Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7 – w/ Ed Asner

Throughout the ages, architects and engineers have designed and built the great structures, that have made our world and withstood.

Throughout the ages, architects and engineers have designed and built the great structures, that have made our world and withstood the test of time. I’m Ed Asner, welcome to Architects & Engineers. Let’s look now at modern steel frame buildings. This is the Empire State Building, a marvel of modern architecture. It was built to last. Architects and engineers of today use computers to design and engineer buildings, that will endure the forces of nature, such as earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. This modern skyscraper was also built to last. We’ve seen buildings completely
destroyed like this before, but only when done intentionally. Danny Jowenko is the expert on this in Europe. What did he say? Let’s compare: Explosives are used to demolish
buildings like this in just seconds. OK, so it’s a controlled demolition.
What’s the problem with that? Well, it happened on the afternoon of 9/11 at the World Trade Center. Let’s just think about this,
controlled demolitions cannot be engineered and rigged in a day. It takes months, and therefore, this event
must have been planned in advance. And these people heard explosions. He takes his hand off and you hear, three, two, one, and it was: boom, boom, boom, boom. And these reporters recognized
it as a controlled demolition. And I turned in time to see
what looked like a skyscraper implosion, looked like it has been done by a demolition crew.
The whole thing just collapsing down. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent
of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, when a building was deliberately destroyed
by well placed dynamite to knock it down. It was almost as if it were planned implosion,
it just pancaked. So what’s the problem
if this was a planned demolition? Well, we are told by government agencies
that this building came down as a result of normal office fires. The National Institute of Standards and Technology
produced their final report in 2008. WTC 7 collapsed because of fires
fueled by office furnishings, it did not collapse from explosives
or from fuel oil fires. But what do you think brought down the building? What caught my eyes is [that] more than
thirteen hundred architects and engineers examined the evidence
about Building 7’s collapse… and disagree with the official report,
issued by the National Institute
of Standards and Technology. I’m certainly much more
open minded about it than I was… and it is because of the involvement
of the 9/11 families
and all these engineers and architects. You are about to hear from architect of 23 years,
Richard Gage, AIA, member of the American Institute of Architects… and founder of
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Now there are more than
1500 architects and engineers who say that it could not have been
brought down by office fires. They are backed by 9/11 family members, who are calling for an independent
unbiased investigation. I’m Richard Gage. Fires have never before caused
the collapse of any skyscraper. Even though there are numerous examples
of much hotter, larger… and longer lasting fires in these buildings. And in the case of building 7, the fire that NIST said started the collapse, had actually burned out over an hour before. It could not have caused
the collapse as NIST claims. Yet, this 47 story modern steel frame skyscraper, which was not hit by an airplane, collapses mostly into its own footprint
like a house of cards, as fast as a bowling ball falling off
the side of the building… in just under 7 seconds. Listen to the experts. Building number 7 descended in free fall
for the first 100 feet, which means that there was absolutely
no resistance to that descent whatsoever. NIST has admitted,
it went into free fall for 8 stories and going from motionless to free fall, instantly, that’s a bothersome part of the puzzle,
because NIST never explained it. We’ve got a building that came down
on its own foot print, so all of the columns really needed
to be severed at the same time, in order for that structure
to fall the way that we saw. The symmetry is the smoking gun. The whole building completely comes down
in one continuous motion, there couldn’t have been
any structural resistance. According to NIST, the failure occurred
at column 79 on level 12. They’re talking about a single
columnar collapse or failure that resulted in the total collapse
of the building. It is possible that you could have a local failure
as a result of a connection failing, but the likelihood of that failure
dragging the entire building in such a fashion that all the columns would fail
at the same time, is an impossibility. Impossibility? Yes. What I saw, it was a classic implosion. The center of the core,
the penthouse area starts to move first… and then the building falls along with it. I’d like to know why NIST excluded
the document from FEMA in the appendix C, that documented the evidence of melting steel. Why is this forensic evidence
