Chatting with a Flat Earther

Hey I’m Andrew Hales welcome to another edition of chatting with, I’m here with a Flat Earther Ryan Zim Yup.

Hey I’m Andrew Hales welcome to another
edition of chatting with, I’m here with a Flat Earther Ryan Zim Yup Thank you so much for being here. My pleasure, nice to meet you Andrew. Yeah thank you for emailing me. Uhhh…you believe the earth is flat. I, yeah, yeah I believe the earth is flat. The uhhh… Okay I’m not 100% convinced but, but So this, so it’s a little bit up up to debate and the reason why is because I haven’t, I haven’t seen it for myself. I haven’t proved it to myself proven it for myself and so I can’t say that. I know that it’s flat, but yeah, I believe it’s flat and that’s right. Okay when, when did you start believing it was flat. It kind of comes down to 9/11 Oh! so you and you believe that was yeah set up by the government. Correct ,that is I think you know Dream, Dream eskimo and you the chat that you had with him, is a good summary of of of what happened [Yeah] but there’s definitely too many questions and not enough answers. And when you get into the physics of it,
it it doesn’t work and so after 9/11 Well, before 9/11 I was, you know born in
America. I’m American. I was taught to love America and that America is the best country in the world. and when it comes to the good and evil, we’re the good and the evil is somebody else and and after 9/11 that whole mentality kind of switched around. Because.. Yeah, I can’t say that we’re the good guys anymore. Okay. If we’re responsible for that. So so yeah, you got into, started getting into conspiracy theories. Yep And then you saw the Flat Earth one. And I, so I seen the moon, I seen the moon landing and I just laughed and laughed at this. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a video on YouTube for moon landing conspiracy . Okay And I was like these guys these guys have got to be crazy and Yeah and because of 9/11 , Right. I was like, well, if our Government is willing to lie to us about this Ahhaan What if they lied about in the past. Yeah And that’s when I decided to look into the moon landings. And… I clearly don’t believe that there’s any evidence put forth by NASA, to claim that man has actually been to the moon. Okay. Uhh…. Has anyone, have you told your friends and family about this ? So, you know when it comes to the friends and the family, that kind of brings up a whole another point that I want to talk about first and foremost, before we get into the
conspiracy theory. Okay And that’s acceptance, You know I talked recently with somebody with tattoos. And and and he hits on the acceptance, you now, how people with tattoos are rejected or treated like you know criminal, criminals
or less less in society because they have tattoos. And and somebody who believes in Flat Earth, I believe they have that same effect and it’s magnified even worse. Yeah So so the first thing is when I’m talking with you, I’m not here to convince you of anything. I’m not I don’t want to convince anybody of
anything at all. I think that everybody should should be able to have free will and free choice. And… And so when it comes to, In our current society, when it comes
to religion, sexuality, you know where you work, any, anything in life. Right. You should have free choice and free will. Right, as long as it’s not harming anyone. Sure sure, for religion and and and sexuality and all these different things
that come up. People should have free will and free choice. I agree . And so when it comes to even my views or your views, on how the celestial objects move
through the sky or the shape of the Earth I think it should be acceptable for for people to have free will and free choice there and and to be accepted Yeah, not and not be uhhh…. I guess thought of this * and etc. Correct you could find all kinds of videos on YouTube or just in general go talk to people at the University, and they’ll say Flat-Earthers are the stupidest people on the planet Right I seen, I seen a post just recently that
said, “My my coworker believes the earth is flat. Should he be, should he be euthanized immediately or is there any hope for him? You know so and I thought about that I thought when was the last time that people were suggesting you know that another group of people should commit suicide . What’s uhh, what piece of evidence made you start believing in the Earth is Flat, that the Earth is Flat? Well I looked into the moon landings and there’s I don’t believe that that that we landed on the moon. There’s been, there’s a lot of evidence to support that I’m not gonna get into that. You could do chatting with an NASA conspiracy theorist. Right. But yeah… But but but for the moon there’s just,
you know Mankind has only been up to 1,000 miles above the Earth’s surface, other than in 1969 in in 1972 . During the Apollo missions when they went to the moon was the only time that humans have been past 1,000 miles above the earth. And when they went to the moon, they went 200 and forget the exact
