ABANDONED RANCH // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

Hi everybody, it’s Kayla, and welcome back to Fixer-Upper: the show where I attempt to fix up your houses! Today.

Hi everybody, it’s Kayla, and welcome back to Fixer-Upper: the show where I attempt to fix up your houses! Today we’re doing a house called Shady Grove… This old family ranch owned by old paw built by Isaac on the gallery It costs ninety five thousand simoleons – three bedroom- No, it’s two bedrooms Dangit! *inhale* Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and on a 30 by 20 lot. As you can see, it is in crumbles! It’s in shambles! What could possibly lie inside? I’m excited to fix this one up because The interior of this one and, like, the detail in the decorations and stuff is one of my favorites yet Like, it just – there are so many things in this house that really spoke to me *kinda laughs* and I’m gonna point them out to you because for one- um Do you see that? Do you see the freezer budding in the window and like the boarded-up windows and all the cracks outside? Obviously, there’s cracks everywhere – Also, why does everyone put a stove in the front yar-? Yeah, that’s like a very common like ‘Ooh, dirty old house! Stove in the front yard for Fixer-Uppers’ and there’s like a fridge in the backyard. Can I ask why? *pause* Is this a common thing that you find in real-life? Fridges in front yards? Like I’m – it’s a genuine question. I don’t know, but maybe I’m just living in the wrong neighbourhoods. We don’t have fridges outside. In the yard. Anyway When you first walk out the door is all scratched and kind of scary, and then you have this entryway room where the stairs are There’s also, like, a stolen ATM and obviously kinds tons of mail and old boxes and things like that – a fire hydrant I don’t know, this guy Lots of details in here and then – I liked the spiderweb around the bowling ball also I thought that was a nice touch – but in here we have the dining room area! I like the chairs on the table. There are so many little details. It’s so cool And then in the kitchen obviously, look at this, look at this. It’s like the sink is broken and they try to like catch it with all the cups down there It’s so many little things that make this house so nice. Also, I’ve never seen Huh? I never use this like outdoor retreat thing. I didn’t know it had like a squirrel on it. That’s kind of wild Okay. But anyway, this is the kitchen no appliances in here because they’re outside which is fun and then this way This way we have uh It looks like this in the living room as you can see, it’s really nice in here nothing to see here Totally not bad at all Yep, and then we’ll go back up the stairs Now I think Cracked glass door by the way, kind of cool back up the stairs we have what looks like some sort of party going on Duct as a bartender Still boarded up windows and stuff like that, but then we have right here blocked, but this master bedroom Which is kind of cute also kind of spooky. I don’t know what’s going on in here, but I’m moderately concerned by it and potentially the best part of the whole house We have some Hall of Fame’s if you will for people such as ninja Rick Astley Baby Arielle and myself and also the Walmart yodel kid So as you can see really nice place, they have one more bedroom over here. It’s right here this is a gnome rave That’s happening in here They’re having a really good time. I’m not here to judge. Also floating baby in the spiderweb. It’s really scared And then in here is the bathroom also like all broken down toilets like spewing out water and stuff That’s the whole house. And to be honest I mmm There are so many fun little details in here that just bring me so much joy And with that being said we’re gonna go ahead and jump right on in to the renovation. Okay, so we are back and we are Fixer-upper in this house. That is right you guys it’s my favorite time of the week I just want to sit here and talk, okay I have a lot of things to get off my chest mostly about elephants, which I’ll get to in a second But I wanted to address the house for a little bit because I love this house so much This is one of those houses that I felt genuinely bad deleting things from which happens most of the time when I do fixer uppers because everyone puts all this effort into building them and they make these detailed rooms and like all these details in the house and then I’m Just like okay and delete Bulldoze and then it’s all gone. But my friend Isaac on Twitch. He’s actually a regular in my streams I’ve known him for a long time He built this house and I kind of it by accident on the gallery I was looking for a fixer-upper house to do and I was like wait a minute I know this name and I got really excited and I picked it because it was good And also I know the person who made it so like fun stuff twitch regulars. Where where you at? Why aren’t you building me fixer-upper houses? Mm-hmm, but I straighten this bill yesterday and it was a lot of fun to do I’m sorry Isaac for ruining your bill just because it was really good before there were some fun details Which I pointed out when I did the tour but like I’m really into this one. I’m not gonna lie I did however make a lot of changes as far as the floor plan and roofing goes But what else is new because I just I do that