5 outdoor renovation ideas that yield the best return on investment

Hi, I’m Carson Arthur from HGTV’s ‘Home to Win’ and I’m one of the outdoor experts on Citytv’s ‘Cityline.’ Now.

Hi, I’m Carson Arthur from HGTV’s ‘Home to Win’ and
I’m one of the outdoor experts on Citytv’s ‘Cityline.’ Now I’m here to talk about the best places to renovate,
especially when it comes to the outdoors, and some of the spots you might not think about. We now know in the
marketplace today, landscaping just like this amazing backyard here in a Canada Blooms display, is so important
to improving your home’s value. Things like outdoor rooms actually make a valuable impact because they increase your
living space. We know that homes that have outdoor living space like this, even in Canada with a limited period of time, can increase your home’s value by 12 to 15 percent. That’s huge — what that means is, if you have a backyard
that looks kind of like this, your home is immediately worth more than your neighbors’. Now there are some specific
numbers you need to think about. Obviously, stone is worth more than wood. If you have patios, that’s where you’re
going to be able to maximize that 15 percent. But you have to make sure the patios are in impeccable shape — no weeds
between the stones. Now wood is really special as well for a different reason. We now know the ROI, or the return on
investment, of a wood deck is 71 percent. Now that’s from the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value 2017 report. Seventy-one percent is what you can expect to get back if you sell your house with a wood deck on the back, if the
wood deck is in good condition. Now, if you buy a wood deck for $10,000, tomorrow you’re going to sell your house, it’s
worth $7,100. However, for 10 years your home holds that value of $7,100. So really, you can use that back deck for
the lifetime that you’re in the house. Other great spots to renovate — curb appeal. Real estate agents agree, the
first impression of your home is so important. In fact, it’s worth eight percent of your home’s value. That’s a huge
number just like that [snaps] for somebody seeing your house for the very first time, and curb appeal is the number one
way to improve your home’s first impression. So look for things like adding benches and seating to the front area.
Tress and plants help, too. Make your space look friendly and welcoming, that’s what’s going to draw guests in, but
also increase your value overall. And I have one more thing to show you, and you’re going to be surprised by it. The surprising fact is garage renovations actually reign
supreme. In fact, 74 percent of Canadian homeowners looking to buy a house say they want a garage. Specifically, one to
put cars in. So, that means you’ve got to invest in some storage. Garage storage like this from Gladiator GarageWorks
is a perfect way to make the most of your space, make your garage look big and spacious, put your car in it and then
sell your house for more money. So when you come down to a Home Show, make sure to take inspiration from the right things — plants are beautiful, but they don’t make you money on your home renovations. Focus on patios, decks, garage renovations and curb appeal. If you hit those points We’re all going to make money on the sale of our homes.

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