number two hundred and forty seven thousand miles This is, its a quarter million miles from here to the moon. So just looking at the peer evidence of what has mankind done over the last since NASA has been established. Right We’ve only gone up to a thousand miles above the Earth’s surface. Except in 1969 and 1972 we went , not just a thousand we went 250,000 miles to the moon and then back. So a five hundred thousand mile trip . Hmmmm And so I think it’s pretty coincidental. You believe in satellites? Yeah I ..I’m pretty sure that you could yeah, yeah I believe in satellites. How do they work not going around
something so like if the Earth is Flat. Hmmm Its like a disk right? Right. They just go like this or… So let me get, let me, let me get a picture and then I’ll, of the Flat Earth. Everybody knows what it looks Right and while they’re on NASA ,well you know I’ll bring up, I’ll bring up this image which you know, if you believe in NASA then those are all images from NASA of the earth. Which one is, which one is the correct earth? Because in this one you’ve got a very large North America. And I can see an obvious size difference
between North America in the different globes. So, so which one so which one is
the correct earth? They all can be right, so… Well! yeah , I think they have made this
statement that they are compositive Right, and that’s that’s the next thing I
was gonna say NASA already admits that these are all composite images Right So even from NASA’s own mouth. These none of these may be actual pictures from virtual space. Right And then I gets you into asking Is there any pictures of Earth from space? Okay But Well, hold, on NASA though, can I read something I found this this really interesting comment, mm-hmm in my little research on YouTube. Okay, to imply that the earth is flat you aren’t just saying that NASA is lying. You aren’t just saying there’s a conspiracy within a single company. You’re implying there’s a conspiracy involving the world’s 71 Space Agencies 13 of which have launching capabilities. Not only are you saying all 71 of those
agencies are lying about the shape of the earth but every single person with them in them is lying or being fooled by their respective companies. Furthermore every single astrophysicists in the world is by your implication as scammer, is getting paid to do research through telescopes and instruments. That would be useless if the world are flat. So roughly 75,000 people are lying about
what they do for a living. Not only is it absurd but even * than that, that NASA program down under the United States government could possibly pull off this sort of conspiracy but the fact that all 71 space agencies around the world, they are also taking part in some conspiracy and every astronomer and astrophysicist, an
astronaut is also part of the same. It just seems that so many different people
are involved in this major conspiracy. Yeah, the.. all the… all the So I guess, uumm yeah… So so so all the companies or government agencies that launch rockets into space. They’re all part of one organization Okay It’s the it’s the Antarctic, the Antarctic treaty And so every single country that launches rocket in the space Also is a part of the Antarctic Treaty agreement Okay, so they all are lying to the general public you mean? Yes yes I wouldn’t say that there’s I know I’m not sure the number 250,000-750,000 people. I believe that the fact that the earth is
flat is confidential at a very high level. The shape of the earth is a disk. Yeah here’s a picture of it Okay You got you got Antarctica that goes all
around the globe. Wait a second that doesn’t work. You got Antarctica that goes all the way around the earth right Right It holds, essentially holds the water in it. And that’s why you find a 150 to 250, 200 foot ice wall at Anarctica. Okay And then the atmosphere essentially goes over over like this. And so so this is this is the atmosphere and then you have the earth under that Right, when I flew to China and then over the Pacific and then back to LA around the globe or how did that work then? on the disk So you just you flew you can
circumnavigate the earth east-west. And here’s what Columbus proves, Columbus proves that you could circumnavigate the earth,east to west. So he set out from here and he went to America. So you can circumnavigate the globe east or west . Don’t they know they’re flying straight though, airplanes , boats they know they’re
flying straight so when they just go like, when they just go like that or
something like to the, to Antarctica when they always go to Antarctica they’re
going in a straight line. Planes never go in a straight line I’m and I’ll show that right here with the with the flight paths. So here I should’ve separated these before. Oh it’s all right ! So we get the flight paths. Alright, here are all the flight paths for all all commercial airlines. Okay Do you see any straight lines? Right, yeah. Now there’s one thing to note on this. Not one airplane in the world will go south of sixty degrees will go south to sixty degrees South because, well I mean a government airplane, would a NASA airplane can. But you’ll notice that there’s not any airplanes that will come close to to Anarctica. So there’s no, there’s no airplane you can’t go get on an airplane that’s gonna take you, down around the southern ice cap. It doesn’t exist you and you can’t do that. In fact , the Antarctic Treaty would would prevents you from doing that and the Anarctic Treaty will prevent any civilian from going south of sixty degrees south The Anarctic Treaty Why do, why do you choose to believe this? Like what’s, what’s wrong with just believing the earth is round like everyone else? I think that’s what we’ve been doing for five hundred years and I think that every time any evidence was presented that the earth is not moving or that the earth may be flat. It’s, it’s attacked by the highest levels
