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– I am just going to apologize and give a little forewarning that I sound like I’m dying. And it’s.

– I am just going to apologize and give a little forewarning that I sound like I’m dying. And it’s pretty much because I am. I can’t smell anything. I can’t taste anything. More importantly I can’t hear
anything including myself. So we’re just gonna go ahead role with it. SEMA got the best of me. Airplanes just destroyed every function from like neck up. So we’re just gonna role with it. Have you ever had it
where something breaks on your car or it’s time for service on something of your car and you try to either convince A, yourself or B, someone else that’s
it’s worth upgrading said part versus just replacing it. Fun conversation right? Well that’s what we’re
talking about today. What is going on everybody? My name is Gels from Fitment Industries and today on this episode
of the build sheet we are gonna be going over the best parts to upgrade versus replacing on your car. (intense music) Before we go ahead and get into it don’t forget to subscribe and of course if you haven’t picked up your hoodie yet for a chance to win
some free wheels, tires and suspension make sure you stop over by after this and pick one up. That’s right free Cosmis wheels, free Silvers suspension
and free Michelin tires. Just pick up a hoodie get entered and win. It’s that easy. When it comes to aftermarket parts there always seems to be
a little bit of concern when considering aftermarket parts versus OEM or replacement parts. But that’s not exactly what we’re going be talking about here. In that situation the
conversation usually arises when comparing an aftermarket replacement that is not meant to provide any sort of performance
upgrade or benefit, but to simply be the cheaper alternative for an OEM part. In the case we are talking about however, we’re talking about
swapping things out with a performance variant or something that us as car enthusiasts would enjoy more than an OEM part. And on of the first things on that list a part that is worth upgrading instead of replacing is your suspension. Maybe you were already
on the verge of getting a set of coil overs or lowering springs and now your front-end
has started to clunk and bang over every
stupid bump in the road. Well now guess what bud? That’s your sign. Not only is upgrading your suspension one of the best mods
you can do to your car but is also one of the easiest and in some cases the most
cost-effective as well. It not only changes how
your car feels and performs, but it also changes how
your car looks over all. You get the best of both worlds here. And if your suspension
is already clap per se, why not opt for something
a little bit better? Now I’m not saying you have to go drop a couple grand on some coil overs or air suspension or anything like that. I mean, it’s always an
option But even something like
some upgraded shocks and pairing them with
some lowering springs like H&R, Eibach or even Tein, is another great alternative for those who want to upgrade but also not spend a ton
of money while doing it. I’ve ran Koni yellow shocks and Eibach springs in my Eclipse for years and I absolutely love them. And it is a very common
choice when looking to not spend the price for coil overs but still want a lower car with
a little bit of performance. Of course your not going
to get the adjustability of coil overs and all that, but it was a night and day difference from stock and I haven’t
looked back since. Moving on down the list we get to the good old lovely air filter. Air filters are commonly replaced item in cars whether that’s swapping out early to replace it with a performance filter or just regular maintenance. Now here you have two options. You either ditch the entire (beep) unit of your stock intake and swap it out with a performance intake and filter. Or you just upgrade to a drop in filter. It is truly up to you how much you want to spend with this upgrade. However if you can’t
get away with spending $400 to $500 on an entire intake system is definitely worth looking into. For the most part they’re anywhere from between $30 and $50 more than your regular replacement filter. And they’re usually washable or reusable, meaning multiple uses
out of the same filter. It’s simply making up for the
additional cost right there. With newer cars and even
some older cars as well, the intake designs are
already pretty freakin decent. From the factory as far
as getting a decent flow of cold air from the outside of the car. So something as simple as a drop in filter can make the most out of your situation. Coming up quick in the number three on the list we have a fan favorite and that is going to be
your brake components. This includes everything
from your brake pads to your rotors and even your lines. If you’re regularly pushing
your car to the limits, or if you like to ya know just send her quick down river road on a nice fall afternoon, it’s only going to be a matter of time before you need to replace your brakes. So it’s a great time to
maybe step up the game a little bit with some brake pads and rotors that are meant
for that type of driving or the type of driving that you are doing. Upgrading your equipment
that is rated to handle more heat and abuse is not
only going to last longer, but it is going to handle better as things start to heat up inside the wheel wells. We suggest looking into
what type of material a brake pad is going to suite your type of driving the best. Now whether that be a
semi-metallic compound, a ceramic or maybe even a carbon metallic, pair with some good rotors that stay nice and cool and even some
upgraded steel brake lines to combat against flex and expansion and all that kind of good stuff. You can feel a little more comfortable and confident knowing that when you have to be hard on the brakes that the car is actually
going to slow down. Leading us right into the fourth and final bullet point
on the list for today, which is going to be your tires. Now it may come as no surprise that your car tires are
going to eventually wear out. And when that time come
it’s a great opportunity to get your hands on something better. And that is going to mean something different for everyone. Now Giles what do you mean by that? Now what I mean by that
is that in this case finding a tire that is going to perform well for you and your driving
needs or characteristics. Because guess what? Not everyone is going to
need some R triple eights, or Michelin sport cups. Fantastic tires, don’t get me wrong. They’re not going to
be suited for everyone. However if they are suited for you, we’ll
sell you a suspension, the whole deal. Take this time to do a
little bit of research to figure out exactly what you as a driver expect out of your tires and overall out of your car. Do you need them to
handle all season weather? Are you strictly gonna be
using it for the track? Are you drifting? Are you auto-crossing? Are you going to be daily it? But daily it during the summer? Do you need to stretch your tires? All these things that you have to take into consideration and are all part of upgrading your car’s performance to what you need. Typically if you need
to replace your tires and are looking for a simple upgrade over what you have from
stock or from factory, you aren’t going to be
spending a whole lot more than you would by just replacing ’em. Not true for all cases however, but it is possible. Brands like Nitto, Michelin and Federal all have some great options that are good performance replacement are just the next step up from what the car comes
with from the factory. And can truly make a difference. Just ask any BRZ or FRS
owner they’ll tell you. Because for some reason they decided to put literal Prius tires on our cars. There you have it. A good start to a probably
a never ending list of parts that are gonna be great option to upgrade versus replace, when it comes to modifying your car. There’s something you think
should be on the list, go ahead and drop down in
the comments section below. And of course don’t forget to subscribe. Your in the market to upgrade anything wheel tire or suspension related don’t forget to check
out where we have thousands of not only wheel and tire packages
as well as suspension components like coil
overs, lowering springs, air suspension everything like that. Or just take a chance
and pick up a hoodie. Get entered to win some free wheels, tires and suspension from Cosmis,
Michelin and Silvers. Either way it’s a great outcome. I’m Giles from Fitment Industries. Thank you guys so much for watching. We will see you later peace. Where’s the pseudoephed! (intense music)

