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CAD makers virtual constructions integrated instruction technology company the kind of experience we create for our customers is fit for.

CAD makers virtual constructions integrated instruction technology company the kind of experience we create for our customers is fit for purpose experience meaning you’re gonna deliver a service and a product in with the 3d experience platform that’s gonna you know make sure they Mack we maximize the value of our time and deliver real measurable results we started the company to solve a problem with coordination and large complex construction projects and the tool that we chose to use for that Louis CATIA with the 3d experience platform we think there’s a lot of best practices that can be leveraged from other industries most notably manufacturing aerospace that we could apply in a unique way to construction problem that we try to solve is getting multiple stakeholders multiple technology platforms 2d 3d and advancements in all those areas to try to come in together in one place and be able to identify constructibility challenges ahead of live construction so that you can put in actionable plans and solve those problems prior to having people on site we use CATIA because it’s very good for very large complex assemblies it provides the most flexibility which is what we need an AC because no two projects are the same both from a design perspective and the team that’s working on it what CAD makers is able to do is using CATIA they will import all of the drawings from the various consultants the architect structural engineer the mechanical engineer the electrical engineer and they take all those separate drawings and consolidate them onto a 3d model that has been virtually constructed traditionally there’s been lots of what’s called design-bid-build design team designs it contractor bids it and then they build it contractually they’re separated and some cases actually motivated to they work well together and that’s very much changing there’s been some movements just recently more of an integrated project delivery work from day one contractors designers were on the same team we do believe that’s going to be more of a trend specifically on larger projects where there’s a lot of risk we start sharing the risk but also the rewards the Aquatic Center is a project where we use the 3d experience platform to coordinate drawings prior to construction and what we found is that it identified a number of issues with the additional time we’ve had we’ve been able to get in front of a lot of problems that we otherwise normally wouldn’t have seen until much later so you have the architect the designers and the contractors sitting in front of our model and walking through potential problems and then being able to crowdsource solutions in the room by having an additional set of eyes and a different stream of coordination what we’re finding is by integrating CAD makers into the normal design process everyone benefits it’s helping us avoid potential issues for example when we’re going on site a lot of the conflicts and issue that we bring up it’s because of the complexity of these buildings and the complexity of the project but having the 3d and actually if it’s showing them these are the ducts this is the wall these are the columns just how everything fits together and this is why your duct is below the ceiling is a powerful tool in terms of just representing the data katti is one of those platforms that has the ability to view on central model and that’s where the value really is my favorite aspect about CATIA and Dalmiya is the idea that you can create scripts you have the ability to take on your own creativity and your own genius to create tools with scripting that opens up the possibilities and actually creates efficiencies and workflow so you don’t end up doing the same thing over and over again and that can be brought up across all the projects for us we like to be on the front end and be the company that figures out the best application of the software it’s like a science to Applied Sciences or social systems is the science and we want to be the Applied Science okay how do we take it and you to solve real problems on the front line for our customers and get the most use out of it and scale that to a larger population

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