Wow, what’s up Broussard? Let me see why Okay, so here’s the plan for the day today We’re gonna be.

Wow, what’s up Broussard? Let me see why Okay, so here’s the plan for the day today We’re gonna be doing a backflip challenge now. It’s not just any back up challenge Like we’re not just doing backflips fly out and doing it from there We’re gonna see who can get the closest to doing a backflip flat So today’s video is featuring this dude right here Brando and this right here is very much not happy about this video idea because he hates flipping low, but you don’t have a choice we’re gonna be doing the flips on the hip right here because we’ll be able to go from the top of the hip lower and Lower low and lower and lower now Whichever one of us does the backflip the lowest so whoever does it closest to flat was a dollar one dollar got $100 $9,000 one dollar is a one dollar backflip flat challenge I really should be referring to this as like the lowest back with challenge But I like the sound of a back foot flat challenge more. So that’s what we’re calling it But before we continue on with the vlog, I gotta switch lenses because this one is really heavy Okay, that’s a lot better. So here are the rules to this challenge the rules. Are you must take off on the hip? That’s pretty self-explanatory. You must land with two feet. You may not land with one foot and it has to be relatively clean. Yes Why are you looking tell me that – you must be relatively clean? Brando must be relatively clean rail must be relatively clean on cable Another rule is we may not start. You cannot start higher than halfway on the hip You must start either halfway or lower just it’s very unhappy about this one. He really hates it But Jess if you would like it hasn’t started yet so I’ll count one above halfway we got to it in less than eight seconds 4 2 1 Yeah, that was sketch that would not have counted You would have had to done that again, but like 6 feet lower also, do not forget all the new merch designs are officially available at WWE Warner comm that includes the doodle design the full standard design as well as the SKU trees design Also all of the glasses which come in red blue and black those are all available So go to WWE and Warner comm snag yours while they’re all available, but I literally don’t have a $1 bill. It’s not good Hey, give me a dollar My scooter is super super loose. Don’t pay any attention to that. I apologize. Quad wit quad double throw bar Whip super Yeah, it’s actually pretty good Jess come here right now. What are you doing? Jess? You’re in the wrong area. I don’t have a full dollar. So 9 cents, that’s all we got boys. Nine cents. Whoever wins this kitchen sink. Can you contribute? Yeah contribute. Where’s your contribution? Hey, let me tell you something. Nobody wants that There we go. Now we’re talking ladies and gentlemen, heck. Yeah, I get to but and this is why I don’t like skatepark kids I’m just kidding good Oh Contribution number two. Look we got. Oh, here we go. Now we’re talking boys. We got 25 35 we got 60 cents 69 cent He thinks he’s so freaking funny, okay, so each other gets five different attempts to get the lowest backflip Me and Brandon, we’re gonna get one attempts just to practice because this kid already got his earlier So we just made up that rule so you can just get on out of here So Brando and I are gonna get our practice rounds really quick. We must play Rochambeau to see who goes first Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot Okay, I’m what I’m first Rock Paper Scissors, shoot Second-last you will not how does that work? Jessa’s over here complaining so we’re gonna we’re gonna let Jess go first Yeah, you can go first but it’s all good Rando dropping in for his first practice round I mean that was pretty that was pretty good. It was about half way like we said That was my practice round. Jess is up right now He’s gonna get the lowest that he can do where we can get the lowest one So closest to the flat ground gets whatever is up there because there was another contribution as I couldn’t cut it from Brando self Let’s get this done So I’m gonna sit right about this area zoom in like this to see who is gonna be going to Louis So click the car right now. Let us know. Who do you guys think? It’s gonna go the lowest. Is it gonna be me? It’s gonna be Brando or is gonna be this dude. Yes. Let’s see it Jess Jess dropping in for his first attempt Jess goes the opposite way of me and Brando so suited guy Yeah, not bad, not bad, okay, I’ll take that let’s see what you got Brando Whoa Good good. I think we’re all gonna get progressively lower as we continue on Raymond’s about to go from out here He’s tell me what to do. He’s gonna do a back flip super low probably and I don’t know where I’m supposed to go