Building A Super Shelter In The Woods (Part 1)

hey guys it is koybria and todays video am going to show you around my house. and we are going.

hey guys it is koybria and todays video am going to show you around my house. and we are going to start right here. So this is my living room and this is the hall way *Starts tying wood together* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *Bag sounds* *sticks and leaves* aw da d a da d a da wd wad a wd a da d wa d awd a wd a dwa d a w a dwa d aw da wd a da wd a d d dddddd d dd d w a dw a wda dwa d wa d wad a dw a d dw ad aw I’m a wierdo dw dw daw a w aw dawawa w crack a crack *Glonk* *Bang* *BANG* *Cutting sounds* d d wdwawawaw a w ad w d wd a wda wdad wa d dumb dumb w a w a d w a dw a d aw d awd a d wa d aw da d a wd a d wa dadwad a dwa da d a Ahhh relaxing… dw ad wa da d dwa d a wd a dw a d wa d a wdadw ad a d w ad wa da wd a wd *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* stupid man A.K.A super man *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play* *Cool music starts to play*

100 thoughts on “Building A Super Shelter In The Woods (Part 1)”

  1. BIG NEWS: I finally have designed my own survival knife, check it out on my website:
    Thanks for your support: Lilly

  2. Holiday inn has internet and YouTube videos,no bugs, no mold, no spiders… Ice beverages and pizza delivery😂

  3. Так… Чего-то не хватает… А, мужика дома забыла! Ну щас принесу!))))) 🔥🔥🔥👍удивила!

  4. Hy , Lilly ! First time here for me ! Saw You at My Self Reliance Prepping for Relaxation etc , read your comment and Shawns reply to You so I followed You to here ! I had to chuckle to myself when in the finish You finally flew off like Super Girl ,lol ! Quite Groovy besides what You are building ! I might just keep following You too like I have been watching/viewing following Shawns Channel too ! My Grand Daughters name is Lilly , I think that might have been the Magnet to follow You ! Lilly is Ten Years of Age and what a Beauty she is too ! Blond , Beautiful and so darn smart ! No Dumb Blonde there as they(Chauvinistic Men) name the Blonde Girls ! Cheers Girl , keep up the Educational Videos and thanks too for them ! Ciao , Klaus !

  5. Shame it was over a few days, loads of plastic and nails… I’d have been impressed if wooden pegs were used and proper notching.

  6. So you stopped at 7-11 for the Altoids? And the hardware store for nails hinge and plastic paper and insulation paper? So if I have to survive in the woods…. am I stopping at the store?

  7. What's up with all the open shelters and weird little shelters you build. Why don't you just build a real cabin that protects you from the elements and wild life! Such a waste of time. Unsubscribed.

  8. How did you select your site so the authorities don’t object? And did you carry all your tools in by hiking? Just curious.

  9. wow just lost my hole comment anyway I was just able to subscribe using my phone. no other options. must say that I love your videos and I have the utmost appreciation for not only your skills but the highest admiration for your courage in dropping your 9-5 job and pursuing your passion for the outdoors and bush craft. that said. let me tell you about me I am 59 years old an my wife is 60 we live in the Colorado Rockies and I am highly concerned about our life and times. my bush craft skills are very good and I know that I can survive if necessary. however I am having some difficulty finding a bug out location, we live in a highly populated area and although I have hiked all over and i mean all over I have not been able to find a location that shows no human interaction near the necessary items top of the list water. well my question is to make a long story short , How do you pick a bug out location ? ( just referring to a video that i watched were a Jerk said that you can be found) that guy sucks. can you offer some advice? you have a great day and keep loving LIFE!!!

  10. Eh…..not to be rude….I'm just curious about the avowed purpose of such engineering effort. Frankly, I would not consider this a "shelter" but more of a seasonal encampment intended for long-term and/or repeated use. That said, if long term is what you have in mind you need to up your design to a more permanent construction. If temporary is what you have in mind may I suggest you reduce the impact of you "footprint". Just a thought…..

  11. What is the purpose of the wall? Keeping your dog in? Otherwise, it offers no protection from any thing. Varmits can climb it, bears could care less. Certainly no protection from weather. Maybe a tiny bit of protection from light wind. I don't get it. I am confused? I sleep in a hammock with a tarp enclosure and a 40 cal desert eagle. Life is good.

  12. I know when I'm in the woods I always carry a pocket full of nails a 1×6 a tin of altoids and 3 plastic tarps just incase

  13. Lilly~ In the old days they didn't have plastics and heat reflectors girl. You need to research what they did have and go from there baby!

  14. There is no element of survival here! There is no way that anyone in a survival situation would have that amount of plastic!(which is a no no!) and several saws etc. She must have driven to that place in a 4×4 to have all that kit!

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