(The sun came down on Blackpink House) (Blackpink’s place is even more romantic at night.) -Are you ready? -I’m ready..

(The sun came down
on Blackpink House) (Blackpink’s place is even more
romantic at night.) -Are you ready?
-I’m ready. Instead of handing out
rice cake, -to our neighbors,
-Instead of rice cake… we will hand out macaroon. Let’s hand it out! We will hand out macaroon. We will hand it out. -What was that?
-It’s cold. We will hand it out. It’s been so long
since we’ve hung out in Hongdae. -Right?
-That’s right. -I’m nervous.
-Our house is so pretty. We haven’t been able
to hang out. My wifey. (Cold but exciting) (Outside the door of
fairytale-like Blackpink House) -It’s really cold.
-Let’s go this way. -It’s cold.
-There are so many people. (Hongdae streets
are full of people.) (People are wearing the It item,
long parkas.) (Blackpink is in Hongdae.) Yahoo! We are walking
the streets of Hongdae! -We’re not giving one here?
-How about here? -Here?
-Wow, it’s Hongdae! You’re pretty! (Lisa and Jisoo
are becoming excited.) (Feeling great) -Why am I’m so excited.
-I’m excited! It’s Hongdae! It’s Hongdae! (Embarrassed) -You’re really excited.
-It’s great! (Who knows why these girls
are so excited?) This way! -Why are you so excited?
-I smell pizza! Why am I so excited? Chae Young is really excited. (I’m sorry.
Our member is very excited.) (First destination,
Cafe in front of the house) I wanted to go to this cafe. -Hello.
-Here? -We just moved in next door.
-Hello. -Next door?
-Yes. Two houses down. -Two houses down.
-We just moved in. -We moved in two houses down.
-Right. Two houses down. We made this macaroon. -We’re neighbors.
-We’re neighbors. We live close. -Thank you.
-Please take care of us. -We’ll see you often.
-We’ll come often. (Next neighbor,
A place Blackpink comes often!) -Hello.
-Hello. We just moved in. -We come here very often.
-Thank you. I saw you girls a lot
when you were trainees. We came here to give you this. We will be here more often
from now on. -Thank you.
-Goodbye. -The location here is great.
-A parking lot is in the alley. Shouldn’t we go
to Intersection Butcher shop? Shall we go there? -But shouldn’t we go over there?
-Let’s go there. Our boss will get mad at us. -We just moved today.
-We can walk here. -Hurry and give it to him.
-We came here so often. -Moving areas…
-We just moved, and we come here often,
so we’re giving this to you. We will come even more often
from now. -Here you go.
-Thank you. -Thank you.
-Share it with the staff. -Where to now?
-That way. (Where is our next destination?) -Your mistake!
-Go to… -Hurry up.
-Stay right there. Why doesn’t police doesn’t know Why doesn’t police doesn’t know Pour more oil
onto my firing heart (What song is this?) (Pour more oil
onto my firing heart) (This love is beyond addiction,
the color of my heart is black) (Since they’re so cute,) (The cute version of the song
is due to the cold weather) (It’s cold!) -Are you having fun?
-Yes. -How do you feel?
-It’s cool. -Isn’t it great?
-Hongdae streets are cool. Walking around like this freely makes me think about
when we were trainees. When I was a trainee,
I really wanted to debut. It was really fun.
It felt like the old days. Walking around
freely like that… I can’t even remember
when I last did that. I think it’s been years
since I’ve done that. We don’t have any time. -Really.
-We don’t. When we go out,
we’re always with… Do you always have to go
around with your manager? -Yes.
-Yes, always. -Well…
-Let’s eat ramen. Let’s eat ramen. Well, how do we go up there? -I don’t know.
-Oh here. -I’m hungry.
-It’s really good. Hello. -Please give this to Seungri?
-Okay. -Please give this to Seungri?
-Okay. (It’s Bigbang Seungri’s
ramen store.) (We are now neighbors.) -Thank you.
-And this. This is macaroon that we made. -This too.
-We’re giving it out instead. Okay. -I’ll put this here.
-This is so fun. We’re walking around Hongdae. -It looks really good.
-I’m hungry. Let’s hurry and order. Could you answer this? (Seungri is making
a video call!) Is he there? -Hey.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Put it here. Put it on the opposite side. We’re here right now. -Blackpink in your area.
-Where are you? Well, we… (He was born to be
an entertainer.) Why are there so many cameras? We’re doing a reality program. We’re doing a reality program,
Blackpink House. -Really?