I ruin things I have a habit It’s a bad habit, but it just it happens. All right, but anyway, I love for this build. I like the style of it It’s very different from things that I usually do. It’s very like Ranchi and Brown Which I don’t know if it I mean I do a lot of beige things but like this house was fun. Okay Okay, let me have this anyway I also put a pond in the backyard cuz Isaac had one back there already and I kept it which when I was forming this A lot of people seem very confused by they’re like, how did you get that pond? We have ponds now, which we’ve always had access to those ponds They’re in the debug menu if you type BB show hidden objects on Into the cheat menu and you search debug you can get into the debug when you and you can find like so many things all the things that your Sims use and they’re like data that day-to-day lives like you can take like seeds and like apple trees and like the cups they drink out of and like the ponds and like all kinds of Assets like that that are in build mode You can get in the debug menu like you can access like all of the jewels You can collect and like the fossils you can collect and all those things. You can find them all in debug So if you’re looking for that kind of thing Check it out my friends I was interesting cuz I kind of forget that like most people aren’t major Sims freaks that like know all the cheats and tips and tricks like the vast Majority of people don’t know these things and I kind of forget about that. So Debug is your friend. Once you turn it on it’s kind of annoying because there’s like a million things in the catalogue It’s hard to search through and find stuff, but you can get all kinds of things in there for example I use it mostly to find like seeds and things to plant in my backyard like to put plants like I’m gonna have a garden Somewhere, I’ll go into debug and grab grab plants um But you can get like this pond and stuff which is kind of cool to have and it’s all just like all the base game Items all the any packs all those things like you can get like this city living posters and stuff in Debug like all that stuff they get to work like prints that you can find with a telescope You can find all that in debug. I’m gonna I could keep going but it’s all in debug. It’s kind of fun They’re mighty they’re bugs. You can get bugs and debug all the bugs from outdoor retreat you get those in debug Good stuff, really good stuff. So you’re welcome for the pro tip many of you orden you that and you’re all like yeah Kayla, we’ve been new but like listen, I’m just here to educate, okay That’s my job is to be an educator. But this house the floorplan. I kept largely similar on the downstairs I think I made it a bit bigger and I changed where the kitchen was and I think I like it better that way to have like a closed-off dining room and like a more open entryway I don’t often have like open floor plans in the sims because I’ve said it before but like I think it’s really hard to furnish Open floor plans in this since like I think that open floor plans are obviously like the ideal thing in a real life house Right now like in the current era Like more modern houses and like people upgrade their houses and renovate to like have open floor plans But I think there’s like a line You know that Just one big open room Like your floor plan might be open and kind of flowy but like it’s still in just one big open room You know what? There’s still like my parents house Like they’re like archways into the kitchen from where the dining room is It’s not just like one big open room that’s like dining living room and kitchen like there’s some flow to it Okay, I don’t people I just I don’t want to put a big open box Alright, sometimes people in my stream are like Kayla make it an open floor plan They just want me to have no walls, but that’s not how life works and also it stresses me out I don’t know how to furnish it that way cuz like I need walls to like Distinguish and separate my rooms at least a little bit so I can furnish things I get Stressed too easily. Yeah My bad, sorry guys. I also I don’t think I limited my packs in this build, which is also my bad I don’t know as I’ve recently been doing a lot of limited pack builds where I’ll be like, yeah I’m only gonna use laundry day and city living in this build and then I only use the two packs because it makes it better For you guys to download them but in this one because the original house had so many packs in it I kind of like I’m just gonna use a bunch of them so I don’t really choose like a very conscious like limitation of Things which I kind of feel bad about but I do a lot of limited pack builds So I don’t feel that bad I wanted to another base game build. It’s been a bit. I mean no I did a base game build like a couple weeks ago Who am I kidding? Shut up little cincy I might do one again soon because I have fun with those I think it’s interesting to try and test the limits of the base game like that because I’ve been playing obviously I played the base Game for a long time but like we’ve had so many packs and stuff come out since the base game that it’s fun to go Back to the base game and be like, ok. What can I do with this? I have two stories for you guys though today about Lil Sims II being crazy Alright, the first one is me being actually crazy