of governments and the powers that be. If the earth was proven to be flat and non
moving. There would be… I’m not sure what would happen in society but there would be potential wars. There would be changes to to
religion. There would be… The earth would almost get flipped upside down metaphorically and literally. What is under how deep is it ? I I don’t know how deep it is. The ocean is one of the big mysterious places Yeah As well as outer space Right So ummm, so yeah it’s hard to say how how deep the ocean is or what else is under there. You’re saying we’ve never launched
anything not even machinery of any kind past a thousand feet in our atmosphere? I have never found sufficient evidence to prove that, no . Okay Like we’ve landed stuff on Mars you don’t believe in that? I believe that Mars is Devon Island Canada and also places in Greenland. Okay And so if you go look at Devon Island Canada you’re gonna find the exact same , you’re gonna find it NASA’s there with Mars there, Mars Mars project
is there. Yeah And they have Rovers there. They have everything they need. And then additionally the first images that came from mars had a blue sky which doesn’t work on Mars and then NASA said “Oh wait a second” they fixed the picture than they really released it and it had a red sky. But yeah the very first image that came from Mars had a blue had a blue sky, which is from Earth So are you saying everyone in NASA is keeping this a secret ? No Okay No, most people at NASA may be even at the various highest levels would would may know this, maybe they may not. But for example if I go to school right
now, I could go to I could go to school for physics and I’m gonna learn general relativity, advanced relativity which teaches me that the earth is a spinning sphere and then I’ll have the degree to potentially go work at NASA and NASA is gonna give me data which I’m gonna plug in which I’m going to plug in the the Lorentz transform the you know the various formulas related with relativity and I’m gonna do my calculations and give back the data. There’s there the majority of the NASA
employees Maybe, maybe if they had a reason to research Flat Earth they may start coming up with stuff. But but yeah I don’t, I assume that the standard NASA employee doesn’t have enough information to know whatever it is. What would it take for you to
believe that the earth is round ? Well , I I wanna, I like to investigate stuff and and prove it for myself. Yeah So otherwise it’s called faith. And when I, when I was born everybody told me that the earth is a sphere. And… and I took it on faith and faith is believing something that’s true without personally having the evidence to prove it. And… and so the number of people I believe who
legitimately know with 100% proof to back it up that the earth is a sphere. I don’t think there’s that many and and you can look at the sky and look at the
stars and the planets and make your own deduction but Albert Einstein himself said that there’s no way to know whether an object is at rest or if the object
around us is moving Right And so I don’t, I forget the exact quote but Albert
Einstein’s quote was ” In the early days the struggle between Ptolemy and Copernicus”, which is the struggle between somebody who believes Flat Earth and Sphere Earth Heliocentric and the Geocentric. Okay right The, so the struggle so early in in the early days between Ptolemy and Copernicus is irrelevant because either coordinate system can be used with equal justification. Right So so if somebody is telling me that I know the earth is a sphere because I could look up in the
sky and see it. I would say then you must be better than, you must be smarter than Albert Einstein because Albert Einstein from his own mouth said “It’s it’s impossible to determine which one is which”. See this line up here where it is where the roof goes across and you can see a straight line Right I’m gonna look at that line right now, try the same thing look at that straight line Right, it’s curvy So do you know for a fact that that the roof is straight? No, well I mean What ,do u know that wooden board appears straight Yes i do , yeah We could put a level on it and it will be level. Yeah yeah, yeah. So when you look through the prism uh-huh What shape was it? The same shape as the Earth from space? That’s funny, did you purposely wear that shirt ? I did Yeah, that’s awesome And you’ll also notice that this
album came out in 1973 , right after the moon landings and it’s
called the Dark Side of the Moon . Yeah And it shows a prism with light refracting through it. If you study that you’ll understand that Pete Floyd was very intelligent. Wow They do have secrets in their music. Oh I didn’t know that But you know for a fact that that’s a straight line, right ? Ummm yeah. And when you look through this it made the shape of Earth from space, correct ? Okay Do you know why that happened ? umm-hmm It’s because you look through a
