Building the Ultimate Computer Desk – Part 1

When I originally designed this room It’s purpose was to run my computer business But since I haven’t been doing.

When I originally designed this room It’s purpose was to run my computer business But since I haven’t been doing that for years now I think it’s time for a change So the first thing I wanted to do was design a new desk Thought about buying a new desk but I really just didn’t like any of the designs that were out there Most of the desks I see are horribly inefficient in their design Take my desk at work, I literally do not use the back half of the desk So yeah, in the age of LCD monitors There’s really no need for a desk to be any deeper than say, 24 inches maximum (60cm) And I can only sit in the center of the desk because of these darn drawers are in the way of my legs So I went to Google SketchUp and started playing with some ideas I like some of the cubicles we have at work They are a very efficient design So I drew up two cubicles Now, I share this room with my daughter, so one would be her desk and the other would be mine There was still one problem with this though So one of the things that I’ve wanted for awhile is to have a little of extra space on my desk Y’know, where I can set up a, occasionally one of my old antique computers without sacrificing space for my primary computer So I started working a totally different design One of the important features of the new desk was to make certain that my legs and feet are free to move around So once I was done with the design in SketchUp I decided to draw the design on the floor with masking tape I was able to confirm that the door would still open fine as well as what sort of movement I’d be able have with my chair I was also able to confirm that the largest computer that I own, an Apple IIe, would comfortably fit on one of the three diagonal areas I also decided to add some other interesting features For example, I could put triangular shaped shelves at each of the corners underneath the desk This would be an excellent place to a Mac Mini, or a battery backup, or any external hard drives without cluttering up the top of the desk So, I’m going to tell you right now I’ve decided on a very unconventional construction technique Now, I’m not a expert desk maker, but in a way that gives me an unique perspective because when I walk though a hardware store and I look at things, in my mind, rather than seeing “Well this is what this piece is designed to do”, I can look at it from an outside of the box type of perspective, to say “What can this piece of hardware actually do?”, what can it be made to do? And uh, so I’ve come up with a very different design, for designing furniture And uh, some people who probably make furniture gonna be watching this going like this… but I think, you’ll see there’s method to my madness and I have very specific goals And I have opted to not use some conventional techniques for building desks and I think you’ll see why I decided to use these L shape brackets to hold the peices together, some them weren’t entirely 90 degrees so I used the vice at work to bend them to a more precise angle So one of the benefits to the design I’m using with the brackets is, that the desk is easy to disassemble, I can literally take it apart, and I can move it somewhere. uhm, but the other thing is, is it’s also very easy to repair, should a part break, it’s pretty easy to take that part off and make a new one and put it back on. These shelves that once held hundreds of iBooks and Macbooks, will now have new purpose as well. I’m going to turn them into a museum. So I’m going to be putting on display all of my old computers and game systems and electronics and stuff from the 1970’s and 1980’s I think they’ll be pretty neat Okay, so this will be a two part video, and this is just about the end of part one. Uhm, in part two I’m going to show you uh, more of the construction and show you more of the secrets and interesting little ideas I’ve come up with to make this the ultimate computer desk I’m also going to attempt to give you a breakdown of the costs of each type of material what not that went into making this As well as an estimate of the time So stick around for part two, I think you’re going to find it pretty interesting.

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  1. I think its great that youve done this, currently trying to design a desk that really is friendly to people using multiple pc's, or more like consoles and such. (An actual gaming desk) That's what I want.

  2. Says there's no need for deep desks in the age of LCDs…then designs a desk to fit an Apple IIe.

  3. Instead of L brackets, a corner bracket would be much better because while L brackets can be bent as you did, a corner bracket will always remain exactly 90 degrees.

  4. I hate drawers or wide legs / shelves / support beams under desks. They are so terrible. I built my own desk, that is 3m long, and basically zero wasted space under. It is supported from the wall on beams, and space under is absolutely clear. Only think it is used for is to put a PC case in the corner and carpet.

    Your desk is pretty nice and functional. A lot of space for legs, and storage on shelves. That is excellent, and my preffered way.

    Only additional thing I can recommend is to use thicker top. I prefer 40mm (1 1/2 inch), and definitively not less than 30mm (1 1/4 inch). 50mm (2 inch) is excessive, and less than 30mm, like 20mm is too thin. Making top front edge rounded also helps your arm, and it is easier to do with thicker top.

  5. 0:26 I actually had that exact desk with the hutch in my home and used it for four years when I worked from home. Great desk! Held two 21” and eventually two 27” iMacs, a 32” TV with an Xbox One and Xbox 360, and all my other junk. Had to sell it as I had no use for it much since losing my job.

  6. Imagine being the child of this man. "Ugh dad's making another video how weird can this be?"

    I know this feeling because my mom used to try making coupon videos. Absolute cringe.

  7. I disagree i'm a big fan of desk depth, so annoying that desks don't have enough depth for me, when you put your arms on your desk to use your keyboard, i want the monitor further than an inch from my face

  8. can you do a review of this build, after use few years of use. what improvements you do if you get another chance to make it again

  9. You ever going to link the plans? If your software is out of date you could make a doc full of the dimensions.

  10. I actually disagree with you on the depth of the desk you need, I have very long legs and I really enjoy being able to stretch out my legs underneath my desk

  11. I need a desk deeper than 24”. I use a 43” monitor and I don’t want the damn think up my ass.
    I also designed my own desk using 80/20 with a tinted tempered glass top.

  12. I do 'builds' all the time but just do not have the drive to publish videos of them. But watching this I see him using google sketch up– wow, beats my Adobe AI or my old ver of Corel Draw 10 on another blazing fast 2007 PC I built then.

  13. My buddy makes cabinets and desks all the time Has a larger shop and all reg tools I need.. He has so much scrap that can be pieced together I benefit; 4 pieces of plywood lapped are just as strong as a single new piece. Glue and screws takes time but is $$ less than materials. More glue less screw more time = satisfaction I am sure not agreed by M Jagger. Having people over, where is their accommodation? I have another friend who owns a larger Lumber yard- Big…. Always more inventory than a Home Depot. Weekly, when they have scrap and drop, It is often a heavy haul. I say that some day I will invite them over to my new place built from screws n glue. I can just make SIPS and filll the voids with anything for structural strength not for THE R Value in a California shed
    Did I mention Restore [Habitat For Humanity] has more 5 gal latex paint then I'd ever use, and that they'd ever sell since the 2006 building bust here. SO many materials so little time. Spruce Goose Fibreglass wrapped electric Pedal Bike. Retail $800 or more & ugly mine would look like a Formula 1 Atom and still be legal. But Kool

  14. The 'brackets are not 90degs so they will draw in two pieces of sq sided wood and make a tighter less floppy mechanical joint . It is up to the "carpenter
    to cut squarely and make a box or rectangle come out Corner squared. You may wish to bend them as you have to make parrellograms Or wonky shaped, Bend away,

  15. How can you call it ultimate if you cant evelate it?!
    You must instantly rename it the penultimate gaming desk! (since it fails ergonomically)

  16. Now that I have my own office, I honestly do miss my cubical wrap around desk. I was ashamed to admit that until now.

  17. I still like having 30" deep desks because my preferred ergonomics are to lean way back and rest my arms flat on the desk while typing. Sitting up straight all day irritates my back.

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