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[music] REZA ZOHOURI: Definitely take this program for what it is. It is the key to your success if you.

[music] REZA ZOHOURI: Definitely take
this program for what it is. It is the key to your
success if you want to pursue construction
management. Ultimately this program
gets you ready to either own your own company or
work for a company and be very prosperous. BILL NICHOLS: The program
is Construction Science and Management degree. The program is a four-year
applied degree with a co-op component. REZA ZOHOURI: Essentially
it builds you to be able to supervise construction,
understand the science behind construction,
understand how to manage it from a project
manager’s perspective in terms of administrative
work, contracts, processing. BILL NICHOLS: Co-op is
pretty unique. The students have to go
into the workplace, will work in positions like
junior estimating positions, junior management
positions on site. REZA ZOHOURI: You could
either go the regular co-op routine, in which
case George Brown helps you find a co-op placement. I went to Construct Canada
my first year. That’s where I met the VP
of EllisDon and that’s kind of how things led on
to me working for them. BILL NICHOLS: — how to
work in team environment, because that is to prepare
them for when they go out in industry. REZA ZOHOURI: I love the
fact that I’m learning exactly what I need to
know to make a difference in my society. To me, when I look at
construction, I not only look at it as a career as,
oh, I get to build things, but I kind of look at it
as I get to build homes for families,
I get to build community centres for communities to
come together. Classes entail contract law,
economics, blueprint reading, estimating, which is very
vital, building science which also comes in handy. There’s also math and a lot of
construction science courses. We’re working actually
side by side with the architecture program. They design the building
and we get to work on the procurement of it, finding
out how to build it, how long it’s going to
take to build it, cost it and make sure it’s
built on time, on budget. I would say the instructors
play a vital role in terms of my choice of coming to
George Brown versus going to a university. Here at George Brown I
find that all of my instructors are teaching me based on
their experience, their work experience and
in construction, nothing beats experience. BILL NICHOLS: When they
leave the program, they’re ready for
positions as junior estimators, project managers,
superintendents. REZA ZOHOURI: If it wasn’t
for George Brown College, if it wasn’t for the support
not only from my teachers, I wouldn’t be here where
I am today and that is very happy and very ready
to start my career. [music]

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  1. I have completed my college now I want to choose George Brown college instead of any other university. I'm international student. so can I apply for undergraduate?

  2. Hi there, am from srilanka I have completed my diploma programme in civil engineering, I wish to continue my degree program in George brown university. Program code is T105, how can I know my eligibility requirements relevant to canadian educational qualifications?

  3. Hi , I am going to take Construction Engineering Technology ( T105) in this September. My concern is about what I need to prepare for the first semester like do i need to have any laptop which is able to handle the hard software like AutoCad or Revit ? Or do i need to use the laptop every day studying or just paper ? Like do you have any quizzes online in the classes which mean i have to bring my own laptop to do the online quizzes in the class or not ?

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