Calvary Chapel Sacred Art Renovation Project

[soft piano music]>>On behalf of President Corey and the board of trustees, I wanna welcome you this afternoon to this.

[soft piano music]>>On behalf of President Corey
and the board of trustees, I wanna welcome you this afternoon to this prospective celebration, of the coming renewal, and
renovation of Calvary Chapel. [light piano music] [machinery whirring] [light piano music] [banging] [metallic banging] [banging] [airbrush spraying] [light piano music] [airbrush spraying] [light piano music]>>Well, I’m so thankful
that we could be here today, that you have given us
this possibility to be part of this, I hope, and I
think wonderful project. I’m talking for me, and for Maja, and we feel we are coming
a little bit home here, because we have been
here so many times now, so it’s part of our homeland, so to say. So I’m very happy to be here, and what could you be
more happy than also know that we are part of a
project which is going to be the first time that my
wife and I, we collaborate. We always avoided that. [audience laughing] And it had not to be with
competition or anything, but we thought that we
were two individuals and she expressed herself
in her way, and I did it in my way, so why should
we mix that together? But at the end of my life,
because I’m an elderly man, then suddenly, I felt
that it was quite natural that we could cooperate,
so I’m very happy. It was quite natural
that 45 plates in total that will come here to
university all gilded, and then it’ll be put
on the back wall there and fill the whole wall
out, so it’s not so that it will only part of
it, it’ll be the whole wall, which is very important,
because Maja wants when we come in from the door that
immediately you look, so to say, into the resurrection, because this is what He tries to show in that relief. First of all we thought this
wall should be one big message, and then I thought all the doors
and windows, now everything is closed here, but there is
a lot of doors and windows. There are 32 windows I’m going
to make, and they will all be windows made in stained glass, so it means you will have a
wonderful light coming in here. It’s going to be on that
side, you can already feel from outside sometimes
when the sun comes in it will give a beautiful, yellow light that will reflect all
the golden piece on Maja.>>And so today we offer
this appetizer, this preview, this vision of what is to come,
which is not a replacement, but a new, blossoming of the
same, sacred vine, a retelling in even more living
color and stunning design of the old, old story that Calvary Chapel has always told on this campus. So in recent of Biola,
there has been a resurgence of interest in the public
arts, and I think this was catalyzed six years
ago by the Year of the Arts that took place on this campus. And then the subsequent charge
by President Barry Corey for the creation of a University
of Public Arts Committee. Knowing that public art actually
continues the conversations that begin in classrooms on this campus and become important sites
for personal reflection and even prayer, but
because it has been right under our noses this whole
time, we sometimes forget to recognize that Calvary Chapel too is an impressive work of public art and of sacred art since
its completion in 1975.>>Their work is exhibited
all over the world, in parliament, in museums,
and in many public spaces. Here in the US, they worked and envisioned and created the windows and gilded cross at Cornerstone University
in their Christ chapel. Their work spans from painting,
sculpture, stained glass, tapestry, reliefs, and photography. There’s something special
about artists who create because of what they’ve
seen created by a creator, and who want to draw us to the creator. I believe this is what we need
more of in this modern day. I’d like to mention also that this is the first, fully collaborative project that these two have done together. We should feel very special,
this will be very special. I believe that what they’re creating for this chapel will not just
bring the Biola community to a deeper depth of worship,
but it will also bring the surrounding community here
to come to a sacred space. It truly does draw us.>>Over the years though, the sacred sense of Calvary Chapel has been undermined as it became a kind of
all purpose lecture hall for often significant
events, from marriages, I understand someone here
today was married here, concerts, funerals, to
lectures and other events. With Biola’s Year of the Arts
in 2011-12, students, faculty, and administration began
to see a need for the arts to play a deeper role on campus, for the campus to include a sacred space. In fact, one of the projects
was creating sacred spaces around this building that
year, and that space was to be set aside for beauty,
worship, and contemplation. That space would also
need to include images in this very visual age. We live in an age when the powers that be deny the transcendent,
spaces like Calvary Chapel, sacred spaces, drive a stake
in the heart of that lie. They do it in four ways. First, worship spaces such as this one give each person present the opportunity to release the longing in their hearts for God, for beauty, for wholeness, and to open our hearts to God. But second, these experiences are deepened when they are shared. The bible tells us not
to forsake the assembling of ourselves together,
as the King James put it, for where two or three are gathered in Christ’s name, He is present. And that leads us to my third
point, we’re getting there. Linov says, “Sacred space
is an art form all it’s own, and not only is it found in
all the world’s religions, but it always results
in a total environment, in Christian understanding,
we become collaborators with God, integral parts of
his creation, making spaces on Earth that point to the world beyond space and time, that
can happen in a hospital room with a dying loved one, or
it can happen in a church, where the architecture
and decoration, the smell of incense, the sounds of
singing and music, the feel of wood, marble, or fabric,
the movement toward the altar to take communion, all work together to connect us to time out of time.” We know that the creation of
these spaces mattered immensely to God himself, but the first
person the bible ever tells us is filled the spirit of
God is an artist, Bezalel, whose task is to design
and build all the parts of the tabernacle according to God’s very precise instructions. These Christians worked in this world as the staging ground
for their ultimate home, making this world not only bare witness to that reality, but to mirror its essence in daily life for wellbeing here, as well as hope for the future. Peter Brandes and Maja
Lisa Angelhardt, whose work we enjoy and look forward to seeing completed in this place, are contemporary Bezalels, creating and restoring sacred spaces. So the sacred space of
Calvary Chapel will remind us of that truth, it’s an
embassy of the kingdom of God, it’s an embassy
of the new Jerusalem. You’re in an embassy of your eternal home when you come inside. We are here by a place of learning, but we are not so as floating minds, but in our bodies called
to that spiritual worship. This place that will be
marked visually in a journey from cross to resurrection, is a place where the humility and repentance that is required of
scholarship, good scholarship in our world, will lead
to the intellectual joy of participating in a
world that we know stands to be redeemed, that’s
our hope in Christ’s life. So this space matters,
as a place of worship, and as it’s used also
as a place of learning as we’re gifted to the recognition of our whole bodies sight, touch. This resurrection hope is what
we long for as Christians, and what I believe this renovation
the chapel will enable us to see even more clearly as
we look forward to that day.>>You also have an opportunity
to invest in our students through this project,
as we create a reverent and sacred space on this campus. I think of students who are
in here receiving incredible, biblical instruction from
our world class faculty and those who are in here
for times of corporate prayer and times of corporate worship. As Todd alluded to in his
opening remarks, it is in this space that hearts will be touched. I think about grace and
mercy that will be poured out in this space, I
think of student who might be in this space in years to
come who might hear God’s call on their life in a new way,
students who might realize in this space in the future,
that their faith needs to become their own, and they grab ahold of that in a new way,
and think about the ways in which students will be worshiping in this space for generations to come. So with that, let me
invite up Andre Stevens, our vice president for
student development, who will make a few closing comments, and we’ll close our time in prayer, Andre.>>Thank you. [audience applause] Just say wow, wow, wow. The Psalm it says, “Unless
the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain,” and I think it might be true
unless the Lord renovates the house its builders labor in vain. So it’s clearly evident that the Lord is in this and in you, and we’re grateful. [inspiring music]

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