in the second one It’s just me being dumb and wasting time which is actually not that common. I’m I’m a pretty hard worker Thank you very much. But today I Was really tired and didn’t want to edit. So I Wasted time but I’ll get to that my crazy story takes place a couple nights ago. Ok It was like 11 o’clock at night, right? I’m still a little bit jet-lagged because I just got back from England So the time difference is like 5 hours. So it was 11 o’clock, but it felt like 4 a.m. It was a whole thing I was very tired. I was in bed right just laying there and I don’t know exactly what triggered this Ok but my friends had like stops replying to messages which wasn’t like the reason but it definitely contributed to it because I was getting any replies and so no one was talking to me to like take me out of this mindset, but I was staring at the clock on my phone and for some reason I convinced myself that time had stopped and So of course me not getting any replies or notifications was like aiding in that cuz I was like wow times frozen Noel’s gonna reply To me ever I’m trapped in this like frozen time everyone else stops, and I’m still going times frozen Oh my god and like I was having this freakout about how time froze for like five whole minutes just doesn’t seem like a long time but like But during it it seemed very long and then um, I snapped out of it and it was fine But I I really thought that time had stopped for a bit there and then I felt really crazy afterward Because like what’s up with that also and you thought there’s like that it’s kind of like a common question Like what do you do time stuff? So you have this much time to do whatever you want Everything else is and you can do whatever you want What do you do and everyone’s like I don’t know rob a bank, you know, like people do stuff like that Time froze for me and I freaked out so the real answer is panic That’s what you would do you would panic because in my mind time had frozen So everything else stopped and I was like stranded alone in this frozen time world by myself, which is kind of a nightmare, right? It’s like last person on earth kind of stuff except everyone’s still around just frozen I don’t like it. But yeah, I don’t know how that happened and I felt really crazy afterwards. So like good stuff, right? I’ve done some crazy things recently like that like the other night before I left. It’s like couple weeks ago I think I talked about in a video but like I saw the green light of the snow detector in my bedroom And I thought it was aliens for a little bit which I don’t know. What’s up with that Like I’m not usually crazy like this, but as of recently I’ve been doing some wild things I think I’m just overtired maybe so I’m like doing like because I haven’t I’ve been working a lot and not really sleeping This is like being kind of crazy but it’s not a good look for me. I I Don’t know we need to work on that but the other crazy thing I did which isn’t actually that crazy But which is kind of a thing that it’s a newfound obsession of mine So when I was younger, my favorite animal is always elephants. I like loved elephants when I was a kid and so I don’t know. It was like a thing. I love elephants and Recently, I’ve been falling down rabbit holes elephant holes if you will of videos of elephants on YouTube because there are so many videos of really cute videos of like elephants bathing and like baby elephants like doing stuff and it’s so good and it’s so pure and I just I can’t Recommend this to you enough, right? Because it today I watched a bunch of baby elephants like falling into bathtubs and like splashing around It was really good. Like it just sometimes need something pure in your life like that and baby elephants splashing in bathtubs That’s pure that’s the definition of pure. Okay. So look it up. I made your day. Just not with this I’m not kidding I watched I spent like maybe 30 minutes doing that earlier and I really didn’t have 30 minutes has been doing that So baby elephants, though. They ruined my life. They also made my life much better So I honestly I strongly recommend you I don’t think it’s possible to to not like those videos like it’s there’s nothing you have. No excuse by not watching them You’re only hurting yourself. So you’re welcome everybody Lil Sims II saves a day yet again little Sims II made your life better. Just know What would you do without me? I watched one So one on my stream Recommending this video once and it’s this video of like this baby elephant chasing its mom and it’s really cute and I did Why are baby elephants so cute? Why are elephants so cute? They’re so weird-looking like when you think about it, logically Elephants are so weird. But like in the best way, I don’t know. I just I’m a really big fan I really enjoy elephants I also okay So listen this is gonna sound kind of weird right but like we all know and we Have known for a long time that I look like Vanessa from the b-movie. Okay, like we’ve accepted it. It’s been a thing I tweeted about it like back in October when I realized it was a whole thing and then the last week this girl on Twitter made a video of herself like turning into Vanessa from the B movie and she got like six hundred thousand likes on Twitter and My tweet when I did I got three thousand likes on Twitter So like I was a little bit