Complete BEFORE/AFTER Renovation of My New Jackson Hole Airbnb!!

Hey YouTube what’s happening it’s Richard found of short-term rental university in the Airbnb super host we’re filming today in.

Hey YouTube what’s happening it’s
Richard found of short-term rental university in the Airbnb super host
we’re filming today in my newly renovated condo here in Jackson Hole
Wyoming we did a before film if you haven’t seen that Charles link it up
here check it out I think you’ll find the difference before – today remarkable
and that’s the point of the video I just want to talk about sort of what was and
some vision some decor some accents like throw pillows and lighting changes and
paint and things that all of us can do I really was mixed about making this I’m
not trying to like show off or anything like that but I do want to show you what
somebody can do what like a little bit of vision creativity and some work and
you can do it too whether it’s your shared space your studio your one
bedroom or your mega mansion and just realize that this has been a lifetime in
coming and it’s due to resources that I put to work from working and saving and
10-30 ones and just real estate so you can do it too now let’s get started
Charles follow me okay so before we get started I just want to go on the record
as saying we have our priorities straight
Charles and I have a 2:30 p.m. tee off time he’s leaving tomorrow we needed to
capture the after film so it’s not perfect yet it’s not a hundred percent
done as far from clean it needs to be dusted and all that so forgive me I know
I harp a lot on paying attention to the details and your Airbnb photos and yet
here I am filming a video that’s like partly done but it’s close enough the
point of the video is educational not about perfection so for instance this
mirror isn’t up yet there’s all sorts of things that we’re gonna uncover that are
problematic but cut me a break I’m just trying to help everyone out and show you
what we did and why I did it and so on so Charles before we go further roll
them back to what this wall looked like before because it’s really different now
the very first thing I want to point out is this wall while this wallpaper is
nice and bright and so on it’s not really me and so the modern mountain
look that I’m going for is going to be changing this replacing this with
reclaimed barn wood exterior siding this whole wall from floor to ceiling it’s
going to be super cool and then in trying to get the same sort of modern
Mountain feeling I’m gonna be changing just about everything here okay so we’re
back so you saw before it was that pink wallpaper turned out to be a really nice
wallpaper friends of mine that we’re decorators told me who made it and it’s
really expensive and I’m not taking anything away from it but it didn’t
really resonate with this guy this exterior reclaimed wood this is what
they build fences like highway fences in Wyoming I think adds a lot more
character all the imperfections the discoloration the knots the exposed
nails like it’s much more warm and Wyoming asked and also much more fitting
for this guy so this is my home and is where I live and I want it to feel like
me and not someone else here’s a little thing that you should know my
contractors who were exceptional covered the pink wallpaper with black tar paper
so that when there’s gaps in the wood which there are because this is
reclaimed wood and it’s not milled to perfection you would see through and
looking at black is cool but looking at pink would be a distraction so make sure
you treat the wall properly the other thing you’ll notice here is these big
photos when I was hiking in Joshua Tree I realized that I really love
photography it’s a creative outlet for me I take a lot of photos and I really
enjoy it and I’ve hung them in different places but I kind of thought about
making this home mine and showcasing my art my creativity and so it’s kind of
like work live loft gallery how cool is that for an air B&B so the wall is
remarkably different I love it it came out really cool if you take a look over
here it’s all custom so we have the controls built in and then the other big
thing that we focused in the before video was this fireplace it used to be
much more traditional we’re going with a patina’d steel so there’s gonna
be a very sleek modern industrial looking fireplace we’re gonna change the
television so it actually goes right in there and so if you start to think about
it we’re gonna have this patina’d steel industrial next to this really nice warm
reclaimed wood I think it was ivory in color it stuck out it had all of the
different you know traditional touches and I want it to go much more industrial
metal you know like masculine and it came out
great I couldn’t be happier with it my guy Attila is just a real artist and I
appreciate everything he did for me if you take a look at all of the details
these bolts and nuts in the corners and we actually did all of the door frames
and all of the floorboards here the trim rather it’s all the same metal with the
attention to detail and this guy just really did great work this is one of
Charles and my favorite things this is custom there is no wall plate the switch
for the fireplace is built-in you know how hard that is to engineer and do
anyway attila did unbelievable work and i’m really grateful for that the other
thing that he did that’s super cool and we talked about before
follow me charles point up there so they can see these are super high ceilings
and up there is a little loft area with perhaps the best view of snow king it’s
just a great great view so we’re gonna build in a custom-made ladder that pulls
out like this and you can climb up there he built this ladder here for me so i
can go up here and have a cup of coffee looking at snow mountain
now this isn’t completed yet either but i’m just talking about creativity design
craftsmanship and getting great people to do great work for you he also did
this built in here which is still a work in progress but i’ve got places to hang
all my different coats cubbies for say hats and mittens right now it’s still
being unpacked if you check this out down here
pardon the golf clubs down here got a place for I don’t know eight pairs of
shoes and these shelves are removable so I can put boots there nice pillow
cushion one life all right so now we’re gonna check out the kitchen
Charles roll the film of the before where these cabinets were lime green and
a multicolored background what I wanted to do was create something that was more
in keeping again with me and the rest of the d’accord so we went with a dark
paint color we use special paint so this actually looks like it’s lacquer or
originally painted that way the guys did a great job so shout out to Coldwater