89 thoughts on “Car Parts to Upgrade vs Replace | The Build Sheet”

  1. What was your first car mod? Drop a comment below! Don't forget to add your ride to our Fitment Gallery!

  2. In my country you cant even have the mentioned parts on your car, when doing a mandatory 2 year car-check to keep the plates. Only the coilovers with a tuv-permit.
    – So camberarms, airfilter, maybe wheels if they are not oem specced and aftermarket exhaust system if you dont have a DB killer needs to be stock. so thats what we do 😉

  3. I rocking koni shocks welded to stock struts with eibach spring. Eibach roll bars and aem sturt bar. Sitting on 2354517 perelli Pzero as+ tires. My 06 civic handles like a dream. I don't like slammed cars I wanted handling out of my car.

  4. This is Fitment Industries and you guys missed a super important one…WHEELS.
    You can replace your heavy factory wheels with lighter wheels reducing unsprung weight.
    You can replace your skinny factory wheels with wider ones, allowing you to run a wider tire, which can allow for better braking, accelerating, and improved cornering limits.
    You can replace your short factory wheels with taller (or vice versa). Some cars come with short wheels running fat tires and the added side wall creates deflection and creates undesired movement and the tires compress and rebound. Some cars come with super tall wheels that might not be best for ride quality or running a tire that is better suited for the track.
    And of course, factory wheels often have trash fitment. Buying aftermarket wheels can alleviate the need for spacers and allow you to dial in that sweet, sweet fitment.