not been included in the report? In an office fire, you cannot generate
enough heat to melt steel and yet we have evidence of molten iron. RJ Lee Company, USGS and Dr. Steven Jones’s work, all three separately found these microspheres. In the dust, we found what we characterize as… unreactive thermitic material, in the shape of some very tiny red-grey chips, which have different properties. And in the reaction they produce molten iron, which is the prime indication
of a thermitic reaction and such a reaction can be used
to destroy steel structures. What we’ve found is a modern version of thermite, which we call nanothermite. There were these iron microspheres present
in all of the dust samples, that needed to have been formed
in extremely high temperatures. I’ve independently seen thermitic activity within two separate independent samples of WTC dust. My contention, based on finding
thermite residue in the dust, is that it happened before, it did not happen after, in the fires that ensued
in the rubble pile afterwards. All of the characteristics of the microspheres
tell me that thermite was involved in melting those steel beams. So thermite, if it was present at the WTC
and created this molten metal, that so many witnesses
and photographic evidence shows, will also explain the fact that the fires
could not be put out at ground zero. The only thing that is consistent
with all of the evidences that we have, that could cause such a thing is the use of thermate to cut through the steel. You’d get down below and you’d see molten steel, molten steel running down the channel rails, like you’re in a foundry,
like lava from a volcano. Well the manual gets in to thermite
and if it says if you have melted steel on concrete, which we had on 9/11, we should test for it. This is fused element of steel,
molten steel and concrete and all of these things all fused
by the heat into one single element. We’re asking for an investigation
that follows National Standards. There is no excuse to not test for this. If terrorists used explosives in 1993,
why we didn’t test for them? If all those witnesses heard explosions,
why aren’t we testing for them? NIST concedes that they found
no evidence for explosives. So then we ask them: “Well, did you look?” and they said: “No, we did not look
for explosives or residues of explosives”. So the pre-conceived notion of NIST
is that there is no evidence for explosives and so there is no point in looking. That is the most unscientific thing
that you can possibly think of. Not to look because
you don’t expect to find evidence, and in fact the evidence is overwhelming. They state these conclusions,
for which there is virtually no evidence and then they ignore conclusions
that could be drawn from the evidence. The Freedom of Information Act request
to NIST was denied. But they claim that releasing the statement
might jeopardize public safety. How could it possibly jeopardize public safety? The destruction of evidence
was a criminal act in itself. It was already been carted away and destroyed when the FEMA investigators got there, about a month after September 11th. You can’t do science
when you are deprived of the evidence and when your hypothesis is the least valid
instead of the most likely. When the most likely hypothesis,
in the case of Building 7, wasn’t even mentioned. This is not science. The scientific forensic evidence ignored by NIST, but carefully reviewed by teams
of technical professionals, corroborates the hypothesis
of explosive controlled demolition. We travelled to 21 foreign countries
and 32 American cities, bringing this evidence
to the attention of the public. And we’re backed by 9/11 family members
and other concerned citizens, who are calling for an independent,
unbiased investigation. I’m a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3000+ people. The bottom line is that it needs
to be investigated, properly. Please, look at architects and engineers,
people all around the world, scientists, all around the world are questioning this… and there’s some deep, deep explaining to do. It took some kind of consciousness
raising on my part before I was willing to look at the possibilities. And really, you need to go
where the evidence leads. As an engineer, I have 3 degrees in engineering, I signed that petition for Architects
and Engineers for 9/11 Truth some time ago, because the American people
absolutely need the truth of 9/11. Look at the evidence,
in fact I’ll say this very categorically. Any reasonable person who looks at the evidence, that has been brought forward, has got to come away with the feeling
that something has to be done a real investigation has to be put forward. We will never heal, this country will never, ever, ever forget that day. We have to demand a new investigation. I want justice here. The country owns this, we were all victims. You all should want answers, it’s not just ours, not just mine,
we all lost something that day. It’s distressing for everyone
to come to terms with this evidence. But we must pursue the truth, wherever it leads. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

