24 Hours inside a GAME MASTER BOUNCE HOUSE! (Who Wins $10,000 & Matt Missing in Top Secret Hideout)

hey Sam Sam you guys saw in my last video that the game master challenged Matt Nye by putting a.

hey Sam Sam you guys saw in my last
video that the game master challenged Matt Nye by putting a giant ball pit
outside in our backyard in the snow the last to leave would win $10,000 and
unfortunately after Matt pranked me and I got scared and I ran out I lost and
Matt won the $10,000 but then I got a message from the game master and he said
that I had a chance to win it back with some type of 24-hour challenge so I woke
up this morning and I was getting ready still in pajamas guys you know and look
what was outside on my porch in the snow look a giant balance house in the snow
oh my gosh anybody remember this is the bounce house that was in our place in LA
Matt you remember that wait how did you get here yeah no idea but this looks
exactly like the one when the game master transformed my room into a giant
funhouse whoops you guys and then there’s a slide
that goes into this row I just gotta get my money watch oh I’m
not wearing my watch what does it say it says you have 15 minutes to get ready
enjoy 24 hours in the bounce house so this is this is the 24 hour challenge
that gamemaster was talking about I have a chance to win back the $10,000 if I
just stay in this bounce house in the snow it’s snowing right now okay I am
going to go get change and pack up and get supplies so we can get this 24 hour
challenge started I’m axel I find that you think I’m going to actually make it
through 24 hours in the snow so now I need to pack some snacks luckily I don’t
have to pack that money because Matt is not doing the challenge so he can come
in if I need something you don’t want you to win obviously thousand dollars
I’m gonna get you guys so now I’m going to pack my laptop Europe snack by
gadgets I’ve got a walkie-talkie I’ve got the glasses with the mirror behind
it I’ve got the world’s smallest flashlight look this yeah but it’s
actually very powerful and then I wanted to do some activities you guys cuz I’m
gonna be there 24 hours so I haven’t slimy green sticker yes and you guys let
me know if you want me to send some to you that’s the same one funky that was
like the Morse code maybe something on ear has something to do with the
quadrant or face three Matt binoculars just in case anyone is spying on me
basically the minute in spy on them yeah these are big it’s a full backpack but
this is a 24 hour challenge and I’ve obviously got one close I have a jacket
and glove My zamfam being left two sleeping bags because I think I’m gonna
need two of them I’m hoping that we’re going to unlock
one of the codes on this in this 24-hour challenge if you haven’t already let me
know what you think is inside this box and you don’t know the date of the event
so if you guys know anything or you’ve been watching The Game Master videos let
us know because if we can’t watch them maybe it would be some sort of like
announcement or something we have to figure out the date of the event and
figure out what the quadrant is oh I almost forgot my phone what ninja skill
you guys know that I have done a ton of 24-hour challenges I’m gonna challenge
you guys to comment below all of the 24 hour challenges that I have done so oh
I’ve never met 24 hours in the snow like our last to leave the ball pit that was
definitely not 24 hours matt do you hear that it’s either a helicopter or a drone to
hear it you know that don’t say that I’ve to
spend 24 hours out here I don’t want anyone spying on me
like from a drone welcome to my home my new home for 24 would you guys do this
challenge again smash it I need all the help I can get because this is for
$10,000 sorry man come on I think I have everything that I need I just got a
message from the game master I guess there is something that I forgot he said
where is the red box I love sometimes the house can you grab
it Matt please making sure
yep why do you get to keep it
just what the gamemaster said wait the money’s in there right yeah yeah thank
you guys thousand dollars I almost forgot you
guys I got a ton of comments from you guys that said the game master told me
to look under the box my spy gadget in here so it looks like a six
one I think 9
nine-nine eight it’s a four digit code six one and
nine eight you guys let me know if you think it might open one up the law okay
friend they all look the same I don’t know which one to start with because we
just try them all right sick a it didn’t work there okay don’t worry
you guys we have four more to try I really think it’s going to work not to
hear that we just got a message it says hide I
don’t think they saw us one of them’s a tracking device or what
if there’s a tracking device on these watches Batman I tried this one I hope
this works 6 1 9 all right you guys let me know if you think this is going to
work it worked and we just got off another
lock if you are in my Sam Sam spy squad and you were one of the ones that told
us to look at the bottom of this box which is a clue we completely missed
comments and spy squad I want to know who is a part of this and
who’s helping some clues thank you so much well now I think it’s time to have
a little bit of fun this is a fun challenge I mean we’re in a bounce house
this is pretty awesome there’s just so many activities you can do haven’t
really explored this yet I’ve been so focused I’m solving goose
I’m curious after this challenge if this is gonna be my favorite 24 hour
challenge or the pull one the pull one was really fun it’s over there it’s ice
right now so I probably want to want to go in it okay I’m gonna do this why yeah
let’s see if you guys can turn on my notifications before I get to the bottom
three I wish you could feel a little cold my hands are right now you guys let
me know if I should FaceTime Stephen share and a sister Grace that would be
so fun to do he would be so confused as to why I was in a bounce house oh my gosh I think it’s are you kidding me we wonder if the gamemaster knows that
people are spying on us right now that I don’t know
okay I haven’t made slime in a while for you guys I decided to do it I was gonna
add coloring but Matt I kind of wanted to make it like a winter wonderland okay
I’m doing fluff he’s like oh I just got it all over Matt I need help
all righty what’s your favorite type of slime yeah what is that Wow it’s so pretty I want to send this
slime to one of you guys in the Sam fan what I’m about to do is post something