  5. I upgrade as it fails, but the way manufacturers put parts together can really screw you in the wallet.

    As an example the Lt1 motor found in the 95’ impala or certain caprices, camaros, , and corvettes; the water pump is located directly above the opti-spark distributor, so when the water pump fails and water starts to leak from the weep holes on to the optispark.

  6. Other thing to upgrade: exhaust. When a hole rusts through your flex pipe and the car already sounds straight piped, might as well cut the rest off and weld on something better

  7. I'm a sucker for massive large 4 or 6 piston Brembo Big Brake Kit. People look at my car and they think if he's spent $3000.00 on brakes who knows what he has under hood… nothing.

  8. My first car mod on all my vehicles were cold air intakes!!! but to the point of the video i always just upgrade vs replace depending on what im replacing an also price

  9. HEY F.I. My name is Aidan and I wanted to tell you guys something over email it involves a business that I wanna start and you’ll crap your pants when you hear how cool it is this isn’t a copy paste cause I’m legit typing so do skip this please my email is [email protected] please email me because you helped me out so much the past year.

  10. Also I’m buying a ‘99 legacy wagon and an S14. Cool thing I thought I’d add, I use to live in Wisconsin. Lake geneva to be exact. You guy should go there if you haven’t. It’s got beautiful scenery during the fall for driving

  11. The first thing I always upgrade in a car is tires, even if the current ones are new. I have yet to find a car that comes from the factory with tires that are on par with aftermarket options. Obviously some higher performance vehicles are an exception, but most cars are like that. Also and especially with used buy older RWD cars that have shit tyres and have trouble in the wet, until they decide to put on some good ones. Tyres are the biggest performance improving change you can make to a vehicle.

  12. I wish. I have a 07 350Z, I want to do stuff with it and make it a car that turns heads but im unable to.
    1. I don't make much, ( living pay check to pay check)
    2. I have no experience working on cars so I would have to pay a shop or someone to install it /apartment wont let us work on cars.
    So im stuck with my stock Z lol

  13. Respect man that’s commitment, take care of yourself, no one is going to be mad and blame you for taking some sick days for self care

  14. Can y'all Talk about Saturn's and the history and why they might be a possible tuning platform for those trying be outside the box!

  15. What do I have to do to get the 2020 Supra on your site to run some possible wheel and tire combos? I got the Supra, but all my local shops suck and aren't FI. Plzhlp.

  16. Don’t hate on Those Prius tires. They’re super fun to break loose and when you burn through them they’re like 25 bucks to replace

  17. Nah, nope, NO!
    I’m not touching my stock Volvo air filter assembly/air box, not happening. Volvo has been extremely good at optimizing their air boxes, the most effective air box/air filter assembly for a Volvo from the early 2000 or newer is the original Volvo one (edit: if you have a stock tune or stay below 400hk).

    Of corse you need to change the air filter as stated in the Service manual, but Volvo makes original OEM parts, always use Volvo original parts (If you have a Volvo that is).

  18. Oh no! I need new brake pads..? Well, I guess it’s time to upgrade to a big brake kit with stainless steel brake lines??‍♂️

  19. When I was in the military and I flew to and from home it was almost guaranteed I'd get sick from sitting in recirculating air for 3 hrs. I feel you, homie.

  20. This isn’t a so you want but while I’m hear…. SO YOU WANT A SCION TC! Let’s get the ball rolling guys! We need it now ?

  21. With the cold air intake…wouldn't it be better if it was paired w a tune? I hear different things from having a cold air intake like messing w/ air, fuel ratio

  22. I upgraded everything for my DD FRS with dirt cheap aftermarket parts from China for shits and giggles. I now fear I made everything worse than OEM. ??

  23. Components to upgrade as they wear out: suspension, clutch, tires, flywheel, short shifter and bushings/linkages, sway bars and endlinks, turbos when the OE bearing goes, whole damn motor if you’re a subie guy lol.

  24. I liked that recap! I got 3 outta 4 of the upgrades. The suspension-(coilovers needed badly) is the ONLY one I haven't been able to touch yet. Course, I could elaborate on each modification that I've already done. More $$$ though. I got a big immediate family so it takes a while to get dat money saved. Thanks 4da great videos!

  25. Mine since day1: sports rims, tires and suspension. Must have. Huge difference from stock

    Exhaust, intake and remap ecu is next on my list.

    Stage 1 goals.

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