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  1. James 5:1-5

    Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you…What causes conflicts and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from the passions at war within you? You crave what you do not have. You kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask. And when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may squander it on your pleasures.… The evidence is clear.

  2. We are all slowly waking up to the truth. We know who was behind 9/11. It moved our eyes off the trillions that pentagon lost and got us into war in the Middle East. Now, the same criminals who got us into war with Iraq want us back in the there to start another war, this time with Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.

  3. There is no doubt America is a terrorist country. America has been murdering people all over the world for a long time. Bush murdered in your name. When you meet your maker hold your head up high and say father look at all the women and children i have murdered.

  4. hey kirdotorg ( try this on bitch its proof you want i have it where are you ??? I will hunt for you and any assholes like you I'm so fucking awake is scary and a real person!!!

  5. Your question: Why do people think that this is just a fire in building?
    My question: Why do people think Cheesus Christ was a son of god (whatever that means) who walked on the water, made a very sick people totally healthy (with a snap of the hand), converted rocks into food and he resurrected after he had been tortured and killed (and much more)?

  6. Now, as of 03/26/2019, with other matters out of the way, let's see to whose door all this leads: my money says Bush, Clinton, Obama, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and cia, et al.

  7. The University of Alaska has released findings of a two-year study concluding that World Trade Center building 7 did NOT collapse due to office fires as the NIST report says. The “conspiracy theory” tag has been removed. 

    University of Alaska release: (2017)

    University of Alaska statements: (2017)
    (16 min.)

    Bobby Mcilvaine WTC Investigation Act
    Please sign for support:

  8. the inside job is the obvious part, the illegal persecution of our sitting President is also obvious; yet we've become complacent and for the most part allow ourselves to be told what to believe, ignore what our eyes show us. Look at how the liberals have exposed themselves lately. New green deal, murder by post birth abortions, erasing the assumption of innocence, attempts to instill socialism, la la land nonsense. Borders aree being flooded, courts are making laws which is congresses job. Time to push back. and

  9. Sadly, for many of the Generation Z/ millenials born from 1995 to now, this does not resonate with them, and probably never will. Find anyone born after 1960 that can relate to JFK, as a tail end baby boomer or Gen X will attest to.

  10. When a demolition company implodes a building on purpose, they have to set of the charges almost simultaneously to get it to drop straight down, impossible for these columns to fail within micro seconds of each other to drop like an implosion, and then for the evidence to be destroyed from all of the WTC buildings that were destroyed, this whole event was TREASON, they threw away all evidence right in front of the world's faces, they found real evidence of military grade thermite, we need a real investigation, it is absolutely ridiculous that more money was spent investigating Bill Clinton's blowjob than was spent investigating all of 9/11, which was actually 4 different attacks that should have all been investigated separately

  11. I am not engineer but I always thought building 7 and the WTC complex was a controlled demolition. It was a cover up and murder.

  12. IMPLOSION??? It was a cigarette in an ashtray… Say anything else you're an UNPATRIOTIC COMMUNIST! You love Muslims & Worship ALLAH!!!

  13. AMERICA… THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!!! AND WAITING. I am no architect or engineer. I do have a B Ed in science but I do not need it, or even any evidence besides the footage to see a plain as day… that the planes didn't cause the first two buildings to fall! They turned to dust!!!! I can see big bits falling and disappearing prior to hitting the ground!!!! BUT… then building 7. That was the big mistake by the people who did this. And it is easy to work out who. Because the building CLEARL OBVIOUSLY BLATANTLY was demolished. It"imploded". I mean come on… who did it? Someone who was able and therefore in a position so powerful they were able to control in full everything from an investigation into the buildings/ death of over 2700 people and many more since…. AND THE OUTCOME OF THAT AS HEARD IN … IL SAY COURTROOM. Clearly a thwarted investigation and a farcical verdict. And it was allowed. WHO HAS THAT TYPE OF POWER AMERICA??? THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! Condolences to all families and friends of victims of this satanic treasonous act . coltrump??

  14. Isn't it a strange thing the conspiracies but at the same time with conspiracies come the opinions of the experts in different Fields and how similar the demolition or was it because it was built in a shabby manner was it because the aeroplanes allowed into it or was it because it was deliberate will we ever know the truth and will we ever know or be allowed to know the truth if these things were The Corrs of the destruction and the death of many

  15. Building 7 was supposed to be hit by flight 93. The building was already rigged to blow. Those brave passengers on flight 93 exposed something unthinkable.

  16. I'm not even surprised. I watched bldg 7 get dropped that day. I watched the entire fall, and heard the explosions several seconds before. I was in a room with my fellow engineers, here in silicon valley. I pointed at the screen and said 'that was deliberate! didn't you see it?' All present assented; the ones who worked with glass, the ones who worked with structural steel, the ones who worked with structural aluminum, and the architects. We all stood there, transfixed, anger flooding our thoughts.

