A day in the life of a Construction Manager

Hello my name is Gordon and I’m a construction manager working for a large construction company that builds anything from.

Hello my name is Gordon and
I’m a construction manager working for a large
construction company that builds anything from
residential developments commercial office blocks to
industrial and retail units. But we don’t get involved with
main civil engineering projects such as roads
and bridges. There are various routes into
Construction Management I got in by leaving
school at 16 and doing my GCSEs and working
with a local building contractor who paid for me to go day
release for two years at college. However I do know that some
of my friends have got A-Levels and some of
them have studied for a degree in
Construction Management. There are one or two that
did a Master’s Degree in Construction Management using their
undergraduate degree in Geography. When I here first started
I learned how to read drawings and to
mark out the positions of such things as the foundations
of walls the floors and the roof. I then learnt how to calculate the
amount of materials that were needed and then to place the
orders for the materials. And I found that studying my
college course as well as working I found the to work
very well together. I’ve found it great fun and in those
early years I was earning money as well as studying and
getting my qualifications. Ultimately I became a
Chartered Builder and I’ve got the letters after
my name of MCIOB and the designation of Chartered
Construction Manager. The kind of things I get up to
now are moving away from assisting Construction Managers
to running projects myself. So I get all the resources
for that a particular project be it the materials be it the plant the
cranes the various subcontractors and then I program all their work
to make sure that we can build it to quality to time and ultimately to
budget and make sure it is done safely. The build that I’m currently
working on has to be sustainable and innovative and it’s quite
challenging but great fun to know that you’re
going to produce a building that will be
sustainable in the future. my next site is the 50 million
pound shopping centre I’ll be one of the Construction Managers
in charge of building a part of it. I’m proud of the buildings
I’ve been involved with I’ve made some great friends and the
company I work for his brilliant there’s a strong team spirit and
they’ve really looked after me. In the future I hope to work
in their international division and to get to work overseas and to
see different cultures and countries.

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