CLG HyperX Gaming House Tour

♬ Hey, what’s up? Hello! ♬ -This is Moji. -The best dog in the world. And you can see all.

♬ Hey, what’s up? Hello! ♬ -This is Moji.
-The best dog in the world. And you can see all of the shoes we have. -17 gamers in one house.
-I thought it was 16. Sorry, my math was a little off.
16 gamers one house can be very hectic. Here is the room of Doublelift (Peter).
What, what are you doing? Greetings. I’m doing yoga. -Can you show me a new position?
-Yes, it’s called doggie style! This is Tarik and ReltuC’s room.
What are you guys doing? Can I join? Oh, this is nice. -This is Pobelter’s room. What are you doing? One of my past times,
I reading a book. That is great! Build your knowledge. Look at that view of the pool! -What’s going on here?
-Doing pushups. -…92, 93, 94, 95
-This is FNS & jdm64’s room. He is the doing those pushups. We have shown you the upstairs. Now we shall go downstairs. Here is our hobbit hole. We keep is locked because
he can crazy sometimes. Here is the master bedroom. Hi Jake. What are you
doing on the computer? Is this your first time here? I never seen
your bedframe. And this is Thomas’s bed. He finally got some covers bed covers. Here is the master bathroom. It is very nice. It has a walk-in shower. I think I have showered in here before. -What is this?
-It is called a bidet. -How do you work it?
-Oh no! Jesus! Ok, I do not want to shoot water in my butt. George is not here so we will look at his room. He has a nice Dango right here. That is so cute! Let me touch it. Let is see the rest of the main house. -Halo?
-Hey Tom. He is the best
Halo 2 player ever. BR’ing a 3 shot! Darshan does not know
what he is talking about. I don’t know that map. That is the Isolation map, correct? Or something else? Ok, just stop. You are wrong. Let’s go. This is the CS:GO room. We also have this bar but
we never use it to make and server drinks. We also have a Fill Tilt Poker table. -We are always tilting.
-Ok, what is next? All of our meals have already been prepared and anyone can take one when they are hungry. Two refrigerators was
insufficient so we have three. Yes, when you have 16 people
this is what you need. But I do not use this one.
It is disgusting. With one washer and one dryer for 16 people it can be difficult at laundry time. -Mochi?
-What’s wrong? This is MaTTcom,
the greatest manager to have ever existed. Hello. How are you doing? Looking sexy, as he usualy does. And over here we have the Leage of Legends area. This is HuHi. Who-is-he? 6, 3 and 12 right now. Carrying on LeBlanc as he always does. This is my desk, as you can tell because it is the cleanest desk. I have my new HyperX headset. Overhere is
Jake “Xmithie” Puchero playing Ark. Hello. -We have the Witcher boys over here.
-Hello. Not playing Hearthstone, correct? It is not Hearthstone Age
it is Witcher, a fancier game. Here is Doublelift (Peter)
playing Witcher 3 also. We don’t play League of Legends here. And here is my desk. Oh, that is my favorite. We have this on all the time. We play this video while
we skirmishes to motivate our players. And now we go outside. This place is not actually a house,
it is a compound. So let’s at the first smaller units. It has a wine cellar
where Harry Potter used to live. If you stand on it a
person below could not get out… Thank you! I have been
stuck down there for days. -Tony that’s where you have been?
-OK, enough of this room. Here is Hazed’s room.
There is just enough room for the bed. That’s all I really need. The rest of my team hates me. This is my room.
This is nothing special. I would love to lay
down in this bed. Of course, you do all the time! We have an orange tree. Take a look at these plump,
juicy, tasty oranges! 1, 2, 3, go! This is the best orange
I have ever eaten. When you eat them
fresh from the CLG garden… A bee! This is my humble abode. This is where the
magic happens. I have this nice bed.
It is so comfortable. But I found it odd that
it has one yellow wall. Here is Tony with his posters.
These are great posters. He is an artist, gaming analyst. This guy has the full package so ladies,
if you’re looking for a great guy: Tony Gray. But, Darshan! These posters
are not ones that I made! Here we are on our patio
area with basketball court. And here is our lovely…
what is this thing called? An archway. And here is the main attraction, the pool. Everybody hangs out
here in the pool area. Oh no! Thanks HyperX for coming to visit us! We have all of these storage spaces which we might not ever use. Look at that big spider right there! Are you OK, camera man? I saved you.

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  1. I had a thought at the beginning when Zion and aphro showed up together that clg is just for black guys until I realized that Zion's not black.

  2. I would buy i wireless mouse if response time is as quick as wired. (Please dont make it red, im hesitating from getting the cloud flight because of the red)

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