  17. can see them now. Fighting passengers off with one leg and box cutters as they manage to hop into the cockpit and fly an airliner they never flew before into tiny buildings many miles away and tens of thousands of feet below. Then the buildings turned into powder in 10 seconds. What a tragedy.

  18. 90 seconds in and I call bullshit.

    Building 7 is easily explained to anyone with 2+ brain cells to put together. A huge chunk of molten steel from WTC 1 ripped into it when that building collapsed. This compromised the structural integrity of B7. Its collapse was inevitable. They knew it was going to happen so they evacuated the area and let it fall – there was nothing else to do. That's why nobody was killed as a result of B7 falling.

    I know many here will call me a stupid asshole for saying so but before you do, try this: sit in a chair. Good? Now take a sledgehammer and smash one of the chair legs. Now sit in it again. You okay? Good. The chair collapsed under you because the structural integrity was fucked when you smashed its leg.

    Same thing with B7. Imagine hundreds of thousands of tons bearing down on a building that has lost its structural integrity. It will fall. It's an absolute certainty. It doesn't need any controlled demolitions.

  19. The building 7 was about 600 feet tall and right up next to the sidewalk and when it came down hardly any even spilled into the street over the curb .

  20. New York skyscrapers are not the blocks of apartments.

    Office blocks in New York are famous for their large floor plates, this means that the strength of the building is concentrated in a few places (usually) the outside of the building, even more so from buildings built in the 60's and '70s. They weren'tt thinking of the attacks that happened when designing the buildings.

    It wasn't just fires. This building was 100m only from one of the towers and was considerably damaged on the south side.

    This video sights the testimony of the firefighters on the ground at the time of 9/11, "the building is coming down". Are they actually saying these firefighters are part of collusion to bring the building down? Think about it.

  21. Google's attempt to stifle the narrative of the obvious 911 false-flag with their link to EB is nothing short of laughable.

    Google does the same with any discussion of Government's high altitude aerosol disbursement of heavy metals into the atmosphere.

    Google does the same with any discussion of the man-made global warming nonsense.

  22. The real terrorists wont let you reveal the truth before their passing due to old age. You HAVE TO HURRY UP! Do what you ve got to do NOW!!

  23. no video of terrorists
    no video of a plane at the Pentagon
    no jet fuel ground contamination at Pentagon or Shanksville
    no wreckage at Shanksville
    no fire at Shanksville
    debris 8 miles away
    impossible plane speeds and acrobatic maneuvers
    overwhelmingly obvious false flag operation as outlined in the PNAC literature
    NIST cover-up
    pentagon cover-up
    commission report cover-up, whitewash, underfunded, delayed
    FBI cover-up
    bush lying
    cheney lying
    rumsfeld lying
    rice lying
    kissinger resigns, conflict of interest
    accused terrorist still alive
    bin laden never proven to be involved
    impossible phone calls from planes
    impossible plane speed
    minetta testimony
    no jet interceptors
    pentagon trillions
    weapons of mass destruction
    anthrax Ames strain linked to u.s.
    military grade nano-thermite
    fire burning over 3 months
    molten metal
    numerous whistleblowers
    architects and engineers
    thousands of witnesses
    illegal torture
    free fall
    pull it
    put option insider trading linked to white house
    and the list goes on and on into every aspect of 9/11

    reasonable doubt
    just a little

  24. As is the case with every scandal
    of this magnitude. No truth or factual information will become available until, anyone involved, or anyone responsible or has knowledge. Is long dead

  25. The official conspiracy theory, as evidenced by NIST & BushCo's outrageous claims, violates the first law of thermodynamics and is therefore false. Additional hypothesis testing is indicated.

  26. Can you say C4? That is what brought them all down…..Read Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines by Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier. It tells you everything about 9/11 and who was involved and what actually happened?

  27. so youtube took it down did they, I wondered why I could not find it, like all the others that I find deleted from my "watch later" file. Youtube by its actions identifies with the corruption within the government and this is the government that on 9/11 murdered over 3,000 innocent people scarring forever all those that were left behind, for what? just to provide an excuse to invade another sovereign state and destroy and murder countless thousands more by bombing and machine 'gunning thousands more. the very blood of countless millions are in your skirts, you people responsible are an abomination, a cancerous canker on the face of this earth, but fear not, justice is coming, you will be routed out and destroyed, you will have nowhere to hide, If there are any lovers of truth out there , now, is the time to take the side of truth because history repeats itself and you will see that , all tyrants have come to a bad end along with there cohorts and supporters, the sycophantic mainstream media, what a sick and deluded lot they are too eh.

