Big Ranch Projects – Remodel, New Spaces and More

hi I’m Mike emails fill my inbox constantly and today we take one of those emails and take a look.

hi I’m Mike emails fill my inbox
constantly and today we take one of those emails and take a look at the big
projects those that you’ve never even seen and probably need a board of their
own on the project list on our wyoming life welcome back to our wyoming life it’s
Tuesday and that means it’s time to take a look at the project list all the
things that need done around here most of them smaller projects one day or
less but a recent email got me thinking about the bigger picture it actually
works out well as Lincoln has surgery tomorrow Wednesday and we’re getting
ready to head down to Casper for that here in just a few this gives me a
chance to give you a little tour of the bigger jobs that we have going on around
here like I said I got an email from a
subscriber the other day and I’d actually like to read it to you because
I don’t want to screw it up so this is from Randy who is just outside of
Cleveland Ohio he writes Mike and Aaron I love watching the project list it
always amazes me all the things that need done there I was wondering if you
had any bigger big winter projects I’ve noticed the project list tends to be
smaller stuff and I was wondering if you had any big things going on maybe
something that we’ve never seen before maybe you can get somebody to help with
them thank you and I hope to see you at the ranch roundup and that’s from Randy
the ranch roundup we’ll talk about that a little bit later but to answer your
question yes Randy we do have big projects going on around here that have
never made it to the project list mostly because they’re ongoing and involve a
bunch of different parts today I figured I’d take you through those projects show
you where we’re at and where we hope to end up with them we’re going to start
over at our garage for an easy one we built this garage as an add-on to the
house in fact if you go back and look at some of our earliest videos it’s not
even here well now it is aaron has always wanted somewhere to park for
uconn out of the weather and it’s almost completely done almost the last step as
with so many projects ends up being the one that takes the longest for this
project we actually aren’t going to finish the interior of the garage this
project is all about insulation I’ve got it sitting over here just waiting to go
up on the walls and it’s pretty easy to do it just takes time I tend to work on
it a little bit by a little bit eventually it’ll get done and that’s
pretty simple one but the next stop we’re gonna head into the house and run
up to the attic what has been storage for the past five years is now gonna
become a office space for the last two years that we’ve been doing this our
wyoming life thing we’ve been working out of a corner of our bedroom I tend to
stay up late at night editing I take my phone calls there i package stuff to go
out to patreon supporters and recently we’ve been packaging beef jerky to send
out of there as well now it’s time to actually dedicate a space to our wyoming
life and actually that’s a good thing getting a little separation work at home
and yes maybe even a little peace and quiet after cleaning up an end of an
attic we’ve been in the process of framing putting up drywall and
eventually we’re going to be adding some carpet in here and it’ll hopefully be
able to house an editing area as well as a new place to come up and do our live
streams we have ourselves a little couch on the way and it’s going to be a nice
dedicated space to do that not that doing it in our family room has
been bad but cleaning up setting up equipment then of course the teardown
process hopefully we’ll be done with all that as we can just set up stuff and
leave it up here our next stop is what has been actually the biggest project on
the ranch and one that you’ve never seen before
well maybe you have from the outside but today we’re going to go in and take a
look around the original farmhouse on the ranch and
what we have going on in there this house is one of the original houses on
the ranch the first part of it was built in the 1920s or 1930s and it was
basically just a Shack over the years it’s been added on to many times
including a bathroom which it didn’t have a dining room and a living room the
garage was added on at some point and even though all these add-ons are nice
they are kind of a pain when it comes to doing anything with the house itself
let’s go on inside and take a look for the past 10 years there were renters
living here and what we left they thought we found that somebody had left
a leak in the basement go a few inches of water stood down there and caused us
to actually have to get the entire basement
down to the studs we had to have mold recovery and prevention team come on in
here and clean up the whole place sand down all the suds the studs and the wood
man what a pain an empty house is pretty much just a waste so we’ve been working
on remodeling this entire house to bring it into this century we’ve had a new
heating system installed the old one was just a single propane heater located out
in the dining room we tore out all the flooring upstairs replaced it with a
wood composite flooring and remodeled the bathroom adding a new bath shower
which I actually had to cut a hole in the wall in the garage to get it into
the bathroom there’s still plenty more to be done in
here and I still need to finish the kitchen new appliances are going in and
I’m gonna replace this countertop with something a little less orange when I’m
done what are we gonna do with it honestly well that kind of comes down to
you we could rent it out again but I’m not good at dealing with renters but
there is one option that might work and that’s turning it into an Airbnb we
already have some furniture that we could get in here and basically rent it
out by the night as an alternative to a hotel room completely furnished it’s an
option but one that could bite us in the butt too so some decisions do have to be
made here we’ll see first I got to get it done a lot of the work in here
actually takes place at night or later on in the day but it is coming together
just not as fast as I would like but that’s okay too as you can see there’s
never really a lacking of stuff to do from the project list to stuff that’s
too big to even fit on there there’s always things happening around here some
I never would have expected and some that are a direct result of what we’re
doing here on YouTube and other social media this whole project has turned
itself into a full-time job and one that pays part-time wages but that’s okay
we’re in it for the long game and we’re really here to help people more than
help ourselves yes we want to keep the ranch going but I guess having that’s
kind of like having the foundation to do something bigger and better erin has
dreams of a low income food hub and I really do enjoy showing people the
importance of ranching and this life I guess and what it really can be a few of
the big jobs here that we’re working on tend to lend right into those values
it’s not rocket surgery being able to do these kind of things we can’t be afraid
to take chances to grow and to learn now if you remember back Randy actually
mentioned in his email that he was gonna be here for the ranch roundup and you
may have asked yourself well what the heck is that and I promised that I would
tell you the ranch roundup is coming up here on August 24th 2019
we’re offering the chance for a limited number of subscribers to actually come
by the ranch buy tickets come by the ranch and hang out for the day I think
we have about a hundred tickets left they start at $25 the chit kids tickets
are ten bucks I do believe and you can find those on our website
wway oming just click on events up there on the top the plan is that
it’s gonna be a chance for us to meet you and subscribers to meet each other
and we’re really gathering for a day of just fun and excitement
hang out with us we have the chance to be you can actually have the chance to
be a part of a live audience during a special livestream and of course meet
Aaron and the family we’re planning to have ranch tours games a band and a
special farm-to-table dinner for all of us here sourced right from the ranch I
can’t wait to meet you if you’re coming and if you already have your tickets
thank you very much and I’ll see you soon
that’s it for today we have to take off we have a two hour drive down to Casper
Lincoln has some pre-surgery stuff to go through he’s actually having oral
surgery so we’ll be there overnight the kids and Grammy are staying here and
taking care of the ranch Gary’s coming up to take a look at things so
everything is taken care of here and it’s gonna get dark here at 5:00 here
pretty quick so we got to hit the road wish Lincoln luck tomorrow and please
subscribe and we’ll check back in with these projects real soon come hang out
with us on Thursday for our live stream at 7 p.m. we will talk about how
Lincoln’s doing and everything else that’s going on around here but until I
see you then have a great week and thanks for joining
us in our Wyoming life