medium umm hmm in which light cannot travel in a perfectly straight path. Okay, the planets, everything’s round, the earth is round, the moon is round. Why is the earth not round ? Even atoms are round like electrons are round. Right The earth is not round, why ? Well, Why why are we special ? You , you see everything that’s above the horizon line Okay Which is too far away to see, mm-hmm because if it’s within if it’s below the horizon line , it’s close enough for you to see and if it’s beyond the horizon line, it’s too far away to see physical objects that are here on earth . Now objects that put off light like the Sun or the planets that light could come directly to, from the Sun to our eyeballs, so we could look up and see it. And in that case it’s not too far away to see. We can see objects that are a long ways away. But the point is that everything above the horizon line is a perfect circle. hmm Stars unless you get a telescope and you zoom in on. Stars, planets everything is a perfect circle. So outer space is a thing you believe in the universe, you believe in other galaxies? No No No , I don’t No, I don’t think there’s other galaxies. No There, there could there could be perhaps other worlds and and you know But they’re not galaxies in the way that that we’re told. Okay Everything above everything above the horizon line is this shape right here. Right Now when you study why that is ? It’s possible that, Has to do with the light? What you’re seeing above the horizon line is your eyeball interpreting something and it’s not the physical form of it. Okay So here is the earth from space and as you can see it’s obviously taking the same exact shape that you’ve seen when you look through the prism, of an object do you know for a fact is flat. Okay So this one you can see a curve. mm-hmm This is a, this is a convex shape Well , I mean yeah first of all we can we can look at pictures all day but they could be photo shopped, you know right ? Well, these aren’t photo shopped. They’re, they’re I mean they’re not there these from GoPros official channel Unless Gopro Photoshop them. Yeah Which means GoPro believes in Flat Earth
and they’re trying to convince it was flat. Right and like and then you said yourself like who can I trust I want need to know myself. Well ! So how do you even learn anything if everything you I mean everything else you’ve learned is from someone else, right? Right, right. In this case I got images from GoPro and I got images from an iPad, a company that makes iPad cases mm-hmm and they put an iPad up in space and the dropped it to show how strong your iPad case is. Hmm So both both the GoPro and the iPad company show the same exact thing. One you see a curver vert and a second one you see a completely flat line Hmm and a third one you see a u-shaped with upturned edges. Okay So, so my question is which one is right? I don’t know. Is it the one with the upturned edges? I doubt it. because then we live on it on a bowl-shaped earth. Is it the one with a, with a flat horizon? Or is it the one with the curved shaped horizon? Hmm It certainly can’t be the one with the curved shape horizon. How do you explain eclipses ? Well solar eclipse is easy. Ohh! I guess it’s the same. Lunar eclipse Its the same thing with the corner Lunar eclipse gets, gets pretty difficult. Yeah And So, lunar eclipse is this right here. There’s a lunar eclipse. Right So this is supposedly the empirical evidence that proves that earth is a sphere. That’s spinning around. Right, because it’s curving. You got the shadow you got the shadow of the curvy earth. Right Okay And then and it turns red in the middle. mm-hmm Which… Which is a, which is a…is a different different topic. But I’ll just I’ll stay on top of your, lunar eclipses . Okay We got yeah you see that you see the shape of the earth , Yeah and it’s a clip seen and it’s a
clip seeing the moon Right I don’t have a an answer for exactly how the lunar eclipse works. That’s a pretty hard question. It’s also a pretty hard question to answer on, on, on the sphere earth. But there’s a pretty good answer for that And, and, and it, and it works pretty well. What I will say is that, if there is a dome that’s over that that’s over the earth. The atmosphere in essence. Mm-hmm Then that shadow could could also be the shadow that is on the moon. Hmm Shadows can be flipped horizontally,
vertically. Right and this shadow could with its curve, come from the dome. Do you, do you believe in aliens ? No. Do you believe in God? Well ! I God’s a God’s a question that is an interesting topic. But when it comes to science it’s completely irrelevant. And I don’t think God and Science should be mixed. Okay I think religion and science should be two
separate things. And the Flat Earth a lot of times people want to bring religion into it. And say talk about studying the Bible or ancient texts or what not. And and I I want I personally don’t agree with that. I think that science and religion should be separated and not combined in one. What do you think of the matrix? What do I think of the matrix , it’s a cool movie. Elon Musk said that perhaps we’re living in a simulation. So…let me ask you this if there’s so much hate for flat-earthers because we’re all so stupid. But Elon Musk himself says that, “Perhaps we’re living in a simulation”. Mm-hmm Well, if we’re living in a simulation it would be extremely easy to give one AI me a Flat Earth and give another AI a sphere earth. Hmmm There will be no difference . Yeah And so we are living in a simulation then who’s to say that, that some of us have been programmed with the Flat Earth and some of us have been programmed with the sphere earth and so… The earth is flat, how come I can’t see Spain from here? Well, we’ve touched on this a little bit but you remember that light comes from
