Looking around to see where to head off to next… There are games here! We can’t just pass out on.

Looking around to see where
to head off to next… There are games here! We can’t just pass out on games! A Game Zone to enjoy a
variety of games… Scary! Chaeng is playing with her mouth ^^; Rosé needs to shout for concentration
(She can be a little loud) Jisoo is…
just bad at games… I must be hard… Games are no fun 🙁 I wanna eat something! Eating is fun 🙂 Girls are exhausted after
playing games Chicken skewers? Beaded ice cream? (The girls can’t find their favorite,
chicken skewers…) Corn-on-the-cob!!
-Candy jelly! Grilled squid!! Should we get it?
(The park is huge with lots to eat!) The girls order some grilled squid. AND some hot dogs. AND some churros… 2 fish cake bars… 1 corn-on-the-cob 1 hot chocolate,
1 smoked sausage Thank you! Uh oh… I think we’re about to eat
everything they sell here. Aren’t you guys already eating
everything they sell here? Can I have a bite, too? You can have a bite, too. What about some cotton candy
for dessert? I don’t think it was enough. Here’s your snack. Calm down. Finish your sausage. I did! Next destination? Let’s go see the orangutans! (Orangutans?
They are Lisa’s friends!) It’s them! Are they family? My family! Lisa always uses monkey emojis. So we always called her monkey ^^ Here is another family reunion
after the girls’ trip to Thailand ^^;; I feel like I’m an animal ^^ Black Pink in the Wild 🙂 We won’t harm you! (You guys look SO threatening! ^^;;) Orangutan Jisoo 🙂 Here comes the real baby orangutan (The filming with animals was done safely with a zookeeper
after taking thorough care for personal hygiene) Let’s move back!
-I’ll sit on this side. Can you hand me that blanket? It’s a baby.
(Who are you guys…?) What’s her name?
-Her name is Bbori. Name: Bbori
Sex: Female
Age: 1 She just turned one.
She was born in February last year. My little sister Hi! Do you want to hold her hand? She was born in June? She’s so cute! (They’re pretty older sisters~) She looks like a girl. (So cute) Our hair color is similar. It must be fate. (It’s fate) (She’s already in Lisa’s arms.) You guys look good together. Sisters Day 1 Big smile 🙂 She’s smiling! (I like you, Lisa.)
She must think we’re funny. (Let’s let the others hold her)
If we move her too much it could hurt. She’s so cute!! (Looking comfy) Her expression…
-She looks happy. She’s just one? She’s so small.
When does she get bigger? They’re similar to humans. But physically they develop
a little faster than humans. Look at her eyelashes. I think we could put make up on them. (Eyelash beauty) We could put eyeshadow and lipstick on her. Only females have long eyelashes.
-She smells like a baby. It’s so nice holding you. Give her one last cuddle
and she has to go back. It’s time for us to say good bye.
(The girls can’t take their eyes off Bbori) Bye! It’s was nice meeting you! She’s leaving. We saw a lot of animals that we
normally don’t see… I feel like my childhood dream
came true! The real adventure
begins now! We’re taking you deeper in… to a place where you can’t
survive without a metal fence. The gates are opening! Gulp! Nervous… Whoa!!! It’s here! Where’s here? What did they see? This is a Bengal Tiger… Hi!
-Wow~ It’s so chic.
Look at it’s expression. (So chic)
-It’s coming! Do you know who I am? Let’s switch. It’s here. It’s above us!
-Mommie!! It’s here!! It’s above us!! (Chomp chomp) (Rooftop eating)
You can hear it chewing bones! Why aren’t you giving him anything? Are we just going? The tiger’s still on top of us. The car stars with the
tiger still on the roof. Tigers have a good sense of balance. They can maintain their balance even
on a moving car. They can shift their weight
depending on the car’s direction It’s so funny.
-He’s so cute. (Cute…?) It’s sniffing at you. I don’t taste good! It’s just like a cat!
-Where did it go? Here is your food! Whoa~~~~
(Her face is frozen ^^;;) It’s almost waiting for the food… Oh look! It’s so cute! (Today’s scene stealer) It’s devouring up the food. (Is it your first time watching
a tiger eat?) It’s really big. (Then come visit again!) Bye!! The next spot after the tigers? They’re just on the road… (Provocation…) Do you want something to eat, too? The lions gather around (You are surrounded!)
They want food. So cute! It looks so gentle! How cute is that! She’s the prettiest lioness here. She’s really pretty.
-I was so surprised. (I’m the Black Pink of this pride.) (Give me another bone) Showing off her arm muscles 🙂 So cute! It feels like a press conference
with all the camera flashes! It’s so cute! The next mighty beast awaiting
Black Pink? Bears!! Hi! (Welcome) (Taking pictures first.) Did it just wave OK at me? It’s good at martial arts. (Cudgel Play) (Amazing!) Where did he get the pole?? (I’m really good at
preparing) Good job! It was real!! It doesn’t look real! (A white tiger) I thought it was fake at first
but it was real. It’s really pretty. They’re triplets.
(Not too close…) Stretching! They’re so cute!
They’re just like cats! Here, have some! They’re really big.
-Why are they not interested? (Not interested)
-Look here! I’m just too sleepy. (Well if you really want me to…) Cute!!
-So funny! It’s really gentle. You’ll probably change your mind
if you got out of the car. (Goosebumps) Unfornately, it’s time for us to go. Already?? T.T Was it fun for you guys? It was fun!! I really like Shin-bi (the white tiger). It felt like a dream.

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