Oh hi decent first go from all of us. I think we can all go lower So we’re gonna see how Jess can do on this second attempt Jeff just said can I get it run up and I said, oh dude, come on. Let’s just see it pulls Ned right now That one what do you think right now like about here-ish should we start marking these What I’m writing this upside down. I can’t see That’s Jess right there Not can you stop? Okay good, sir. I’m ready to see what you’ve got. That is where Jess’s mark is right there where his finger? Is that right? Where’s puts that right there granted dropping in for his second go at it. I Felt like that was that was pretty close to where Jess was that like your front? Hey your front wheel came up right where Jess with that So we’re gonna keep that that mark right there, which is just yeah your front wheel was right right there Jess also grease would be on that one. He agree that that Brandon was right about the same spot At Brando. I’m a date nice. I Couldn’t tell oh we got little Nate’s over here and they show me where I went right there So right right under Jesse’s right It looks like it says rag Right now I’m about four inches lower than Jess is right now as well as Brando Jess. I’m ready when you are No dropping right now coming right towards the hip Higher let me tell you you went higher Know What there’s like 80 cents at stake right now. You think I’m just gonna be a nice guy? I don’t think so Now Brandon knows turn Brandon’s gonna make a quick mark really fast where he wants to go not Brando’s score But this is his goal nate is another local and he is gonna be helping us out Judging as to where these guys do their flips. She’s the best judge here right now my man Oh My god, we’re right there Rando is in the lead right now. He’s about four to five inches below me. So the guy just at the top right now I’m in the middle and Brando is at the bottom. So I’m gonna go for like right about here for this one Hopefully it works. It’s hard to tell but looking at the hip he’s very low Okay a little higher than the mark I was going for but someone pretty low right here That was my third attempt. So we all got two more six more Where do you go Nate found a black one? So gray Brando Brando droppin That was pretty low, but you gotta aim with two feet I know what was a low was low if I go lower than the point that I’m at right now I get to draw a mustache on Jess and he has no say You don’t want to deal Where’s Kent cut straight to Jessica is my fashion yet. Yeah Now that’s quality content Wow. What’s up Broussard? Let me see New mark, right there I was there. Oh shoot, okay This is my new marks And just right there on the hip which is pretty low. That’s probably close to my lowest one that I’ve done so far Lose your attitude, but it’s not my fault. You got a mustache. That’s where my mark is right there That’s where Jess has to beat right now Jess, and we see it. Just dropping in right now That was pretty good that was lower than he thought he was gonna go that was like the lowest point in the last one So that is just as fifth mark right there fifth and final look he’s tied for second at this point right now He’s right at second place. So it is up to brando He’s got go lower than Jeff’s right now if he wants to be up in there and he has a chance to take the first Place mark right now if he goes lower than mine Just below Jesse’s last one boom, so he’s tied up with Jess on that one Deal he’s tied with Jess. I’m sorry bottom right here. I got 96 75 75 cents, I’ll take it. But you know what Brando I’m a team player, you know, I’m a team player I’m a good sport. I’m not sore loser at all. I’m gonna split my winnings. What does that mean? It means that you get some And Jess gets none because Jess got last like 37 and a half cents. See it’s like a gumball and a half you know, I’m even gonna round up for you 38 I Appreciate your hey, I won’t spend it all in one place. I wouldn’t like I would save that That’s that’s Ferrari Fund if I’ve ever happened. I got back my contributions This is going straight to my GTR all this I’m literally keeping this as my GTR fun. So, what’d you think about that mate? What do you think? How was your your first backflip challenge experience? You got a hot date yeah. Woohoo. What’s your name? Mckaela? Mckaela? Yeah Shout her out. Mckaela Coming. These guys are slowing me down. Mckaela. I’m so sorry. It’s not my fault It’s just his fault because he took so long because of the jesters mustache. I’m blaming on Justin’s mustache Thank you guys so much for watching this little challenge we had right here. I think oh He wants to do the outro. I want to be in the outro. Oh, okay here say it You guys know he’s doing ladies gentlemen. We are going to go get Froyo


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