100 thoughts on “Big Ranch Projects – Remodel, New Spaces and More”

  1. good luck little fella hope all goes well have you thought about some form of touristtours using the old homestead as accommodation we have a world class attraction show with sheep cows?

  2. Tell the little man, he's in our prays and this should get him a great Christmas gift from "Santa" this year. All our best from NC.

  3. Prayers for Lincoln! I seen the license plates hanging by the project list. Would you be interested in a tag from Oklahoma? I am a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal member and would love to see our tag up there

  4. Turning the original house into a B & B is a good idea. You start and stop with it when you want. You have enough followers that probably would be interested for a weekend or week. There are people that spend $$ on something like this help work the ranch sort of speak. Wish I could come and help. Sort of a carpenter myself. Anyway, good luck. Prayers with you.

  5. I like the ideal of a air b&b.If it doesn't work out you don't have to evict , that can be a problem. You might like them at first , but 8 months later you might not feel that way. If you rent long term rent to people you know well.And put them to work. LOL

  6. Randy from Cleveland.. I aint to far from you lets carpool to Wyoming and help Mike and Erin with the Big Projects

    Mike and Erin AirBnB sounds like a good idea for the original ranch-house.. Or you could rent it out to subscribers for week at a time… Vaction on a Ranch

    Another idea for the ranch house… Could turn it into like a bunk house style place and have a ranch manager or hand to help out on the ranch…

    People im sure have better ideas then what i got… But those are mine…

    And lastly Lincoln good luck tomorrow… Just think of all treats you'll get for recovering lol

  7. Personal thought on farm house…. air bnb it most of year but let hunters use it during the season. Home away from home. Good luck and best wishes to you and yours!