of fun because I did it in October and she did it this week But whatever, it’s fine Gianna, I’m fine Anyway, I got sent that tweet, by the way, I quote tweeted it and I was like my brand stolen But I got sent that tweet so many times and it’s being like reposted on insulin stuff So I keep getting tagged in it. Like I can’t escape it I can’t escape Gianna stealing my brand because everyone keeps sending it to me and tagging me in it and Dealing it to me and I just it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere if you send it to me, I hate you Why would you make me suffer like this? I’m kidding. I’m kidding but like it’s really funny how often I miss in it because like I Hate this Gianna person. And and now it’s just I can’t escape her But anyway, I think that bees are also my thing I bought from Etsy on stream the other day I was talking about this and I was like I wonder if I can get a bee thing and I looked it up on Etsy and I found first of all a Taxidermy beat which I did not like I was not happy about that But I got over it for like $12. You can buy a dead bee in case you were curious. I want that but if you did Etsy but I found this little like crocheted bee thing and I really wanted it so I bought it I don’t have it yet I just bought it but like Mark, my words bees are my thing now I’m embracing Vanessa from the bee movie. I don’t want to happen. No when I say bees are my thing I don’t mean that I’m like in love with bees. Okay, that’s Vanessa. I just like bees I Don’t love bees not like that. That’s not guys. Don’t twist my words. Don’t take it the wrong way That’s wrong and bad and so freaky. Oh my god. I want to stop talking now Okay, we’re fine deep breaths back to elephants elephants are good, right? They’re really cute and bring you joy. Mm-hmm Yep. Okay, so help Also my cat speaking of cute animals my cat has been so good and kind to me recently I’ve been very stressed this week like like on the verge of like hysterical sobbing like every minute of every day We’re okay But like, you know when you have like those times and my cat knows when I’m upset, and she’s been very good to me She’s been like not leaving my side. It’s really good She sleeps on my pillow next to my head every morning when I wake up She’s right there and it brings me a lot of joy Just to just know that she’s there for me right because because nobody else is there for me. I’m kidding. I’m really I’m kidding I’m sorry. I just I just got back from spending like a week with my friends and it’s very hard to go back from like Having people that care about you and like want to be around you all the time To coming back to living alone with like no friends or like I don’t have any friends around where I live really? Cuz I just work all the time. I like pushed away all my friends the whole thing But anyway, I’m okay, but it’s it’s hard to come back from like having friends and like being around people So just being alone all the time again, and I’m used to and I’m always alone all the time But it’s just weird to like Come back to it afterwards cuz like my only friend around here is like my mom my parents my mom and dad both mom shoutout mom one time she’s watching this right now for Like my mom listen, no offense mom But you have to hang out with me like it’s one thing to like hang out with your mom because it’s fun and like love My mom and stuff but like she has no choice Like she has to like me. That’s how it works my friends chose to like me So it’s kind of fun to like spend time with them because they like they want to be there You know, they don’t have to I mean, my mom wants to be there too. I think right mom mom mom You want to hang out with me, right? Oh my god I also crisis about it. My mom hates me help. No she doesn’t I’m kidding. Oh, I’m fine. Everything’s Little Cindy you are digging yourself into the biggest hole right now. Just stop I think you get what I mean Like the only people that I like see regularly and like hang out with or my family member Like I’ll go shopping on the weekends with my mom and it’s like the highlight of my day Which isn’t a bad thing, like that’s I love to do. I love my mom We have we have good times together But like sometimes it’s good to have friends that are not blood-related to you and I don’t have any of those right now so I mean I do but it’s not around here cuz I Don’t leave my house ever. I did this to myself. Why am I still talking about it? I’m really okay. How are you all doing? Do you have friends? Let me know in the comments down below How does one make friends as a person who is self-employed and taking online classes? How do you make friends? Around you I don’t actually want advice because I think that it will upset me. Just let me complain. Thank you and good night Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and cut off right here But make sure to leave a like and comment subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and do wait And so I will see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody Way to go Sims II ruining your own outro again You would think that after doing it every day for like three and a half years I’ve made like a thousand more than a thousand videos like that and I still I just I can’t do it. I don’t know idiot Sims II

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