Cartoon Houses You Won’t Believe Exist in Real Life!

100 thoughts on “Cartoon Houses You Won’t Believe Exist in Real Life!”

  1. I think those are neat. I would to see or live in a house inspired by Goofy's house (Goofy by Disney – Shown the Goofy movies and Goof Troop TV series).

  2. 2:20 You do know that the word "alien" just means a foreigner, right? Someone from a different country. And UFO just means an Unidentified Flying Object.

  3. Can you please add s9me more emotion to your voice you sound like ur bored of your job and doesn’t make me very interested in the video

  4. are they trying to say australia stole that mango!?!?, WE DIDN'T STEAL IT YOU LOSERS, TAKE A FLIPPEN L
    the big famous mango was invented here in Australia by Australians

  5. I would LOVE to live in a hobbit house! And, by the way, BE AMAZED, there were actually FOUR cartoons based on "The Hobbit" and "The Lord Of The Rings." They were released in 1966, 1977, 1978, and 1980, respectively.

  6. There’s a very private and exclusive villa in the south of France Builth in the 60s that looks very Flinttsones – y. I could well have been a scene on the actual lfintstones if there was an episode there they were in a movie star neighbourhood as they quite often encountered famous people over their tv lifespan. It’s called port de la gallery in thoeule sur mer sud de France. I’ve stayed there and no they don’t have automated prehistoric animals doubling for household appliances. The waiters all wear shoes and trousers! But French cars are small enough you could pick them up and drive- walk!

  7. comment if you just want to watch spongebob at your house or like if you want to go to spongebob hotel

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