C64 Mini Installed In A C64

Hello Computer Cooks and welcome back to the Retro Recipes Kitchen! Well, this is the Commodore 64 Mini or The.

Hello Computer Cooks and welcome back to the Retro Recipes Kitchen! Well, this is the Commodore 64 Mini or The C64 Mini And we all know how cute and adorable it is But one often cited problem is the keys don’t work You can connect, however, by USB, an original USB keyboard Well, this got me to thinking… So then I thought… If you saw my Apple IIe projects, called The Apple PIIe Where I put a Raspberry Pi inside an original Apple IIe and used the original keyboard It’s actually a project I originated in in 2014 If you ever saw the original forum post about that on Mac Rumors I wanted to take my idea to the Commodore 64 and I thought well, this is so small… Why couldn’t I put it inside a Commodore 64 and use that original keyboard? Well, as luck would have it.. Up here, I’ve been storing the original Commodore 64 case Now, this came from the projects where I refurbed the C64 and put it in a brand new C64 C Style case And I called it “Refurbish This!” Well, it occurred to me that this should fit inside there Sort of like Russian nesting dolls But for the Commodore World Now to enable me to connect a real Commodore 64 keyboard to the Mini, I’m gonna use what’s inside this box So stay tuned! And let’s create a Russian… ..nesting Commodore 64.. ..Mini.. ..Maxi Welcome to Retro Recipes! Well, there’s my old case and there’s the Commodore 64 Mini The world’s best-selling home computer ..uh.. mini You’ve probably seen a lot of videos about this so I won’t go into too much detail But here is how it looks on all sides And all sides point to it being able to fit inside my original case It’s interesting though, you can actually see the color difference here I’m pretty sure this case that I’ve got is one of the best kept ones out there So, they’ve added a little yellowing it seems Maybe I’ll retro bright the C64 Mini in an upcoming episode Oh, no! Wait, I can’t! I’m giving it away as a prize! Yep, stay tuned because at the end of this video, you can win the end result of this video Uhh.. Oh yeah, that’s right Well, we’ve proven it can fit inside without a keyboard in But what I need to do to connect it to the keyboard is ordered this Actually, I wanted to do this project way back in April And so I ordered all the parts I ordered the Keyrah keyboard adaptor and the C64 Mini And I was told the Keyrah would be here in May Well, April, May, June past.. still no sign of it So, we have to wrap up this episode.. (doorbell) (and barking) Well, look at that! Just in the nick of time! It finally arrived So I’ve got it here.. how does it work? Well, this USB socket here sends the Mini the output of the original Commodore 64 keyboard that we Retrobrited With some help from the dogs… Using a special technique, in the last episode “Don’t eat the bl.. No!” Don’t eat the bleach kids! The Commodore 64 keyboard connects to the left side of the Keyrah on this long 20 pin adapter And then we take our C64 mini Shown here, actual size! And connect the USB output to that That’s providing it with its own dedicated keyboard There’s a basic instruction guide and it explains where the USB connector is Some of the jumpers you can change for other machines and And how the joystick ports work It’s also got a German version. (German accent) Hi, it’s for Jan Beta! Put that on Gumtree (crashing noise) However, we don’t want the USB cables sticking out at the side of the case because we’re putting the C64 Mini inside So. I need to solder up these internal USB headers so we can connect it all up internally And it’s just four pins, you’ve got your 5V, two data lines, and your ground And to do, that I’m gonna use these headers And I chose these because, let’s be honest, they’re the best match for my life Break off four.. Ah.. so satisfying! Stick them in the holes And just to keep it secure while I solder the underside, I’m gonna stick on this putty just to hold it.. in.. uh.. wait Um.. ..hold it in place You can see them there So I’ve warmed up the X-Tronic, my favorite soldering iron I’ve ever used Get some water in the sponge And it’s always good to remember to clean up your soldering iron using water And this mesh.. look at that! And then I like to use this tip tinner Check out the description below for all the details are where you can get these recommended items Beautiful Nice! Not a bad job Athough, I probably do need to clean up some of those microfibers from the alcohol wipe Ehh.. So, let’s open up this beautiful condition, original case Which I will be giving away at the end of this episode as part of this finished product .. if it works The only problem with this case really is, you can see there at the top right of the very back.. One of the clips is snapped off And that’s right where we’re going to be putting this plate This is the original plate that goes in the case And the key rush should line up perfectly with those joystick ports, power switch, and what was originally the power outlet Unfortunately, the instructions don’t actually tell you what screws go where There are four different screws I did figure it out, eventually What you do is you screw the plate into the Keyrah first using that screw at the top and the one at the bottom Then the whole assembly goes into the case using the screw at the top right corner And the one at the very base Now the fun bit.. Let’s see where we can put this There are these screw holes in the way But wouldn’t it be lovely if these ports actually lined up? I’m trying every combination here But wherever I put it one, of the ports is covered So I’m not going to be able to put the Mini Far back in the case.. like this However, we can at least see that, in theory, the mounting holes for the keyboard don’t obstruct the Mini But I think we should just get the keyboard in there and And just go for it! Hey, this isn’t bad at all! There is a bit of bowing just above the number two key A bit of bulge never hurt anyone.. But all in all, it fits tight and snug! And yes, I did think about taking the Mini out of its own case But I want someone to open this up one day and see that full-size Mini in there So let’s plug it in! In goes the 20 pin adapter connecting the Commodore 64 keyboard to the Keyrah And you can also connect the LED so that the keyboard light on the top of the real case will light up How illuminating! Now I’ve officially got a C64 Mini inside a C64 I wanted to do this.. I should probably write a jingle for it There it is! The Russian nesting Commodores! Matryoshka Commodores, to