Can “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Help Us Restore Balance to a Divided World?

100 thoughts on “Can “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Help Us Restore Balance to a Divided World?”

  1. Hi. I know collectivism is bad but have you seen Sharia law and Muslim majority countries? Have you seen how minorities are treated there? Do you know how hindus were killed in Pakistan? How girls are KIDNAPPED, RAPED AND CONVERTED AND MARRIED and when the case goes to court they allow it. Meanwhile if a Muslim gets hurt in other countries we have dress up in hijabs and have to blame ourselves. Have you seen Muslims taking off their hijabs after a ISIS terrorist attack?

  2. Yeah we get it you libertarians want people to see themselves as consumerists and forget any form of heritage they have.

  3. It was one of my favorite cartoons, I loved the story. I was so excited when the final episodes started coming out. I never knew as a child though how important of a story it is, how much of a lesson it can teach us. Now watching this video I do and it all makes sense. This is probably your best video yet(although the Shapiro's Thanksgiving is a close call).

    Jk on that last part

  4. I share your goals, but allow me to speak for the people being admonished here: When an Ozai-like character is coalescing power among the fire kingdom, and openly declares his wishes to purge all other nations from the the planet. What should the other nations do? You have a binary choice here:
    1) They must form their own collective to fight the aggressive collective.
    2) Aang wasn't necessary at all, and the entire story is pointless.

    In the real world, we don't have the magical hero of prophecy. Only a long history from which to observe patterns.

  5. Japan is considered a collectivist society. As well as other similar countries. Do you disagree with that notion? Or do you think that the collectivism they practice is a cause of harm?

  6. Can you cover the cobra kai youtube show

    I just finished Cobra Kia season 2. Can y’all please talk about that show? (Perspective truth, balance, passivity, honor and mercy, flawed characters, flawed mentor, teenagers being stupid at an age where it’s okay to be stupid, differences in parenting in a digital age compared to the 80’s, how when friendships go bad — they go really bad, and what it means to be “an adult, a nerd, a bully, a hobbyist, a enthusiast, and a extremist) there is a lot to unpack but if the show is anything it’s a about perspectives. And I’ve you like avatar, chances are you’ll like this series.

  7. Ironically, you seemingly labeled all 'severe collectivists' as bad. You may claim you didn't, but it certainly looked that way. Yes, I agree that people should be judged by the content of their character, but what makes up someone's character? Ideas, ideologies, and beliefs. I don't think it'd be a folly judgment to claim that Satanists are bad or that all true Christians are better than them. You can't pretend that collectives shouldn't and don't exist. People are defined by certain things and they tend to go with similar people. These defining traits can and do make up a person, and often, whether they're good or bad.

  8. Is it just me or does labeling a group “collectivist” then putting a statement at the end of the video saying “an all other victims of collectivist violence” seem a bit antithetical to the whole theme of the video? As in labeling, judging, and adding an -ist to the end of the word literally contradict what he says the whole way through

  9. The production quality of this series and the message it gives is incredible. This deserves more views and subscribers.

  10. This was one of the best videos i have ever seen on this subject. I Agree with you mate. Rock on!

  11. The Last Airbender was amazing. Korra was terrible being without a clear message that relates to our society

  12. Zuko wasnt told firebenders were superior. He was told the peace, prosperity and sovereignty of the fire nation was a gift to be shared with the rest of the world. The avatar for his honor thing was his own idea. Sorry for being anal about this.

  13. Could u also make videos with Avatar sequel The Legend of Korra, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Netflix The Dragon Prince (probably when its over). Of how they can help us to be better and what elements they have to the problems in real life.

  14. OMG Luckily I have been discovering this episode, which I didn't watch because of buried in my tons of email notifications. I just wonder something was missing in my monthly learning schedule <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. This might be one of the best videos Ive ever seen on Avatar. You really outdid yourself. Bravo👏

  16. Collectivism IS NOT objectively bad. This is such a broadbrush sweeping generalization, that, paired with the beautifully nuanced A:TLA, seems even more incongruous. Collectivism doesn't negate the value of the individual, but places that individual in the framework of a group. It fails when the group is massive and the individual is inconsequential. It succeeds at the family level, and sometimes at the community level as well. Individualism succeeds when it doesn't negate the value of the group.

