A Week in My Life #4 – Kitchen Renovation | Vlog

welcome to a week in my life where i share my thoughts feelings and ambitions in this thing called life.

welcome to a week in my life where i
share my thoughts feelings and ambitions in this thing called life do not know look yeah hi guys welcome to Week in my
life again so this week we’re going to have some
house remodeling we’ve just plan out our remodeling so
here you can see in our this is the sorry this is the layout of our house I sketch
it up with its sketchup and currently so the layout they have the current house
is this one here and the this part but this is the existing house with her out
garage here in the front and there’s a main door here in the back door there what we’re going to do this is uh this
is our bedroom this is the office and this is a shared
toilet for both but we condemn it we use it for must master the toilet this is our maids quarter and this is
the common toilet for everyone so this one this one is a wall here our
kitchen current kitchen is here so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to demolish this wall here and then we’re going to
open it up and our kitchen which was which is located here in an l-shaped kitchen we’re going to
going to move it here at the back at the perimeter wall and then – we’re going to make a new office
actually I’m very excited about this one we’re going to extend this made worker
into of we’re going to spend it here and then close this up so this is going to be a big office now
so it’s going to be maybe a bit bigger but it won’t have a bet so it’s going to be like a proper office
in this one we’re going it’s going to be here so the kitchen will be here the sink
will be here we are now in mobile house in the s for tuna this building this
whole commercial complex has a lot of what we call this kitchen builders and
filters so we’re going to check these shops up and see if we can find anything
good yeah haha yeah one day one day we’re going there in the yeah yes yes what yeah and then actually must see – bar
especially going with a very closely from I think swords example it is open its yeah it is
except for one more time with safety the night i love about meeting I mean it has no one animal is you know I a number we finally went back to the
sequel Pacific Resort and this time we checked in overnight and this one is
because we check in and the ones they are in a saturday i think it’s a weekend
so there’s the lot of a sudden there was no this pieces all right about emotionally and backed
by the button your high with me and so many supporters today is a holiday
demand yep yep yeah yeah yeah Peter you go to so this was the cake that was made in
less than an hour commute a try yeah but you know it’s Sunday today and we’re
on our way to a birthday party it’s going to be in London town court of
us that’s quite near to the house and yeah I ok yeah happy birthday hey yeah it’s my mother’s birthday today so
we’re going to be buying just going to celebrate here in our house and we’re
gonna buy our off to buy a some cake and some food fucking the doors and we’re going to
guys I know grand mall to buy some beer right so we know mountain view red wine and we looked at it yeah finally get they late to be happy the hotel for mammoth a picture book
which there was no mm yeah I don’t know hi everyone today’s a Wednesday and i’m
going to attend a it’s the eighteenth of me and I’m attending a pioneer form of
pioneer is an online payment company I think its new i’m not sure if so I’m
going there to find out about it to my goals in today’s attending of this
pioneer form part of my job is to attend this one and network with fellow of the
keys and online professionals in the world this is what we call to order the sport
you guys are part of the Shepherd’s at night yeah you know my god so the farm is done and it’s time to do some networking
which I really hate that have to do so I had networking type and don’t like
strangers but they have to do this yeah that’s just a few people here so
you two were never so those are the things that happened last week we went
kitchen hunting we went to we were baking and then we went to the Payoneer
form and attended a couple of birthdays so if you really liked the video if you
liked the video a little bit please leave a like on my youtube
channel it will help the channel it will make a lot of people see more and if you
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videos please subscribe I’ll different I appreciate it a lot thank you til next week for a week in my
life thanks

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