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We are here re-building the house. There were huge eucalyptus trees here directly next to the “casa”. You can see.

We are here re-building the house. There were huge eucalyptus trees here directly next to the “casa”. You can see that here on the wall. The gap. That was because of the trees. You can still see the stump. And we’ve cut the trees here and wanted to lever the stump out. With a digger. But the digger is too weak and the wall shakes a bit when the digger digs. Actually we thought we were going to be done in an hour or two. But we’ve been working for six hours and it still doesn’t come out. We’re excited, this is our second casa we’re building up. One casa is on our main property. We live in it ourselves. This house is supposed to be our guest house. They’ll be completely alone. That is a bit important to us. That when we have guests, that they have their own space. We want to build this house up, because we want to help homeschoolers, who need to get out of Germany urgently, by giving them a shelter for some time. So that they can see whether they can live here. Or I’ll be for people who want to spend the holidays. Who wants to relax. Who wants to do courses by us. If you want to come to spend your holidays, this is a great place. You have your own house. It’ll have two floors and a big window frontage. You’ll have a great view. Very beautiful! And with a waterfall! You can walk there. It isn’t far. You can bathe there. There is a wonderful bathing place. From next year on you can spend your holidays here. So. Now I’m where the toilet is going to be. And here is the digger. It dug out the hole for our toilet. And our boys are allowed to drive the digger. They are very happy, because “Digger Dave”, the owner of the digger, lets them use the lever. So this is the toilet. It is just a pit. And on it we will build the toilet. That means the view will be gigantic. You’ll have this view. In the background you can hear the waterfall. I’ll go there now. Then you can see it. Because this will be a bathing area. We are building stairs here. My wife makes beautiful dry-stone walls. The Portuguese can build them to perfection and they are pretty important as well. And we build more, I mean my wive. And this will be the stairs. Now I’ll go and show you the waterfall. Or? I don’t think you want to see it. Should I go back? No? You want to see it? Okay. I don’t know if you can actually hear me over the roar of the waterfall? You can’t really see much. It is still pretty overgrown. Although our children always go down here. They always clamber down here. We will build stairs though. We said to ourselves, the guests can’t climb through the bushes, because what you’ll see, wasn’t what it looked like before. That was all overgrown with thorns and our children went through here like wild boars or something. And that is the paradise for them. That is what they call it. Because they say, it is so beautiful when the sun shines down here and the beams come through all the undergrowth. and down there is the bathing are with the waterfall. You won’t be able to see much of it. You need to come here, spend the holidays, then you can see it. You can have it gratis. The undergrowth was as impenetrable as it is here and the digger dug it away. All the way down there you can see the water and if you walk upstream you reach the waterfall and this beautiful bathing area. This will look completely different next yea. We’re pleased and really exited for this new time with guests. We’re often asked, also in the coachings I do. They ask often: Can we come visit you? And that is something we said: Yes. We have the house. We’ll invite guests, who can learn with us. You can watch how unschoolers are living and how self-sufficient families start with self-sufficiency. That was it this morning from me and the sun back there.

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  1. Hallo Line! Wo seit ihr denn da in Portugal ? Wir haben letztes Jahr im Süden Portugals überwintert. Seit ihr im Süden oder weiter oben ? 🙂 Liebe Grüße !

  2. Oh wie schön, wie gerne würde ich von euch lernen! Wie siehts aus mit einem Gast auf vier Pfoten? Klappt das? Liebe Grüße (:

  3. Hallo Line!
    Ich würde gerne mehr über die Möglichkeit erfahren, Ferien bei euch zu machen!
    Wo kann ich mich da informieren?
    Du kannst mir auch gerne eine Mail mit Info's an [email protected] schicken.
    Ich freu mich!! Danke, Kathrin 🙂

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