Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

61 thoughts on “Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village”

  1. In thousands of years from now, some archaeologist will think that this a site of some sort of ancient ritual meeting place or an ancient settlement. When in reality its just an idea that several friends thought they'd do for their you tube channel. Funny! Just makes one wonder if maybe some other ancient finds might not be the same as this. Who knows really. I mean archaeologist's have found some pretty advanced buildings and other items like the ones described on this blog The blog was done on 21 July 2012 with 160 comments as recent as last year. Things aren't always as they seem. Earth has been here for millions + years and it recycles itself via the tectonic plates and also, the paleo glyph's around the world depicting a cataclysmic event that happened to Earth. To which the Bible also, tells about with the story of Noah "The Flood" (also, described in other religions around this globe too) and also, that a cataclysm will happen again, described in the book of Revelations. I can only assume that other religions also tell the same. I believe its probably a natural cycle that Earth, the Sun, and our Solar System go though. As in ancient times, as in now, and as will in the future. But good one boys! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wowww If this is not THE LIFE ,I don't know what else is?
    I admire your sense of creativity, excellence, perseverance and hardwork ???

  3. this is so funny to watch
    six bros in the same clothes with the same haircut starting to dig in unison after walking like the floor is made of glass (but each one walks slightly differently), the constant "pat pat pat" of the sticks, that one guy halfway into the video who was just punching the wall, all at 2x speed just has this energy about it, ya know?

  4. Someone please support them and get them a damn shovel. Imagine the massive time saved with a few pickaxes and iron bars.

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