-Yes. -Lisa, talk.
-Okay. Lisa, you need to talk a lot
on a reality program. Okay, I will. (Laughing) Jennie, don’t act nice. What? What are you saying? I can’t hear you.
The connection is bad. -I’m in Shanghai.
-Oh, really? -Shanghai…
-Wow. We’ll leave this here. Enjoy it. -Have a good meal.
-Congratulations. -Congratulations.
-We’ll enjoy the food. Okay. Blackpink, you can do it! -Okay, Thank you!
-Thank you! Blackpink in your area! (Seungri is being cute
to the end.) -Bye.
-Bye. -This is great.
-What? -Whose is this?
-It’s 34-1. -Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you! It looks so good. There’s an egg
in the on the spoon. (First meal
after the move to Hongdae) (Yummy) (Slurping) Are you okay? Isn’t it the first time
we’re out like this freely? -It’s the first time.
-This is so funny. It’s so fun that we can
hang out like this. -That’s right.
-We had to be careful always. We come to Hongdae very often. But we’re always here secretly
and in disguise. It’s been a long time.
Since our debut, it’s the first time we were out
without putting on a mask. The four of us
are quite different from when we hung out before. It was really fun. -Today was really…
-It was a long day. (It’s the first night
after the move.) -We’ve finished the move.
-We all fit in. (Blackpink is tired from the
move. It’s time to go to bed.) Good night. -Good night.
-Good night. -Good night.
-Have a… -Should I close the door?
-Have a nice night. Bye. I think I can fall asleep
easily tonight. Really. Good night. (That’s how Blackpink’s day
ended. That’s what we thought.) (Yo! Members in the next room!) Yo! Members in the next room! (Of course, you didn’t sleep
right away.) (Who woke everyone up?) (Who?) I think they’re sleeping. Are you up? Aren’t you sleepy? -Everybody…
-The night has finally come -to Blackpink House.
-Can you hear me? Did you fall asleep already? No, not yet? Lisa is trying to communicate
with the camera. Don’t look! (Fell) It’s not as soft
as it looks, right? I’m going to do it again. (Beagle Lisa) (The camera moves with Rosé.) -Do it.
-No. (Moving) You’re really
working hard, Camera. -Should I put this here?
-You’re really working hard. Peekaboo. I’m going to sleep.
Aren’t you going to sleep? (Jisoo and Chae Young
do not want to end it.) -I’m sleepy.
-Then sleep. It’s the first time -since we shared the bunk bed.
-That’s right. Will I be able to… (Will I be able to spend a safe
night with Lisa?) spend a safe night with Lisa? I think Lisa will be on top
of me when I get up. I think Lisa will be on top
of me when I get up. (Zombie Lisa) That tickles. (Like this?) I guess it already started. I brought Nini too. Hi. What’s your name? What’s up? My name is Nini. Oh yo! What’s up, Nini? You look cool, man. Emergency lip balm zone. -You have three of them?
-Yes. -You need all three?
-In the middle of sleep… I’m dry. I’m dry. Okay. (Lisa loves Jennie.) Blink will like
this program, right? Of course! I’m going to be Blink’s spy and take a shot
of Lisa sleeping. (Trembling) Jennie… (Laughing) I’m so happy to be with you
all of a sudden. -We are now living here
-Yes? -from now on.
-For a hundred days. Do it like you’re more excited. (Yay!) (Yay!) Why do I hear thumps? Today was a long day. There’s Chae Young. Chae Young is my roommate. Blink… Everyone, I’ll be
turning off the lights now. Bye. -I still can see you.
-It’s really pretty here. -This is great.
-Our room is really pretty. Let’s turn off the lights. (It’s time for Jennie and Lisa
to go to sleep!) -Bye.
-Good night. This is great. -Good night.
-Good night. (Blackpink House) We’re going to meet today. (A special even with Blackpink) (Surprise guerilla fan meeting) The place we’re going to meet
is Water Light Culture Park. I think they’ll really like it. We must make it for Blink. Everything is working out
really well. Blink will enjoy this, right? (They continue to plan
the fan meeting.) Let’s take pictures of them
with a Polaroid camera. Great. -Let’s go.
-Let’s go. Hey! Hey! It’s snowing! Hey! It’s snowing! It’s raining. -No!
-What are we going to do? (How will
the guerilla fan meeting go?)

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