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– [Announcer] Join the original cast and the biggest names on HGTV for the renovation sensation of the year. –.

– [Announcer] Join the original cast and the biggest names on HGTV for the renovation sensation of the year. – Here’s a story about HGTV’s investment in the original “Brady
Bunch” house is paying off. Fans of the classic sitcom
tuned into the premiere of “A Very Brady Renovation”
on the cable network, scoring huge ratings. And that’s they way it
became a hit TV show. ♪ That’s the way we all
became the Brandy Bunch ♪ “A Very Brady Renovation” delivered HGTV’s biggest audience in more than two years since they heyday of “Fixer Upper”. The program brings together
the six surviving members of the “Brady Bunch”‘s cast to renovate the San Fernando Valley home
used in the exterior shots on the series so it looks
just like the show’s set. (nail gun fires)
– Ooh! – Nailed it! The process is amazing. It’s just so (screams). (drill roaring) (cast groaning)
Oh yeah! – The premiere delivered
3.36 million viewers, the biggest audience on cable Monday outside of “Monday Night
Football”‘s debut on ESPN. Now HGTV paid $3.5 million for the house when it came on the market in 2018. As for what they plan
to do with the property after the series airs, in a departure from
previous stunt remodels, often given away via contest, the Discovery-owned network will keep the San Fernando Valley home, potentially as a location
for future specials or corporate events. Kathleen Finch, Chief
Lifestyle Brands Officer at Discovery told The Hollywood Reporter, “We could be sitting on a gold mine. “We can’t decide until the show is done “and America has seen the house again.” – This is the most iconic home in history. Come on, let’s go inside. (microphone feedback)
(crowd gasps) – No! – Oh, my nose! – All right, for more on
this story, head to THR.com. Until next time, for “The
Hollywood Reporter News”, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (upbeat music)

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