use the Russian Well, these things are never simple I realized that the HDMI cable wouldn’t fit through the original video port in the case However, I considered that if I connected everything before I closed the case (case slamming) oh.. whoops.. And then wedged in the neck of the cable to the case.. It might just fit tight and perfect And indeed, it did! And this also gives me a chance to connect the USB header to the C64 Mini Probably the most important part of this project.. ..which I completely forgot to do And, in fact, you know, I don’t want to use any adhesive or mounting under the mini because there’s literally not half a millimeter to spare So this way the cable and the top of the Commodore 64 case keep the Mini in its place You gotta set boundaries for the little ones Did I mention things are never straight forward? Then this snapped off This is the mounting pole inside the case What the.. stop coming out! I’m not squeezing you! Once the glue had stopped coming out..I was able to apply it and reinstate the tip Perfect, right? I am now part Commodore 64.. again Dreams do come true! This time I won’t use my finger Clean up our work, get all that glue residue off And then.. You remember the Atari 800 XL extreme reverb? Well, I showed you in that, a method where you can use a soldering iron to mold the plastic back onto itself It’s actually a lot stronger than superglue So now we get to show that method on the Commodore it’s as simple as you imagine Just use the hot iron and you’ll wrap the plastic from both halves onto the other halves And of course clean the soldering iron, good and proper, when you’re done Nice! Now, it doesn’t have to look pretty because we’re never gonna see that again But it’s gonna be strong Well, let’s see just how strong Let’s screw it in! Perfect! Well, there’s only one thing left to try Let’s turn on the power to the C64 Mini-Maxi And would you believe the moment I did that, the TV timer turned itself off! Let’s try this again (giggling) Nice, it works! But what we’re looking at here is really just the C64 Mini What I want to see is if the keys work Now the cursor keys, they don’t seem to be doing anything Let’s see if we can scroll through these games using an original joystick I’ve got a Speed King here But it’s not going very fast. In fact, it’s not going at all Let’s try port 2 Nah.. So we’re gonna have to navigate using the Mini’s dedicated USB joystick So I’m gonna connect that in the back here And I have to say I’m really happy about how the original ports are able to be used here The other ones, I’m gonna leave open for ventilation Okay, so this is working as expected And let’s test out that keyboard properly by loading up this game It’s a game called BASIC Nice! Here we go! A working Commodore 64 (laughter) That’s amazing! That was worth the wait! Alright.. So here on the Retro Recipes Menu, it’s a tasty dish of Alphabet Spaghetti So you can see what you get when you press each key So here’s the QWERTYUIOP row Here’s the ASDFGHJKL row And you can see there are some differences on those special characters Here’s the ZXCVBNM,./ row And these characters are.. correct And these are the number keys when you hold down shift Some of them match up and I did try flicking the switch on the side of the Keryah, but they were still discrepancies Not a big deal and maybe something a firmware update will fix However.. What I really liked was that they were able to get the graphic characters on the front of the keys to tally up and work as expected I could even change the colors of the cursor in the text We can even do some programming Thanks! Here’s where the fun really starts! Oh well, we’ve got a virtual keyboard Yeah, don’t need that But what we can do is save games So let’s save this complex program.. Reboot.. Load it up.. That is really neat! It’s gonna make programming a lot easier And saving the state of any game you’re playing Speaking of which, let’s try and find a game that an original joystick can work with URIDIUM (silly voice) By Andrew BrayBook Now the joystick doesn’t work.. But I did notice the function keys and other things did change the options as you would expect So the keyboard side of things is working fantastically! As for actually playing the game.. we’re gonna have to use the USB. Joystick Let’s exit out and go find another one And I think the key here is going to be.. Pardon the Pun.. To find a game that lets you define the keys And then assign the joystick moves to keys Because in the Keyrah manual, it explains that as you press left, right, up, down, It will actually send a keystroke to the Keyrah and whatever device is connected to it This one doesn’t let you program the keys But at least the music is damn cool! What about Arc of Yesod? Or is it Yea-sod? Well, this does something.. I realized if I turned the joystick around and used it sideways Then I could move him left and right We don’t want to be doing that Star Paws.. still no good Same with Paradroid I do hope that they will release a firmware update though to the Misni that will allow an original joystick to work Aha! This one lets you define the keys Well, at least it said it did Let’s try flicking that switch on the side of the Keyrah Yes! Alright, left, right, gravity stick? Should be up Release Mole (laughs) Down and jump It’s fine and it works! So, now.. Yeah, awesome! We can control this entire game using original peripherals and original keyboard, original joystick Well, ok, probably not a printer.. But the display comes through HDMI, it looks fantastic And you can save the game at any point you want using those dedicated menus That’s not fair! ..I don’t think I’m gonna be saving this game You’ve completed 0% Awesome! Well, I think we can say, Mission Accomplished! One more game I want to try.. one of my favorites.. Ms. Pac-Man Well, let’s see what the dogs think of it No bleach.. there’s no bleach here guys! Why are you..? I think they’re on the hunt for bleach.. Don’t lick it. Don’t lick it! Why are you licking?! Ooohhh.. I forgot! I left there dog treats under there. Well, let’s give them some training.. Useless.. Well, they’ve had their treats, it’s time to give you yours. Yes. You can win this entire C64 Mini in a C64 package Not that joystick..that’s mine But everything else! Just check out the description below and click on the link to enter the giveaway I want to thank you so much for watching this fun little project Please do like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! And hey.. feel free to check out my Patreon, too There’s some fun rewards there! Until next time, Cheerio!