  17. I'm an anarch capitalist, the most individualistic of all philosophical doctrines. In a anarch capitalism you can form your own communist Smurf village and starve to death as much as you please AS LONG as you don't take other people's property or make by force people to join you.

    Can a person be free if he cannot choose slavery ? People can choose to form part of a group. NEVER must this choice be forced.

  18. I've seen this maybe four or five times by now. I'm not much of a crier, but it just about brings me to tears. There are so many inappropriate responses to tragedies, and in a sea of those blunders, this is the only good and proper way to respond. It not only addresses the tragedy of such an event, but condemns the deeds, points out the heart of the issues, leaves every individual with the conviction to be better, and most of all, honors the victims in what may be the most truly honorable way possible. In other words, It's far more than common words.

  19. It seems like the original Avatar has managed to grasp everyone's attention, from shitposters to communists AND libertarians. If this is not brilliance, I do not know what is.

  20. Hey, you should watch Legend of Korra! It's the sequel series, and the antagonists engage with some pretty political stuff. I think you'd find a lot of compelling material there to write about, especially in the first season with Aman and his Equalists.

  21. Please make a review of Miyazaki movies. "Howl's moving castle", "Castle in the sky" and "Kiki's delivery service" have so much liberal themes in them.

  22. I came across one of the avatar's episode talking about chakras…i loved that single episode so much that i started Googling about the show and looking for options to see it… this show got my attention and m just watching 3rd episode of season 1 …i am in love with this show…

    Such a clean animated series and one who is willing to wil definently find meaning behind it's creation….

    😇 m excited and willing to discuss about this show because it all seems much more than an animated series to me…🧚‍♀️ m glad i came across this show…🙏🏻

  23. So I love that u always fill these videos with hope and it’s always has some middle ground not just one side of the isle

  24. In Australia, we're a multicultural society but a lot of people e.g. chinese, come over and dont integrate, they have a society within society. They put up signs only in mandarin and have entire areas where you cant shop from them because they sell things labelled in chinese and/or dont speak english (conversation ive had many times:
    'him how are you today?'
    nod head 'uh, yes'
    'how much is this item?'
    'you want 1 or 2?'
    Was the shooter saying 'the muslims are collectivists/keeping to their own culture/not integrating and thats bad'?

  25. Incredible video my brother. It really makes me think of the major conflict in Attack on Titan. Which is collectivism as well. The Eldian race is punished and persecuted not only because they can become Titans but because of the alledged sins of their ancestors.

  26. If they just watch the episode leading up to the finale (the ember island players) they should get all the catch-up they'll ever need. Of course most of the jokes will go over their head.

  27. No One :

    FEE : compains about the literal reason why humans were able to elevate themselves above the common animal in the world

    Me : Bro, you just posted cringe.

  28. I disagree with your point regarding Sokka. Don't get me wrong, I do agree that Sokka is definitely very anti-Fire Nation at the begging of the series, but I wouldn't say that he believes all of them are "inherently evil" or that he judges all of them equally just because they are Fire Nation. In fact, I'd say that Sokka, along with Aang, has the best moral compass out of all the characters in the series.

    We see this quite early in the series in S01E10 Jet, where he saves an entire village full of Fire Nation soldiers and civilians and Earth Kingdom citizens from being killed by the flood, risking his own safety and life in order to save their lives. What's more, in S03E16 The Southern Raiders, he was trying to talk Katara out of killing Yon Rha, the very firebender who killed their mother. That's a very strong display of Sokka's moral code right there.

    He also wasn't the one who was most reluctant to accept Zuko into the group, Katara was. Sokka initially disagreed with it, yes, but he quickly accepted it and told Aang that he respects his decision. After they let Zuko join, all Sokka did was tease Zuko a bit and told Aang that this situation was really weird. Meanwhile, Katara was the one who actually attacked Zuko when he first offered to join them and later threatened to kill him if she even suspected that he might hurt Aang in any way. So, Katara was definitely the one who was most reluctant to let Zuko join them, by far. Sokka warmed up to him fairly quickly, especially after their trip to the Boiling Rock.