and thank you very much the backsplash we went with a vintage glass so it just
makes the space look bigger and how cool is it here when I’m washing my hands or
doing dishes I’m looking at my art it’s super cool really really like that and
then again we used a tiller and his craftsmanship to do a wrapping around
what used to be that bright colored backsplash and that was just sheetrock
what you’re looking at right there and instead we gave it a little bit more
depth and warmth the metal has the patina and it’s really kind of cool so
I’m psyched with it I think it turned out great you see some more photos over
here and I want to just highlight a couple of the decoration things to give
people ideas here we used throw pillows really huge shout out to the people that
I found on Etsy pillow girls they did great work they took a look at the room
measurements and the fabric colors that I sent them and they helped me organize
and figure out what throw pillows and sizes and quantities and that was
amazing and so it just adds a whole different level of you know complexity
and richness to the place and I’m just super psyched one other thing that we
talked about before was if you remember Charles maybe you can roll the film
there used to be these like low hanging track lights and they just sort of
seemed disruptive and there was a chandelier if you look at it now we just
went with a very minimalist set of tracks it’s on a new technology called
casita by Lutron and I have a and B tracks so I actually have lights that
I’ve programmed I haven’t actually done it on my phone
but that’s the next step so I can have just like the art lights on or just the
room lights on or both lights and so like that sort of control is really
excellent it’s not that expensive it’s all I don’t know wireless or Bluetooth
technology now but it’s controlled by your phone and I just wanted to do it
again because I think having that additional control really is elegant
let’s go into the bedroom all right so here we are in the master bedroom we
went and installed some shades we talked about that before we changed all the
trim color to be the same color as the rest of the kitchen and units you’re
gonna see the built in in a second a lot of this furniture came from my place in
New York but we added a accent color in the back which I think goes really well
with the art that’s not my photo but I love it and if you move you can actually
see the waves move it’s pretty cool but here we’ve got some nice pillows on the
bed the bed’s not perfectly made it’s not ironed apologies but here you can
see a new couch and we put some throw pillows on there and I think that works
really well and then I want to come over here Charles and just show you a couple
things we’re missing another piece of art it’s on its way but there’s gonna be
a matching one here this is my work I think it looks really cool with the
water and the blue and the blue and this one’s also got some blue in it and so
we’re playing on that and then this built in if you recall was like sort of
a fake dark wood and it just sort of looked yesteryear and I wanted to make
it again more consistent with everything so he painted everything that seemed
color and then in the bathroom what we did was we changed the lights again and
we put it in the casita so I have controls everywhere I’m turning them on
manually only because I still don’t have a program but it could be one button and
certain lights come on this I’m really proud of this is my kids and I when we
finished the tour to Mont Blanc a hundred and ten mile hike
summer carried everything stayed Hut to Hut and here’s the bathroom this is a
work in progress at some point I’d like to modify it but I love the paint I love
the art I love what’s going on here and it’s just big and clean and bright
alright so Charles follow me downstairs and just as a reminder while I’m living
up here one of the main reasons that I bought this place in addition to the
proximity and what I thought would be great potential was the fact that it’s a
duplex which means there’s a dedicated floor we’re installing a lock here so
it’ll be completely locked off and somebody can rent just the downstairs
with their own separate entrance so check it out again this is a work in
progress this TVs being hung today the TV and the other bedrooms being hung
today but here what we did basically was new furniture the furniture that you saw
in the last video was all rented it was the staging company so I didn’t own any
of it now this is my furniture that I’ve
bought and I’ve decorated again my art over here we have a little kitchenette
this doesn’t have a full kitchen but again I painted this and the trim and
the doors to match with the upstairs if you come in here again the beds aren’t
made I don’t even have pillowcases on but Attila made the head boards out of
the matching wood and the iron upstairs and then here’s some art of mine that I
took when I was in Bali and just a great functional you know bedroom for a couple
of kids in here the downstairs master if you will is a
queen this is where Charles been staying you can see a custom pillow some art the
TV’s going up later today and then we have a small outdoor space I hope to put
a hot tub there but I’m having some difficulty with the weight restrictions
for the building and so on but it’s a work in progress and so this little you
know two bedroom apartments on Airbnb and I think it’s gonna do really well
I’m super excited and I hope that guests that stay here are gonna enjoy the
proximity to everything and the comfort the convenience and the newness and the
renovation and the cleanliness and it’s all it takes really okay cool so the
last thing I want to show you is this Charles has been using this this is the
bathroom down here and again we painted all of the cabinets so that they look
much more modern and in keeping with the rest of the aesthetic and I think it
turned out great Charles have you been enjoying
awesome so anyway that’s basically it in another 24 hours this place will be
clean and spotless and so on and we would have done the film then except
Charles will be on a plane back home and like I said at the beginning priorities
I gotta show Charles what’s up when it comes to the game of golf
don’t you think Charles haha you’re even taking the camera no anyway guys thanks
so much for paying attention I hope you found this interesting let me know what
you like what you would have done different what renovations you’ve done
this is just one man in one opinion but I think it came out great I’m super
pumped to be here I’m super pumped to welcome guests here I think they’re
gonna love it can’t beat it I’m so psyched anyway
please like the video and subscribe thanks guys

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