  28. over and over again we see the typical controlled demo of the building.
    Telltale signs- besides the OBVIOUS one- that NO office furniture fire could bring down a 42 story building and hour after it'd been extinguished.
    The typical back-breaker charges seen caving-in the center of the roof. The perfection, impossible by random chaotic gravity alone, of the structure in free fall heading straight down.

  29. today 4/17/19 our President was officially deemed not to have "colluded" with russians -not a crime by the way by the criminal at large himself herr mueller.
    Instead of apologizing to him for 2.5 years of lying and horrific innuendo by the fake news media he is subjected to yet an endless wave of childish nonsense.
    Something the American people will not forget come election day. Demonrats head for the nearest rock.

  30. you could have got Ed Vedder to do the narration of this video and the message would have been the same: this was a demolition job they used a lot of little bombs maybe one great big one down below. either way I thought everyone in America loved this country. I thought we were the smartest Nation. Wake up people! this happened on 9/11 this was planned way in advance. do you all not give a damn about your children? everyone needs to rise up and demand an investigation in demandthe guilty be brought to Justice I say hang them high but that's just my opinion. what's not an opinion was this was a controlled demolition. That's a fact.

  31. Follow the money, and you'll find the truth. Yes it was terrorism, but the terrorists were americans in the US government and the US military. The US military killed american civilians on 9/11 2001, and american civilians cheer when ever US military personel are shown at sport events, but they are cheering members of a civilian killing army, and no, not all soldiers, bot some.

    To many things had to happen and go "wrong" on 9/11 2001, so that it could happen, and it did.

    And why did Tower 7 fall, well alot of data from alot og people and businesses, that were about to go to court in California, because of trillions of dollars of fraud was kept in this building. This data "disappeared" on 9/11 2001.

    And what happened to all the suspicious stock trading that occurred on 9/11, somebody knew something????

    Who should you trust, those who have something to hide, or those who have no gain in lying about what they tell you?

  32. About 50 % of americans DON'T believe in evolution, and further 30-35 % believe that the Bible is actual science, leaving only a very little percentage that are right. So no wonder so many americans believe the official B…S..T story.

  33. BEEP! BEEP!  Tall Buildings Are Charged. Curious:   No, no! They're not charged/They – MUST – WILL be charged. As it turns out….People are actually MADE of pussy AND dumb. You're being FUCKING LIED TO YOU DUMBASS HELPERS! But – Don't look to the fucking bible to help you – Uh-oh – It's fucking bullshit too, and STILL fed to you….& YOU? Suck it up, & tell 'em…THANKS!

  34. 9/11 is exactly like the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Nothing more than a government perpetuated lie that the government denies they had anything to do with. Just Google "Operation Northwoods" a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962."

  35. Katelynne Wilcox The reason you aren't following my logic is because your brain isn't wired that way. You still think this is about the USA. You haven't even got as far yet as being able to admit that this entire thing fits the definition of what a conspiracy is to the absolute letter. So, that is why you are not following my logic, you can't. You still think 19 Arabs who couldn't even fly single engine 4 person Cessnas were able to control those massives jets where pilots know full well and all will tell you that even they cannot. You mock this man in a suit but that he may 'look' professional, but… but what? These people ARE professionals and your tiny minds can't even grasp that much. Of course you're not following my logic, lady – you are incapable of doing so. If you read this, my advice would be to bundle up in cotton wool and never leave the house because you're a likely liability to yourself and others; a danger.

  36. What gets me is that these criminals to humanity think that people are so stupid as to not be able to see how orchestrated and engineered the entire 9/11 event was. What they accomplished was to expose themselves and just how corrupt our government and the world powers really are. Now we know for a fact. There's no shell game like with the JFK assassination. We know the illuminati is real, now. Stupid, arrogant monsters. Plain stupid.

