1969 Camaro SS396 Upgrade Videos: Edelbrock Top End Kit, MagnaFlow Exhaust, Suspension pt. 1 V8TV

today we’re playing with a bright orange 69 Camaro SS 396 4-speed car great looking car so they don’t like.

today we’re playing with a bright orange
69 Camaro SS 396 4-speed car great looking car so they don’t like that adjustment put together over many years got a mismatch parts and with a lot more power outlet like victims liver cancer because sauce right a friend make this thing drive right now I’m working on a 69 Camaro It’s a clone car cloned to be an ss 396 4-speed We’re going to install an Edelbrock E-Street top-end kit which takes the guesswork out of choosing parts work together The kit includes heads intake cam and lifters all the hardware
and gaskets. We’re also going to add A stainless exhaust kit from MagnaFlow Just kind of updating the car modern more powerful clean up the
chassis but there’s unfounded ball joints tired
and putting all that I and if I say this is
a a nice cartoon drive take it out Sunday drives take car shows
and local car shows and price on it for second place Carlos local partners
for 69 Camaro definitely the better ones I worked on saying are driver concern dropped car and candid just a look over
our talk about a plan was I’ll put on the left the first things during the fluids out other other than
after that Leah dropped exhaust of my whole hold the
crossmember which is a little too much or a Camaro got it lifts up the subframe getting up
and get out drop transmission driveshaft outta abandoned places to get
my route disconnected the battery felines I’ll clutch linkage on the collection
the house of other younger I want that things are a car open up the
block drains the plastic on outlets like big mess on for and very much
started top more mile-an-hour about terms of on the
intake manifold off aleutian dollar rockers up a get pressure of pressure on them hold
all them out up on both hands of a flip it over into the oil pan off I one
through their want to check see book condition: another within so if
over broad caps the main bearing caps classic gave them a check to make sure
they’re within factory specifications I think was a 1610 thousands to 22-10 thousands of
claims and I’ll wonder 3,000 from Iran I just
about everything came out alright at two thousand solar observer and then on the road on
main bearings records the wide side but a corn in the factory gauge it had
been awhile pressure was brought in other banks then look terrible cell around as is definitely an inventor
rebuild I’ll around her all stamp numbers
indicate where they came from which means that had been apart some point up Best in
Show 30 thousands over I work surfaces actually 396 car ha since when he was a clone so I we did
a quick measure on the porn strokin the rafter doubt it 399 which one fee is $30 over 396 a ran the numbers of the block and I came
out 68 325 horsepower potentially it was the right here a
motor me in this car so in my opinion animal well done while and towards front suspension it’s
getting like it’s a new bushings caravans a mayor brake upgrade pretty
much basic friend Assembly poll the wheels of
separate ball joints and a to be a pic on POF love the lines of without taking my head
of the class perhaps start taking a tire on them tie rods of
Sendai pitman arm idler arm sandblasting of
those parts powerful pain installment involved to at everything
repaint try to go back on hard overall tell this car has been redone most parts
look like they had minimal wear the idler was in good shape which is
pretty rare for GM how r the pitman arm definitely he replaced I all the tie-rod ends were a little
sloppy probably could have been driven away they were but since we’re taking apart
planet payment they’re cheap insurance the place amal I would just love West
suspension bushing there along with the downing poor their
design be stiffer than factory rubber at the same time
they are don’t bind up until bomb so I have of smooth transition
pandas frees up the suspension a tiny want you
hit the bomb but I ended up at the same time to over their handling not get that
little bit of slop but a rubber bushing inherently after a
patrol on After the control arm is installed, I finished up the front end by putting the springs back in and then the rest of the steering linkage.. After that I put on the brackets for the Baer brakes. The wheelhubs, and installed the disk, and calipers to finish up the front end. right

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