C64 Mini Installed In A C64

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  1. They would need to bump up the chip count on the peripheral board to make it show up as 3 separate USB devices (a keyboard and 2 game controllers). You could get around this by hand wiring 2 C64-USB adapters into the ports and fitting an USB hub inside.

  2. It's a shame I'm late on seeing this. I would have liked to win this.

    I wonder what the mini sends when you move the stock joystick, when redefining the keys, if anything. Maybe the keyrah could defined to those keys for a "normal" joystick?

  3. It sure ended up being a dogs dinner with your original stick not working and the dogs trying to eat it. The AMIGO's Retro Gaming's John and Aaron would have loved that quote.

  4. Interesting video considering I am not a big commodore fan.

    As for dog treats, give your dogs the best. Costco meatballs. Baked or Microwaved, they will love you forever, or until you run out. They are great value and meatier. Woof.

  5. That is awesome! I totally want one of those! It's too bad there isn't a way to attach the external floppy disk drive!. Besides that, this is totally wicked!

  6. Me: Ivan, have you ever heard of C64 nesting computers?

    Ivan: Нет, что "C64"? (No, what's "C64"?)

    Me: This joke won't work…. well, anyways, some guy put in a "C64 Mini", a game machine modeled after the "C64", a vintage computer from the 80s, into a C64.

    Ivan: Круто (Cool)

  7. Your C64 Mini's the PAL; PAL cases were a different color then the NTSC C64s, which is why your case does not match.
    I did not notice you having problems with your TV; is it PAL 50hz rather then NTSC 60?

  8. Forget the C64 (although an awesome project), but I wanna win your dogs. They’re sooo adorable and my kids would love em. 😍😍

  9. dunno how i got here but the soldering iron abuse makes me sad, i would use a lighter in it's place to melt the plastic back together

  10. Since everyone is getting Bob Ross vibes from the videos, I suggest you say; "…and then beat the devil out of it" when you clean the soldering iron.

  11. I am planning on doing the exact same thing. Does the keyrah work with all the games? I plan on using d64 and T64 files. Will the C64 mini be able to handle them and what about games that have multiple d64 files. Will it know how to go to next disk? Sorry for all the questions. I am new at this? Just want to make sure before I invest.

  12. @Perifractic's Retro Recipes
    Did i could be able to enjoy games like DEFENDER OF THE CROWN that need keyboard keys to play with now with a set up like this ?!

  13. Cool video. I have recently been thinking about putting a raspberry Pii nano in an old Amiga/Atari joystick and wiring to the joystick to allow it to work with the emulated games. would obviously need ports for a keyboard/joystick/mouse depending on the system being run but i think it could be done. Some of the old chunkier joysticks would be more suitable i think.

  14. Can you use an Atari D9 to USB interface with the C64mini motherboard/Linux system? I don't think it works which makes the best way still to use a very small and fanless x86 board + XP + WinVICE the best option still.

  15. this is how god designed humans: there's a little humunculus inside every human driving us like an enormous vehicle. and there's a humunculus inside that humunculus! it's humunculi all the way down!!!1

  16. If you can do it, why can't the company? Why is it taking them so long to come out with the full sized C64?

  17. I already knew that there would be problems, on some characters of the keyboard and on the DB9 joystick ports, on the characters do not hope for a firmware update as I have already talked to the product manufacturing company and they only care that the mappings of the USB keyboards from normal PCs, to the DB9 joysticks, the Keyrah makes them be recognized as the numbers of the side numeric keypad, in fact the joystick port 2 uses 5 of these numbers while the door 1 uses the others 5. Moreover the problem remains which does not you can use games or programs composed of multiple facades D64 because they have not implemented the swap disk.

    It would have been better to do as I did, inside the case of a real C64 I put a Raspberry (from 2 onwards), with a BARE METAL emulator (the BMC64) that allows to avoid the use of Linux and to have a practically identical to the real C64, it supports CRT, D64, G64, TAP and PRG, recognizes on the fly both the keyboard of the real C64 and the 2 DB9 ports of Keyrah, and has both HDMI output and composite to go even on an original CRT monitor of the C64. An almost perfect job would have come (in fact I have this configuration but I also have the MINI C64 that I keep as is with a small USB keyboard connected to an HDMI monitor and using a Competition Pro Extra that is supported out of the box perfectly and has the microswitches on all the buttons

  18. The C64 came in many different shades of grey to brown, so the mini has one of the correct colours.

  19. This is half killing Hitler, in 1930, and half assassinating Hitler, after Germany and the Axis surrendered: it's half awesome and half war crime… 🤢

    … or at least what would be considered a war crime, following the ensuing Geneva Conventions.

  20. Awesome. This is my plan exactly and your video answered all the questions I had regarding the C64mini and Keyrah. Thank you.

  21. Another great video.
    I'm looking for a cheap adapter to use my old 9 pin quickshot joystick on my mini.
    I'd also like a 3d printed mini tape deck with a USB hub put inside it.
    And lastly.. I'm looking for a way to convert old c64 tapes into roms. I made a game on my original c64 and it's now on a tape.

    Great video bud

  22. Very cool. Can you use a Sega genesis/megadrive or UK Atari 7800 gamepad/controller on real c64? I think same 9pin. Well since mini in real c64 just use USB gamepad versions I guess. I'm still curious if Sega controller will work on real c64 though.

  23. I just got to install the keyrah, keyboard works perfectly but how do you turn on the C64 mini? The on/off switch on the keyrah does nothing.

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