    Another point to consider is that Piandao, Sokka's own master, is a highly respected member of the Fire Nation elite and the fact that Sokka agreed to train under under him the moment Aang suggested it, with no objections or apprehensions toward the fact that Piandao is Fire Nation. He even humbled himself in front of Piandao, admitting that he's from the Water Tribe and that he lied to him, despite the fact that he didn't have to do this at all. Anyway, all of this are examples which show that Sokka doesn't judge harshly or look down on Fire Nation people because of their origins and background, despite the fact that he spent the majority of the series fighting against the Fire Nation.

    Another thing I wanted to mention is that Sokka doesn't judge Jet harshly once he and the rest of Team Avatar meet him again in Ba Sing Se. Yes, Jet is not Fire Nation, but he is somebody with whom Sokka shares bad history with and has every reason to judge harshly. However, despite the fact that Jet previously tried to kill him and an entire village filled with Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom people, Sokka still gives him a chance to explain himself and what he's doing in Ba Sing Se. Sokka still gives him a chance to help them and is willing to hear him out. The point is: Sokka is not close-minded or judgmental toward the people he shares bad history with.

    Also, pardon me for being this blunt, but your statement that Azula believes how firebenders are superior to everyone else is TOTAL BULLSHIT. It's completely false and it only goes to show you haven't given her character the least bit of thought. Azula isn't somebody who judges other people's worth based on their nation or bending. At the start of Book 2, Azula ditched the entire Royal Firebending Procession without a second thought, in favor of traveling with two non-benders (Mai and Ty Lee) and she had no problem allying herself with the Dai Li, elite earthbenders, at the end of Book 2. She will gladly work with non-benders and benders of other elements if she thinks they are actually capable people. Moreover, she never makes any racist comments about people from other nations, nor is she ever shown to discriminate against them. After all, Azula is a genius strategist and a pragmatist who clearly sees the bigger picture.

  29. It's sad, because there's an entire political party pushing this type of mentality on the United States, for their own power and gain, without care for who they hurt along the way.

  30. Every country needs a few collective culture to maintain a nation or it’ll just be a nation with segregated tribes of people.

    The cultures could be food, national sports team or public holiday for every cultural celebration.

    In Malaysia we all have a shared love for food of all cultures while respecting the religious taste of every race.

    The public holidays are a mix of secular holidays celebrating the nation and its history, and selected traditional holidays of the various ethnic and religious groups that make up the country.

    We would buy food from the night market then eat at the Mamak stall while watching and cheering for our countrymen to win the game so that the next day we can have a public holiday.

  31. Hmm. I disagree with the Randian idea that collectivism is inherently evil, or even more evil than individualism. I don't believe there is a preference either way. Obviously, just as it requires an individual to do anything good, it also requires an individual to do anything evil. It is more often the murderers, thieves, and psychopaths who achieve the most harm simply out of their own self-conceit and not collective motivations. True selflessness requires one to give up their individualism. To help someone else you must care more for them than you do yourself. You must give up your own pride and humble yourself. Merely respecting someone else's rights is not enough to be a good person.

    And I also disagree with the idea that collective identities are bad on a large scale. We must see people as sexes, nations, religions, classes, and ideologies because this is how people actually behave in real life, like it or not. And the fact remains that certain of these collective identities are better than others. Surely you don't think that a socialist identity is as good or as true as a libertarian one? You would rather people be libertarians, right? This is why collectives matter, especially in matters of religion, where the destiny of entire populations is at stake.

    Do I believe we should force those identities, or that people are worth more or less because of them? No. But the identities exist and they can't just be ignored.

  32. Not to start a fight in the comments here…but didn’t this guy’s manifesto also say that he was making all of his reasons for doing what he did up? And that the REAL reason he did it was to just be an asshole who wanted to cause more division in the world? Again, I’m not trying to start anything aside from talking.

  33. To a fan, maybe.

    To the rest of the world, never in any life time. There were many literature and non-fictional books written about these issues, and sadly non of them had come close to succeeding.

    Your only hope is that people just get lazy enough to not care about these issues.