  37. If Rd Asher thinks we will listen to a liberal leftists IDIOT who has been nothing but a crooks all these years well, he's not all there!
    Those buildings should NEVER have fallen! Those puffs were the explosives that the Bush family had placed because that was the plan! If there was a chance that they were going to fall, the people would have left the buildings immediately! Our government murdered the people in those buildings and planes! There is absolutely NO other answer!

    It's just a MATTER OF TIME and they will be caught in their trickery! I voted twice for that man and even though I HATE him for this political killing, he and the others who did this will HAVE to pay!

  38. I can't believe this old TV actor nor anyone else can believe this shit. I've watched videos of that building on fire at the ground level here on Youtube. What do you expect to happen when it starts failing on the bottom floors. OF COURSE it will look like a controlled demolition. Some of the (other) 911 conspiracy nuts still think that's what brought down the twin towers, even though it's obvious what brought them down and where the collapses began. If someone really wanted to take down WTC7, they sure did a shit job of it given that it didn't happen until 6 hours after the Twin Towers fell. And when did they rig explosives? Because people continuously occupied that building right up until hours before it collapsed. My GOD you have to breathtakingly ignorant to believe any 911 conspiracy. But especially this one. Watch the NIST videos here. If you have an IQ anywhere near 100, you'll know exactly what happened.

  39. look at 2:42 and you see windows being blown out, revealing jets of gaseous dust and smoke as preset demolition charges detonate way ahead of any possible collapsing pressure wave. how can anyone see this and all the other evidence and pretend it's not an inside job.

  40. Should I get disillusioned when what I believe should be intelligent and reflected people ridicule me and say I live in an echo chamber, only because I realize the obvious?

  41. Yes we know 9/11 was fake drama
    Before invade afghanistan jeorg bush said we will destroy afghan taliban regime and whole muslim world and after 18 years americans wants to negotiate with taliban
    Nato army of 47 countries more than 18 lac american army lose 18 year war from only 45 thousan taliban
    Indeed Allah is the best planner
    After this we will liberate palestine

  42. Acknowledging the Truth is much more painful than believing the lie. That’s how the masses are deceived. Those of us who have been enlightened knows this pain

  43. It's difficult to point this out to people. I have learned there are several lines of thinking regarding this event. One is those who wake up to this knowledge and allow their world view to change. Another is they see this evidence and are okay with the US making this type of sacrifice to achieve it's global objectives. And of course there are those who simply deny the evidence or have not been presented with this knowledge. Either way, the our society and standard of living has made us entirely too comfortable to assemble and do anything about it anyway. They have also applied the "team" mentality to our society brainwashing most people into thinking and agreeing with the group, even if it means cheating to win. We are also victims of the public education system where another vector of critical thinking is lost.

  44. It puzzles me how people who question the official conspiracy theory are called ''truthers'', so the ones who support the official story are the opposite, ''liars''?

  45. Science and procedure have been thrown out of the window in the name of defending the official story and the "consensus". Kind of like the Global Warming "consensus"

  46. So many obvious problems with the "Official story" that its hard to know where to start……..Building 7 is one of the best. 9/11 is absolute proof that the World is run by a collection insane elitist "Nero" types with the full support of the gormless Fake News Networks behind them.

  47. BARRY JENNINGS (worked in B7, murdered for TELLING THE TRUTH!) said he heard explosions before the towers fell. And he was walking over bodies in B7! What about Ok. City? Sgt. Terrance Weakey was the first Police Officer there, saved lives, then was murdered (tortured first) for his heroic efforts!!!!!

  48. Loving what you're doing. Keep fighting for the whole of the population, not just the victims and their families; this applies to us all. Keep searching for the truth of who did it, knew about it and let it happen (no need to ask why… the answer is ALWAYS money), etc., and let the perpetrators be held accountable. I hope NO ONE that was involved escapes our justice, because if we the people don't get them, they won't get got, as they say. They'll get away with murdering (or allowing the murder) of 3000 of our people who were just trying to earn a living.
    You guys are our last best hope for that to happen.
    Thank you again for all your efforts.

  49. already more than enough info in public domain for the people to act. the people dont want to act. they dont want to leave their comfort zone. wish i could go back to sleep.

  50. Governments decision to bring down these buildings without regard of human life. It was easier to pay for death and injuries Project complete.

  51. I can't believe that almost everyone still believes the official version of the story: study the building 7 case, or just look at it!

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