Average Andy’s Best Haunted House Moments

OK. Wait, is something going to happen right away? No, no, no. They never get you right away. How do.

OK. Wait, is something going
to happen right away? No, no, no. They never get you right away. How do you know? Because I’ve done
these every year. [SCREAM] I don’t like you. That’s– I need
you to be stronger. Oh! Real. Oh [BLEEP]! Oh! Mother-[BLEEP]! Oh! You’re big! No! You’re tiny. Go– Oh, no! [SCREAM] I got you. [SCREAM] What? Ow. Go back. What do you mean, ow? You ran me into the door frame. The guy on the right. There’s a guy on the right. [SCREAM] [INAUDIBLE] I forgot which was my right. It’s horrible. Oh! Oh! Jiminy Christmas! Watch. See the head? Watch that hole. [INAUDIBLE] [BLEEP] [BLEEP]
[BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP] No! No, no, no, no. [SCREAM] [SCREAM] [SCREAM] Go. You go first. Can you please be a man? I am a man. Watch over there. Watch over there to the right. Watch your right. Let’s go. Come on, Mama. This is– [SCREAM] You have to lead
the way, Mother. Wait you guys. OK, table. [SCREAM] Who is it? Here’s something. They never do it twice. So now we know, the right. But they won’t do it again. They never do it twice. [SCREAM] You don’t do it twice! Andy. If you’re going to lie to me
this is not going to go well. That’s not supposed
to be that way and I’m going to
talk to supervisors. [CHAINSAW] [SCREAM] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We’re good. Oh my god, it’s– Suddenly I’m in a porn. Wow. Weird / arousing. Not scary again. [GIGGLE] OK. [BLEEP] [GROWLING] Come on. Come on. Come on. What are you trying to say? I live in a closet. Oh, he lives in a closet. Come out. It’s so much freer. This might not be a good idea. [INAUDIBLE] that’s something. Stop! [SCREAM] She’s an elderly woman! Oh! Oh! I think we can al– [SCREAM] What is there? With the [BLEEP]-ing pig! [SCREAM] Holy crap. Are you kidding me with that? It was like a choir of zombies! That is so weird. OK. [SCREAM] What got on us? What is that? No! I’m not going to say it gets to
be more fun every year, Ellen, but Sarah was a real
trooper in there. No, I wasn’t. You were terrible. [SCREAM] Oh God! You rascal [INAUDIBLE].

100 thoughts on “Average Andy’s Best Haunted House Moments”

  1. See im freaking out just watching this I screamed a couple time. Cant never go in id probably fall, roll up in a ball and cry before I get dragged out or have a heart attack

  2. if there was an apocalypse of some sort, andy would survive because it doesn’t matter who it is, andy will sacrifice them and use them as a human shield

  3. Ellen has nerves of steel walking through one of those haunted houses! It’s very difficult to scare her.

  4. 3:16 y’all see that? I may be overthinking this but andy looks like he doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself…

  5. Andy you got a new gig and skinnier but did the but I loved your work on the whitest kids you know. PEOPLE LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE. But has content that is offensive dont watch it. If your sentitive

  6. I have the sudden urge to go to a haunted house and not run away or react at all just to see if they keep trying or just stand there awkwardly with me

  7. Can you please send Andy again to a hunted house in Christmas as his Christmas gift ???? I would love that and it can be also my Christmas present ?????

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