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  1. They would need to bump up the chip count on the peripheral board to make it show up as 3 separate USB devices (a keyboard and 2 game controllers). You could get around this by hand wiring 2 C64-USB adapters into the ports and fitting an USB hub inside.

  2. It's a shame I'm late on seeing this. I would have liked to win this.

    I wonder what the mini sends when you move the stock joystick, when redefining the keys, if anything. Maybe the keyrah could defined to those keys for a "normal" joystick?

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    Ivan: Нет, что "C64"? (No, what's "C64"?)

    Me: This joke won't work…. well, anyways, some guy put in a "C64 Mini", a game machine modeled after the "C64", a vintage computer from the 80s, into a C64.

    Ivan: Круто (Cool)

  7. Your C64 Mini's the PAL; PAL cases were a different color then the NTSC C64s, which is why your case does not match.
    I did not notice you having problems with your TV; is it PAL 50hz rather then NTSC 60?

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  11. I am planning on doing the exact same thing. Does the keyrah work with all the games? I plan on using d64 and T64 files. Will the C64 mini be able to handle them and what about games that have multiple d64 files. Will it know how to go to next disk? Sorry for all the questions. I am new at this? Just want to make sure before I invest.

  12. @Perifractic's Retro Recipes
    Did i could be able to enjoy games like DEFENDER OF THE CROWN that need keyboard keys to play with now with a set up like this ?!

  13. Cool video. I have recently been thinking about putting a raspberry Pii nano in an old Amiga/Atari joystick and wiring to the joystick to allow it to work with the emulated games. would obviously need ports for a keyboard/joystick/mouse depending on the system being run but i think it could be done. Some of the old chunkier joysticks would be more suitable i think.

  14. Can you use an Atari D9 to USB interface with the C64mini motherboard/Linux system? I don't think it works which makes the best way still to use a very small and fanless x86 board + XP + WinVICE the best option still.

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  17. I already knew that there would be problems, on some characters of the keyboard and on the DB9 joystick ports, on the characters do not hope for a firmware update as I have already talked to the product manufacturing company and they only care that the mappings of the USB keyboards from normal PCs, to the DB9 joysticks, the Keyrah makes them be recognized as the numbers of the side numeric keypad, in fact the joystick port 2 uses 5 of these numbers while the door 1 uses the others 5. Moreover the problem remains which does not you can use games or programs composed of multiple facades D64 because they have not implemented the swap disk.

    It would have been better to do as I did, inside the case of a real C64 I put a Raspberry (from 2 onwards), with a BARE METAL emulator (the BMC64) that allows to avoid the use of Linux and to have a practically identical to the real C64, it supports CRT, D64, G64, TAP and PRG, recognizes on the fly both the keyboard of the real C64 and the 2 DB9 ports of Keyrah, and has both HDMI output and composite to go even on an original CRT monitor of the C64. An almost perfect job would have come (in fact I have this configuration but I also have the MINI C64 that I keep as is with a small USB keyboard connected to an HDMI monitor and using a Competition Pro Extra that is supported out of the box perfectly and has the microswitches on all the buttons

  18. The C64 came in many different shades of grey to brown, so the mini has one of the correct colours.

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  20. Awesome. This is my plan exactly and your video answered all the questions I had regarding the C64mini and Keyrah. Thank you.

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    I'm looking for a cheap adapter to use my old 9 pin quickshot joystick on my mini.
    I'd also like a 3d printed mini tape deck with a USB hub put inside it.
    And lastly.. I'm looking for a way to convert old c64 tapes into roms. I made a game on my original c64 and it's now on a tape.

    Great video bud

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