Columbus Neighborhoods: King-Lincoln

11 thoughts on “Columbus Neighborhoods: King-Lincoln”

  1. Awesome documentary!!! I'm a young african american residing in the neighborhood, and it was great to see how rich and cultured the community once was.. I'm so sad to see all the young foolishness that carries on everyday… We need a better sense of self, to better our community.

  2. My cousins called me  to tell me that our relatives were shown in this documentary.  They built a lot of the structures on Mt. Vernon and my own mother was born on the corner of Champion and Mt. Vernon….I remember Spicers….

  3. Wow, best neighborhood documentary of them all from wosu. Makes me even more proud to have been born in Columbus Ohio.

  4. I think the war on poverty, busing,broken homes ,hurt us much more than it helped us.God ,hard work and family worked really well in the 1940s and 1950s. Where are the fathers of our children?

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