A Day With Construction Trucks

so we’re here and I’ll real construction site right lead yeah we’re about to go look at some really cool.

so we’re here and I’ll real construction site right lead yeah we’re about to go look at some really
cool equipment yeah yeah we got our safety gear on used a
10-0 by yeah I know that’s because unlike visible to all the
trucks my here I got my heart yeah alright go let’s go look at all the equipment for spam your I all right here we have
any back home K call yup this yeah well meet going around rolling Tom Hanks all about that asphalt
after they lay it down so they can be hard enough to drive on with their tires know what’s going on here quick right
down here they have a really awesome what do they have done it an excavator I’ll a track we’ll yeah do don’t lecture doll by yes I yes some lay down yeah stuff for three lol in cool Hall a so what you think about this excavate
said pretty much why the corresponding every slow I 3 he’s got a really wide like it this is called what type effect by I what type of excavators here yeah i Justi well-known a I let’s watch it powerful lucky no I go yeah manheim a look or we could just came up I’ll no I a whole will what is bad total kids yeah front loader of home let’s go see it
look at what is day thank you that black with kids that day you bucket you could bit like 10 people that but day K call like it way let’s go say hi to the driver hey and construction worker right yeah what is this you’re driving I about how how much you miss me left how
many I I call I cubic feet that logic here I courtyard kids or cubic yards that’s hmm well you get looked at his pickup truck
with once cue and it would be overflowing that of long
while Wow that thank you have a good day how kids they can fill up a hole pick up
shop in a while scoop that’s okay made yet is crazy Wow alright well we’re gonna go look for
more equipment ya later to pound the hell I again by we’re on our way letting his
judges are can’t make it you and bridge mal I get lani I we’ll see when we get there alright and biking PLO phone number are a kid they have lots of equipment
here me and had his pocket is to give you a better idea how big the
spotlight the kitchen me he loves me why on Yankee planning to fly known in back
yet you’re right they don’t have any key part they just have a straight blade on lead wetlands interchangeable you can
take it often put it back on a new one on everywhere
is out black was just plain ol you write those reports wall the park all look with the guy who
the year me come on I’m her honeymoon at home market Cup few yeah I does year ago refer look at that looking at Latona right hello will though got no not lead oh yeah I would would be easier for
you he Raybould are not here yeah let’s be careful there
let’s not get too close to me at that look at those track wheels but
they’re told the New dozer is probably the strongest machine
here well it pushes the most dirty it has to
have the strongest engine Wow it is told you you know I hate
looking ahead I careful don’t get too close to the
actual it’s good on local away from me we can all this
man looking up big debt don’t bladed infused all what is next I only how do you know if they did he do
it looks pretty cool used to play India BP’s donors are
almost taller than me mortgage got 0 their way taller than you wall what is
lifting near missus Nath on a real look what’s
behind worker I’ll wouldn’t add compact yeah
alright agent earth compactor wat man in net awesome just got down year to get water towers in the
back in disgust mom I it is massive wall on yeah yes you’re right does our new
pneumatic tyres means they have Aaron they can pop this
is not pneumatic tire it’s just a big metal
wheel that Shalit can not pop it’s got a huge hammer inside every time
it was really good dddd dddd dddd dddd like that text here is dead so the first
doesn’t wash away it stays in place these are
very important whenever you doing construction and
excavation know what is that sale I’ve never seen every in they K they can I I’m not sure how he panicked
that will look it up later home it will let sure the kids what
brand this does your reasoning well branded me and
John Deere you’re right I kids well we had a lot of fun enter member if your parents ever want
to take you to a construction site always wear your safety gear and always check with the superintendent
before you go in to make sure that they’re okay with it see you later on axle I’m daddy prime black play yeah I’m incurred reminded game lane yeah we’re gonna go
dig with their trucks

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