  8. my family is just changing over their 6 rentals into air bnb 3 x's the income and the air bnb people pay a cleaning fee as well 17K as a rental and normally 75- 80% occupancy in Nelson NZ 42-47K as a Air BNB a big income jump without the legal rental hoops to jump through as standard rentals

  9. Good luck tomorrow little guy. I've been there. My mum used to get us a ice cream milk shake.
    I don't know what they call them there in Wyoming but on the East coast we called them Frappes.
    XX Jo Jo in VT

  10. The old house would be perfect for a ranch hand and his family. You are going to find out you and Erin are going to need help. Especially Erin as she takes on bigger and more prosperous adventures. She needs the help now because the children aren't old enough yet and they need her more than the garden does. Find a family with your shared goals and put them to work on the ranch. Work hard, eat well, fear God and have a love for the land, it's animals and what it provides.

  11. Hope all goes well with Lincolns Oral surgery. Tomato soup will get the blood taste out of your mouth. I've had 5 or 6 mouth surgery. Thought I'd give y'all a heads up about that trick. Take care and I hope that you get to feeling better soon Lincoln

  12. How about letting a retiree and his wife stay there,inn exchange for being a farm hand full time,fixing fences feeding animals ect.Then you could check on the upkeep of the house.Just a thought.Love your videos.??

  13. Hi Mike, Thank you for another great video. We've prayed for little Lincoln. He's in good hands. All will be well. Looking forward to your session and an update on Lincoln. God Bless and keep the faith!

  14. What a coincidence Mike. I use to have a 95 red trans am like yours and now I have Lincoln Mkz. And you have a Lincoln too. That's so trippy. Lol. I wish him well and good health. Cheers brotha. Oh and the air B&B is a good idea. I see it as a success and your followers will no doubt come stay and live the Wyoming life for a day or 2.

  15. Praying for Lincoln! If you go for AIRBNB I would like to stay there for few days to see what’s going on in your ranch

  16. Here’s an idea what to do for the house. You can now offer housing for ranch hands and their families, meaning work hard that pays your rent and their wife/husband gets a job in town to buy their food and ect! Just an ideal

  17. Oh my lil buddy hugs to you Lincoln. I would love nothing better than make it to the round up, but who in the world would take care of all my babies here?. And I wouldnt want to leave Wyoming either. Had a chance years ago to buy property at a really good deal and I kick myself everyday for not doing it. Yall live in mother natures beauty. Squeeze Lincoln tight for me and let him know he will be alright. Till Thursday my friend be safe. Oh yes you and Erin will be alright aswell, nerves will pass.

  18. Hope all goes well with Lincoln's surgery.

    We have been renting properties out for a few years and have switched to property managers as the interactions benefit from some separation. You get a monthly check with monthly operating statements and an accountant ready year-end owner's statement. The easiest of easy buttons. The Airbnb thing may work, we also have done vacation rentals, but the real issue is the wear and tear on the furniture (beds, kitchen table, couch), repetitive full house cleaning, and the rougher use of generally nicer appliances. A hotel has a lot of little moving parts and you would be constantly maintaining them. It would be full during hunting season for sure and if you added some interaction with the ranch, that could drive business during the other months. However, it opens up having to entertain or keeping vacationers busy and I don't think $99 a night would get a return.  It could be a good place to have 1-2 "interns" at a hands-on ranch school, that again will take some planning and effort and may only break even.

    I think, for someone as busy as you, rent it out through a property manager it or have family come live there.

  19. I like the kitchen in the old house….You all sure do stay busy…….

    Thank the good Lord for our Cattle…These flooded soybeans year after year are keeping us at poverty level on the soy side….