on my Instagram story so if you want a chance to win this slime and have it
sent to you check out my Instagram stories and it will tell you how you can
win this okay you guys so he’s getting a lot
colder didn’t cool it’s not dark yet but the Sun is definitely setting so I
thought I would put on some more clothes obviously so after I do this I kind of
want to explore around here I realize I never explored the bounce house for
clues I wanted to do it before it gets dark
and it’s getting cold who doesn’t eat anything in here I don’t know but I
think we should check right look like any you guys see anything let
me know like maybe there’s like
numbers you guys look I see something I’m not even kidding it’s a magnet you
guys remember when I escaped the prison with Stephen sharer and grace sharer there
was something like this and that’s how we got the key what do you think it is
do you think we have this key oh my gosh this is so much string why would
the gamemaster wrap it up like that there’s something on it I took off my
gloves I can’t do this look at my gloves on the gamemaster always has us two
games maybe this is just a fun game for this challenge drawing maybe we have to
throw it into a bowl or something so a bull around here you know what if this
is the pool swimming pool like like a pool that’s worth handy that’s a big
throw if I have to throw this in it looks like it’s like throw it in what if
something’s inside the pool what if something magnetic is inside the pool
okay well if I can’t throw it Matt you can go look inside I’m not helping you
don’t win $10,000 I’m keeping my money you think this is just like to help me
win $10,000 absolutely okay then I’ll do it no
worries there babe we got this I don’t know if I can throw this far
in the pool that’s magnetic ready okay now the only trick is I kind of caught
it on what
no way no way no can we just talk about my spy at ninja mooves right there
I just got it over the tree a dirt into the giant zooming wall on my first try I might as well enjoy being out here
well there’s still a little bit of light it’s emojis sunglasses a tree and a book
you guys remember I use those spy glasses before me here’s what if there’s
something like that okay the tree house when we were doing
spy ninja training so ready this be the book okay the Encyclopedia had a key
inside of it what if my spy ninja classes have a clue on it maybe that’s
the number I don’t know you guys let me know what you think this means it’s
gotta mean something right you guys Sam p.m. spies one I need you’re home right
now and I have no idea what this means I’m gonna check my glasses
maybe there’s a clue of some sort in the spy glasses
where they are yeah you hear that
it’s not behind you still don’t understand this I don’t know this quick
update zamfam it is officially dark outside Matt standing out there filming
with a huge jacket oh my gosh honestly though we Finn’s have never tasted so
good thank your watchman mine’s not going off not only like the gamemaster communicate
with you on the phone Humphry reckon I can make some dinner
bye okay yeah I’m actually very hungry
it’s so weird though because you’re watching my watch I’ve always gone up at
the same time why did it go off by an update or
something and I’ll be back in a little bit the
what are you gonna get what do you what are you gonna grab okay be quick though I’m over here by
myself all right zamfam so I guess it’s just
you guys and me right now matt is going to get food I guess and wondering why my
watch isn’t working his one off but my didn’t so weird okay zamfam so quick
update I just tried calling Matt it’s been a couple hours now and I have not
heard from him and when I called him it went straight to voicemail
so I have no idea where he’s at I have no idea I don’t know why its taking so long
maybe it was crowded at the store but two hours seems like a really long time
oh my gosh hold on I got a switch hands you guys never got a message from Matt
before on my watch okay it says it says ran into a couple
buddies at the store we’ll be home late don’t wait up and
good luck with the challenge Matt was supposed to bring me dinner I guess I’m
just gonna have to eat snacks I don’t know maybe he’s like working with
someone to try to prank me but there’s just no way I’m leaving this bounce
house I’m going to get that $10,000 sorry not sorry Matt I’m staying in this
bounce house it’s now 3 a.m. Matt is still
and I don’t want to leave this bounce house because obviously I want to win
the $10,000 but I really hope that’s okay he might have just fallen asleep
inside but he’s not answering his phone do you guys have any idea where Matt
went I’m hoping he’s inside but what’s really weird is that when he left to go
to the store I never heard a car leave like I usually hear our car pull out of
the driveway and there was no car so I’m just really confused I just want the
tonight to be over so I can wake up accordian and see Matt hey Sam Kim it’s Rebecca I just woke up
right now to something on my phone and I’ve looked at it and it looks like it’s
surveillance footage of Matt look at this it looks like Matt went into the
underground tunnel in our closet I would have done that damp him I know
where that is that’s where Stephen sharer and creature
and I we we broken into the gamemaster safe house I recognize it from the
surfboards right why is the Matt marry you guys wide open I’m gonna try to call
him phones office phone is still off I think
the only thing left to do is to go into the underground tunnel in my closet and
take it to the gamemaster safehouse because Matt has to be there right
believe everything here except the $10,000 yep
hold on what stampy I’m bid $10,000 is gone so I’m just taking what I need
because Matt isn’t missing right now Matt he’s not there you guys I don’t
know why the black box wasn’t taken maybe because the black box was under
the sleeping bag they didn’t see it he just saw the $10,000 I’m gonna hide this just keep it safe and I have to go into
the underground tunnel wish me luck I have some spy gadgets all right let’s

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  1. Rebecca those drones I think that the quadrants are in there Rebecca those drones I think that the quadrants are in there or ours eat with and they're probably spying on you because they want that Redbox

  2. How much 24 hours you did is 24 hours in a pool. 24 hours handcuffed. 24 hours in the tiny hidden place. 24 hours on your roof.24 hours in tiny little corner that you found.

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