the Sun and it has to go through our atmosphere mm-hmm and it has to hit Spain and then it has to bounce off of Spain in every direction and then it has to get to your eyeball Yeah Earth is flat, so it makes sense, yeah, I could see Spain because it’s flat and it’s just over there you know . Right, but you forgot that that light is traveling through a medium which is called the atmosphere and the closer you get to earth, the denser the atmosphere becomes and the slower light travels. And because of that I’m not gonna get into
the physics of it but as light slows down and also if you believe Einstein’s
general theory of relativity you also believe that light is affected by
gravitational forces. So not only is light slowing down as its traveling through our atmosphere it’s also being pulled by gravity. A light beam that’s coming from the Sun to the earth mm-hmm is bent six times by atmospheric refraction and then … it’s a mountain or Spain , mm-hmm and it’s reflect the lights reflected in every direction . Okay Now the light is being affected by terrestrial refraction. The lights already traveled from the Sun to the earth so the earth is now lit, so we can see it because it has light shining on it. So now that now that light has to travel from Spain or the mountain, all the way across the surface of the earth
to our eyeball Now while that light trap is beam is traveling from Spain to your eyeball it’s being affected by what’s called terrestrial refraction. The light beam is being drawn but in with the gravity field. if you believe Einstein’s theory of relativity. mm-hmm And it’s also being slowed down because
of the density of the atmosphere. So a light beam that comes from the Sun hits Spain and starts traveling towards your eye is going to take a curve like this and it’s going to eventually hit the ground a long time before it ever has a chance to reach your eyeball. It would be impossible to see Spain from here because light does not travel in straight lines in our atmosphere or on the surface of earth . Light travels in curves. Hmm Humanity knows so much about the way things work that some people just get bored in our resistance to the banale, banale facts of life ,we have we crave for something new. We want to feel like there’s some unsolved mystery Or that there’s some villain looking behind the curtain. So many people throw themselves into various conspiracy theories like the Flat Earth conspiracy. What do you think of, what would you say to that ? I don’t know, I don’t know what’s I mean I don’t know what’s more exciting I guess, exploring an endless universe of universes that go forever or or being confined to a dome Flat Earth. They both give you know kind of equal opportunities for for excitement and new discovery. Oh no, it’s really exciting if yeah, if its all is a huge hoax and NASA’s a huge hoax and like that’s a huge like lie or whatever, like that’s that’s a lot more interesting than just you know, Yeah I guess that’s true, that’s true, ummmm So I… Maybe maybe that fuels the conspiracy theories [Yeah] and you know, Do I want to find some undiscovered land
that’s you know, I don’t I’m not sure. That that’s really what’s driving driving my my interest. I guess you know like I said there was 9/11. I realized that the
government does lie. Mm-hmm Then I tried to define the depths of the
lies and when it got down to it, when I was studying the eyeballs and the
atmosphere mm-hmm I couldn’t come to no other conclusion that that the you know that the curve that we see is formed by the light as it’s traveling through our atmosphere and of course we can pull out a telescope and see Antarctica because the light beam will never make it to the lens of the telescope it’s it will hit earth. Any last words? NASA is supposed to be, well NASA is an
executive branch of the U.S. Government. Okay And supposedly it’s called the citizens space program but I don’t know too many citizens that are involved in it. Mostly it becomes you know Government employees or what not . So you know and I’m gonna quote Carl Sagan here but “We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology. And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces hmm I mean who in our democracy is running the Science and Technology if the people don’t know anything about it and and so I think that Flat Earth is a
product of this combustible mixture of power and ignorance when it comes to the space program. What do you do for fun? I like to Skateboard, Snowboard. I’m a Software Engineer. So I do a lot of programming. I teach programming on YouTube Oh yeah you want to start up your channel? Yeah I got a I got Its a under phase game Yeah ya yup and then I also have a music channel so I’ll give the… Sure yeah I’ll do a music channel with my son. So I’ll give, will give a share of stay away music. Cool [Music]

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