  20. on the Orig. Ranch House Project. i don't know much about the Air B&B other than it would work best in an area where there is a lot of people visiting and vacationing all year long . forgive me saying so but, i have been through that area and i don't see it as a huge vacation destination and in the winter it would sit idle. that being said my Wife and I own quite a few rental properties in town and like you i don't have patience for dealing with renters. lets face it they suck, you can't even get them to mow the lawn and keep the yard up. so we turned our rentals over to a rental mgt. company. since we have, we get more money for our rentals they get us better renters by extensive screening etc. and should they ever need to be evicted they handle it as well they take tons of pics. prior to renting the place and collect on damages and inspect the house every 3 months to make sure they aren't tearing it up (more than normal) and collect the rent then issue a check once per month and should you be on vacation and something needs to be repaired they have a repair service as well and will bill you accordingly. for this we pay $35 per unit. best thing we ever did.

  21. Whats wrong with Lincolns teeth? An off subject ?-we see oil wells on your land .Do you or mom in law get royalties?

  22. Hope the surgery goes well and Lincoln gets better real soon. It’s a tough time of year for a little fellow to be sick.

  23. Awesome video! Good luck with the projects and Lincoln's surgery! Have a great rest of the day – Everett the human and Lachlan the farm pup

  24. you could use the house for a ranch hand as part of pay. even a young couple, both could help ranch and garden ect… and get housing and maybe food as part of pay. our whole family worked that way for a rancher close to manhaten mt. when i was a kid. thanks for the video.

  25. Great video, I think an Air BnB would be a great idea for you guys.  I'm sure it would make you some nice money.  Did you know you said "Rocket surgery" at one point in the video?  Not sure what that exactly is…. LOL!

  26. What ranch is this? How much federal and how much fee minerals? What counties is it located? Do you remember Big Oscar Werner?

  27. If I could convince my wife to move out there I'd offer my labor as rent. Of course, there's zero chance of that happening, but as they say, a man can dream.

  28. I wish your son well with his surgery.

    i always wondered when you have all this land what keeps one from just building a mansion for the family?

  29. I really like the Air B and B… you have more control of who you rent to and my friend says the tax deductions are AWESOME

  30. just in case you dont already know this i will share an interesting thing i read in the paper today. its a cure for calf scours. its called SX Calf and the guy who figured it out is Gary Strobel. a lot of MT use it and have done well. there is lots about it on the internet. hope you and yours have a good day. your neihbor, lonnie

  31. Airbnb could be a good option for you – so subscribers could visit you for a couple of days and live there. I think for right now it would be still possible. Although I don't know if you area is popular for airbnb in general.. maybe you'll find good tenants somehow! I wish you good luck with it 🙂

  32. Before you rip out those hideous orange counter tops, check out the U-Tube videos of Stone Coat Countertops. It's amazing what they can do with epoxy.

  33. Firstly, I hope Lincoln has a speedy recovery! Secondly, Mike if you haven't already installed a hot water heater please seriously consider a tankless heater. Not only do you save money (because the water is only heated when it is needed, vice the tank method which keeps the water temp in between a set range continuously, so it is heated-cooled-heated-cooled-etc), but there are no parts that will rust through and therefore you never need to to worry about a flood in the basement. Very affordable too – about the same or less as a tank heater. May I also suggest you install LED lights in your attic – again less cost, longer life. Good luck!

  34. Getting caught up, glad the surgery went well for Lincoln. As far as the farm house goes, B&B would be cool, but I'd look at more than a 1 night minimum. More turnover means more time cleaning/prepping etc.

  35. i wish i lived down in Wyoming id fix that house up for you free of charge and help where ever needed such good people love the channel

  36. tell us about the low number license plate on your truck…i think i saw another vehicle with a low number as well….does it mean what I think it means?

  37. Like Noah Posted below, I too hope that Lincoln's surgery was successful. It's very hard when it's one of your children — it's easier for me to go through something like that than watch my son go through any kind of surgery – He had surgery a number of years ago that could have been, but did not end up being cancer surgery. That's scarry!! The best thing you can do if some surgery comes up is pray for the one affected, and love them just that much more!

  38. the old house is awesome it is a home that could be a b and b but how about a house for a ranch hand to live in as payment for helping at the farm

  39. All good wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery, Lincoln. You are a brave little man. LOL. Miss Paula

  40. I'd sure love to rent that house as my wife and I will be close to home. Colorado. All family lives in Colorado. This house would be a peaceful place for an old Vietnam vet! . Let me know if you that's a possibility! We are in Kansas now and it's a very long drive for us at our age to Colorado or family to come to us. Love watching you and family everyday and keep up the good work.

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