Build Water Slide On Cliff And Swimming Pool Underground

Build Water Slide On Cliff And Swimming Pool Underground

Build Water Slide On Cliff And Swimming Pool Underground

97 thoughts on “Build Water Slide On Cliff And Swimming Pool Underground”

  1. I would do this if:
    I wasn't lazy
    Knew how to build
    Wasn't scared of bugs
    wasn't fat-
    had materials
    actually knew WHERE to build
    I was smart
    I was strong
    I wasn't a spaghetti noodle
    I had friends to build with me
    I didn't get bored easy.

    Sooo… never gonna happen

  2. Alright I actually watched whole thing. Did anyone else hear the sound of shorts being sandpapered to death? That does not look as fun as I expected. Can you say road rash. And broken tail bone in your 2.5ft deep pool. Shit I’m 6’1” 205lbs. I’d come skin smoking down that tube of death like a bloody missile into a mud puddle of slipped discs.

  3. невероятно, спасибо!может пригодится как построить подобные!?))??

  4. In fact, I want to ask you to do this directly on the other side, and after that, do you want to make a bubble, or remove it?

  5. Imagine being his wife. "Honey I'm home" whilst covered in mud. "what did you do today"
    "oh just another slide and undergrond pool?

  6. I just can't get over the logic that says build a shallow pool when you build a slide that might actually go fast for once.. …all the other pools are always so deep and the slides never go so fast.

  7. we used to slide down cement spillways into the river pool when I was young.only problem was that a pair of pants only last about 30 minutes?⏳

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  9. Este video si es primitivo, no como la pinga de eso otro video que dicen que primitivo y usan una resgina pala y esa pinga socio.

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