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NARRATOR: Home Diaries– every house has a story. We’re the Zerbeys, and we’re architects. And we redesigned and renovated our.

NARRATOR: Home Diaries–
every house has a story. We’re the Zerbeys,
and we’re architects. And we redesigned and
renovated our house. We kind of had to
decide, OK, are we going to go to grad school,
or are we going to buy a house? Because we can’t really
afford to do both. We decided to buy a house. The house was built in 1910. It was kind of a worker’s
craftsman cottage. You know, it’s a very small
house, small footprint. We had to make it as
efficient as possible. Being architects, it’s
kind of a rite of passage to buy your own home and
completely remodel it. We joke that it’s
our thesis project. We didn’t have much experience
remodeling at all, actually. We looked things up online. We bought a bunch of different
books on how to do things, and we just kind of taught
ourselves along the way. So now, we’re kind of
into the living room. There used to be a big
wall here that we took out. One thing that was really cool
were the ceiling joists that we exposed when we did demolition. This kind of aqua color is
my favorite color on Lauren, and so, that’s how we
picked that door color. So I stand in front of the
door a lot, just, you know, to make Kyle happy. Cost more money
than we thought. It took more time and
energy than we thought. In essence, we’ve rebuilt the
house over the last six years. And I think, at
times, we did question, did we bite off more
than we can chew? The roof part was probably
one of the low points of the remodel. We decided to replace our
roof in August, which we did intentionally,
because that’s usually the driest month of the year. Hardly ever rains. Of course, by the time we
got all the shingles off, and we had our whole
attic area exposed, there was rain in the forecast. You were standing right back
here, looking up at our house, and you said, what have
we done to our house? And then you started crying. That was the moment
where it was like, maybe we should
have bought a condo. Yeah. When we bought
the house, it was just a one-bedroom, and
so we wanted to create a second bedroom somehow. So we decided to make
a flex room attached to the main living space. So you can open up these
big barn door sliders. It can be a bedroom, or
it can be a home office. For a while it was kind of a
den, and now it’s our nursery. It’s a joy to live here, and
to get to kind of experience this every day, not only
because we like the space, but because we know how much
work and effort went into it. Yeah, we thought it would
make us better architects, understanding what we’re
asking other people to do all the time. Now that we’ve done
all that, we do feel like we just have
a lot of confidence, when tackling a design problem. It was a lot of hard
work, building the house, but it paid off. We love our house. The house is where we want it. We’re very happy,
and life is good.

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