drill bits. Matches my left handed hammer…..

  8. Great job New Subscriber 👍👍👍
    And truth I'm weird I guess but I love that thing if for no other reason it's so different. But once again great job.

  9. Very cool to see i was given that exact same vice and this is the only other one I've ever seen. Would like to find more information about it.

  10. Great job sir !! If you'd like to see the identical vice in near mint original condition feel free to check this out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAiWoyo5F4Q&t=4s There's four parts to it, but the first is building a stand for it out of a truck brake drum and a rotor from another vehicle and scrap pipe. Your restoration is incredible !! I wish I could push multiple likes…..

  11. I just picked up a cole a couple weeks back. This video makes me want to tear it apart and restore it. Great work on the restore

  12. When I worked on heavy plant equipment,it was a case of knowing how big a hammer to use,and when.Slightly different from my apprenticeship on Cars! Great job on the resto.

  13. Giant pipe wrench idea is awesome i showed you mine on instagram that i restored cant wait to use it as a giant pipe wrench my freinds will give some funny looks great job

  14. @2:30 – Watching that thing slide around while you try to hammer those rivets off, you really need some way of holding oddly-shaped objects firm while you work on them, some sort of … oooh.

  15. Using a steel-head hammer to insert a steel pin, you run a risk of mushrooming the end of the pin. But not if you out a scrap of wood in between.

  16. I think I would make a handle with a collar on it. That way I could use it as a proper leg vise when I need to do some heavy hammering but could then still rotate it and take the handle out when I need the rotational work holding.

  17. QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you have any unique tools that you really enjoy, or ones that you'd love to own?

    Thanks for watching, I truly appreciate it! Be sure to hit subscribe if you're new and let me know if you like the videos!
    Have a great one!

  18. these "restoration " videos make me laugh. why don't you title the video " How To Repaint an Old Vise " or would that lessen your manhood because you wouldn't gat a ego booster from the "views" Isn't thats what is REALLY going on ?

  19. Vise- yes, Wrench- yes, anvil- NO. It can be rigged to perform sort of as a post vise by installing a support rod firmly between the vise and the ground in the handle hole. Cole drills and vises are nice tools to have if you do not have a source of power available as the drill can force feed the drill bit into the work.

  20. Damn it, clamp your workpiece down! It’s a waste of energy to let it flop around like that.

  21. that just looks like a bad design…
    the anvil part is to small and limited
    the vice is not very stirdy…. not for blacksmithing and the type looks like one blacksmiths use only that one has a leg that goes down to trasfer the force to the ground….
    so i dont know what the point is here…
    If its for black smithing then it wont be very good….

    I dont like vices where you can rotate it… those never hold up very well in my experience…

  22. By the way, I looked away when you were using primer, and when I looked back you had already painted the lettering. I actually said, "Oh, thank God." out loud.

    It looks terrific.

  23. This is awesome… I found one of these locally a while back for a STEAL and it started my vise collecting. I actually have the hand drill as well that goes with it. Found locally as well in AMAZING condition. Both of them. Such an awesome piece and I use it quite often.

  24. Chicago Heights. not too terribly far from me. Marine buddy from Steger brought me to a bar there once 30 years ago. wide open poker game going on when we walked in. weren't even trying to hide the money. in the boom day of the Gary steel mills (just down the road from Chicago Heights) you could lose your immortal soul in the Heights. Just the place for jarheads in their 20's.

  25. What would a vice similar to this be worth
    I just found one for sale and I have no idea what a fair price is

  26. looks like an old pipe fitter's vise, that'd be why it has the round jaws under the flat jaws, and why it can be turned to any angle,…

  27. There in the picture you showed earlier was another tool that with the vise it's a Cole drill they go together real well

  28. Sweet mother of god I own the same one/its brother also just as used, was a gift from my grandfather when I started restoring my first car, after growing up using it it's hard to use anything else lolol. Great find and great restoration 👍

  29. Very nice. You use the restored stuff in your shop? Most of my stuff ends up hanging on the wall, but I still enjoy it.

  30. What welding rod did you use? I have same vise that corner was broken off. I cut a block to repair it. Nickel rod wouldn't stick so I flux core welded it , Did ok

  31. It looked like the missing link in the evolution of tools. Beautifully restored, Oh Restorer of Forgotten Things.

  32. Beautiful, Thanks for sharing this labour of Love, Best wishes from the land of the long white cloud NZ😃👍

  33. Hey that was some heavy duty work – but what a result: absolutely beautiful! Liked and subscribed.

  34. I just picked one of these up for free. Seems to be in great shape! Great video! Good job on the resto!

  35. To pound out pins in the vise you need to hammer them out perpendicular to the gap between the jaws so the part won't move. Vise came out great.

  36. Bonjour;probalement 1 étau de chauffagiste / tuyeauteur.avec 1 petite enclume.
    Hello, probably 1 vice heater / tuyeauteur.with 1 small anvil

  37. The hole in the bottom of the vise is also to install a support leg. The leg goes to the ground when mounted on a bench etc. This gives extra support to the vise and takes some of the load off of the trunnion when using a hammer with the vise. Never use a bench mounted vise and a hammer without a support to the ground, bench vises are not made for that kind of duty. I have 2 of the Cole drills and one of the vises.

  38. He better get this one done quick – by the way the workpiece is flying around the table, he needs a vice, bad!

  39. Great job on the restoration! I just restored my Cole #11, including drill attachment, last week. Found it on the floor of a shop that had its part of its roof taken by a tornado off last July. The bare metal parts had rusted but it appears to have been unused. I think it was just sitting on a shelf, put there by a previous building owner. Current owner didn't know much about it. Picked it up for a very reasonable price. I don't think I really want to use it at all, just look it, open and close the jaws once in a while, and rotate it around its pivot. I do plan to try the the drill press next time I have something to drill. Im impressed by the Jacobs 34-06 chuck it has too.

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