Ahoj! This is Zdenka. I have a very interesting topic for today’s video. Canon EOS M50 color profiles. Which color.

Ahoj! This is Zdenka. I have a very
interesting topic for today’s video. Canon EOS M50 color profiles. Which
color profile am I using? How do you import flat profile to your camera? And
should you even use it? This is a very interesting topic, let’s discuss it in
today’s video. Let me show you all examples and tested it out fully. Let’s
roll the intro. And if you are new here,
my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer since 2007. I make
tutorials, tech reviews and creative camera challenges, so you might want to
consider hitting the subscribe button. So let’s grab the M50, make sure your video
mode is selected, hit the menu button, select shooting settings, press ok. Go to
page 3 where you have picture style. Here you have selection of different color
profiles. In very simple words, selecting certain color profile will result in a
little bit different color look you will see on the display. For better
understanding, let me go ahead and show you sample footage in each color profile.
First one here we have auto. Second standard. Third color profile is portrait. Number four we have landscape. Fifth one is fine detail. Number six is neutral. Number seven faithful. Eight color profile is monochrome. Number nine under user def one I have
cinestyle which is flat profile. You will not have it on the camera, I installed it there and I’ll show you how later in this video. I personally keep it on
standard at all time even all my colorful Broll from the past videos were
shot on that profile. I find that I like the colors the best and it’s quite easy
for me to color grade. I really don’t have that much time to waste and spend
in the color grading so I want things very easy and very simple. As simple as
possible. If I color grade then I’ll just mainly check the skin tone if it is not
too blue, not too orange, not too yellow, not too green, so it looks quite
realistic and then perhaps I bring the highlights a little bit down and the
lowlights I bring a little bit up to create a bit softer look. Here and there
you might run into situation where you have to deal with very high contrast
scene, where you end up with the blown out highlights. In that moment it is
actually better to shoot log or flat color profile. What it is, it’s very flat,
very low contrast image but it does have a lot of data, a lot of info in it, so
when you actually color grade the footage, you will end up with a better
result. The downside to it though is that it takes a very long time to color grade
it properly. As you already know Canon EOS M50
doesn’t have a flat profile installed in a camera. Why? Because it is only 8-bit
color camera. What it means that if you shoot in a log profile or flat profile,
the image quality will be actually worse. The flat profile is mainly made for 10
bit cameras. If you are interested to learn a lot more about this, I actually
found very good read online, very technical, very detailed with a lot of
samples. I’m including the link in the video description below, so feel free to
check that out after this video. If you still want to install it in your camera,
you can use it for YouTube, I don’t see a problem there or just want to learn how
to color grade or just play with it, test it out, I’ll show you how to do it.
It’s completely free and it’s called Cinestyle. Link to the Technicolor
website where you can download Cinestyle color profile is in the video
description below. Simply go to the website, fill out the form. You will get
an email with the link where you can download the file. Extract the zip file
to your computer. You also need EOS utility program. If you don’t have it, you
can grab it from Canon website. Next connect your camera to the computer, turn the camera on and EOS utility should automatically open. Hit register
picture style file and upload your saved cinestyle. Done. Now you have your
cinestyle color profile under user 1. Well, hit the thumbs up button if you
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questions, comments or simply want to say hello, you can do so any video comment
section below. You know I always read it all and I always respond and I’ll see
you my friends in the next video. Cau Ahoj.

19 thoughts on “Canon EOS M50 COLOR PROFILES and FLAT LOG profile! IS IT GOOD OR NOT?”

  1. Thank you very much for watching. Have you tried log profile? Do you shoot log profile and on which camera? Which color profile do you use and why? How is everyone doing these days?

  2. I just recently tried to use cinestyle but my videos always comes out on a greenish tint, makes my skin too green and yellowish 😣 especially when I am outdoor with trees and plants. Yours looks perfectly dialed in. 🤙

  3. Hello i get so much information from this video.. from your opinion if i want more vivid colors which color profile i need to use? Thanku

  4. Can’t thank you enough for these M50 videos. I bought an M50 just before my current holiday in Croatia and your M50 output has been invaluable.

  5. I believe you have a secret love affair with the M50. Following my instincts and your insights I took the plunge (in reality I have a bunch of EF lenses that I use with my GH5 for video) and I have been using the little M50 with surprising great results for product photography. However I might move to the R series, because I am afraid the big EF lenses may someday damage the little camera.

  6. Hi Zdenka! I'm with you on leaving it on Standard! I have found like you said, not much to do with the color grading, it's really pretty good! Thank you for covering this, and mentioning that you can get a profile if you want. I think I will pass 😉 Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  7. There are many great Youtubers out there but coaching is an art and skill and mam you are the Picasso of it or at least for me. I am new to photography world and I have checked YouTube and internet to understand the basics of it but unfortunately none of the explanation was explained simply, your way of explaining things are simply magical. I watch all your videos and eagerly wait for a new one. I request you mam if you could make a video on color correction and color grading, I am sure there ae many beginners out there who want to learn about CC and CG. Thanks

  8. I just bought a M50 and after watching tons of youtube videos about the camera, I found yours to be the most helpful!! Thanks a lot.

  9. Those first few picture profiles felt so similar to me that I thought you shot a continuous video and chopped it hahahah probably my eyes aren't trained enough to see those very subtle changes hahah but apart from that, the video is awesome!

  10. Wow, just found you. I see you use Zhiyun Crane M2 (?)…..Do you use this with the M50 And is it possible with a long lens the 18-150mm? Many thanks if you have an idea for me.

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