  34. but when that person identifies themselves by the group identity, then that becomes a problem itself….. instead of stopping the judgment of the group… teach everybody to judge themselves as an individual instead… the way the world things is "its us vs them" instead of, "its me vs myself"…

  35. Now that you’ve handled the last Airbender, have you considered watching it’s sequel series “the legend of Korra?” It does a great job at fleshing out the post war world while introducing complex political systems.

  36. "Avatar" wouldn't fly today if the sjw's were smart enough to understand the message it carries. Fortunately it was made in 2005, and today we have Thundercats roar and TTG…

  37. Remember that the head writer for Avatar the Last Airbender was Aaron Ehasz. He is the predominant reason the show's writing was so good.

  38. Collectivism and Individualism, like Society and Freedom, are Yin and Yang, we can't have one without the other. At some point you have to judge people by their individual character and actions, and at another point you need to share a common language and law.

  39. sexism isn't real. women have a role biologically that they are meant to fulfil and men are superior physically and mentally. avatar has a liberal lense which is why the story plays out like it does

  40. "It's not the moderate/reformed members of Islam that are causing the problems. It's the people who ascribe to Unreformed Islam and maintain values that were created over 1000 years ago, and discarded by most of modern civilization.

    It's that violent conquering segment of Islam that needs to reform, not the people who will live their lives peacefully with those around them."

    taken from another comment, that is the exact thing. What the christchurch shithead did is a reaction to what is happening in Europe, the attacks, the rape gangs, all fueled by a thousand plus year old ideology that is evil in its nature and fundamentally cannot mix with the modern western society. He said in his manifesto, that he was radicalized from going to France and seeing the problem first hand.

    This is NO WAY a defense of his actions, but an explanation of why he targeted who he did. He COLLECTIVIZED all muslims as a group, one cohesive unit. Responsible for the horrors the muslim migrants that flooded Europe has done.

  41. Why does no on and I mean no one who talks about this show ever talk about Aaron Ehasz the HEAD WRITER of the show yes Michael and Bryan came up with the idea but Aaron spearheaded the writing while Michael and Bryan helped out in the writing Aaron carried the writing. This is really show cased in how the legend of Korra is poorly written and you wanna know who wasn't part of the writing of the legend of Korra Aaron Ehasz.

  42. I also loved the episode in Book 3 where the gang encounter a dying Fire Nation fishing village whose lake is being polluted by a military factory upstream. It reminded me of Baotao China and the nearby rare earth refineries destroying their lakes and homes.
    It was a good lesson that imperialist countries not only threaten their enemies, but often destroy their own people. Although in Baotao's case, it was not military factories that destroyed their home, but decadent environmentalist posturing by western governments giving financial incentive to the CCP's environmentally destructive practices.
    Oh, Green Energy's dirty little secrets!

  43. Authoritarians are the only people that can be judged collectively.

    You either respect individuality, and individual rights, or forfeit your own at the point of as much force as one makes necessary.

  44. The only parts I really disliked about ATLA were the last few episodes; the ability to remove someone's bending ability feels like one of those last-minute things that saves the day.

  45. The Christchurch shooter didn't even believe in anything in his manifesto. He was just trying to escalate things as much as he could between collective groups because he's really a psychopathic/sociopathic nihilist. He knew that most people would use his act of violence to support their animosity for another group of people.
    TLDR: Some men aren't looking for anything logical. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  46. What that guy did was evil, but he has a point about the religion of Islam, it's dangerous, backwards, and does nothing but bring suffering. And our government is turning a blind eye to them now, after almost 20 years after 911.

  47. "..Michael DiMartino and Brian Konietzko"s…" I think we can all agree those chucklenuts couldn't make this show as good as it was without Aaron Ehasz to remember what "Character Arcs" and "World Continuity" mean. On a side note: if you could find a way to link The Dragon Prince to any topics you talk about on this show, I'd watch the Hell out of that.

  48. Your channel is one of the best teachers of economics, ethics and fucking human decency I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. Thank you for your work and dedication, I apppreciate your every content very much

  49. You reading this comment! please go and bring some love to somebody you may not agree with, love can conquer any division. You probably wont get the same reaction reciprocated, but maybe your kindness will shine through.


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