Construction Engineering Technology Program – George Brown College

[music] TOM STEPHENSON: George Brown is the construction college, so we have years and years of experience working with the.

[music] TOM STEPHENSON: George Brown
is the construction college, so we have years and years
of experience working with the construction industry. They’re involved in our
curriculum, they sit on our PACS. When students leave this
college, those people that are in key positions
and they’re ready, willing and able to
hire those students. SEBASTIAN MASTRILLI: For
me it’s great to learn all of these different things
at George Brown because the biggest thing is, is
that I’m not necessarily becoming an expert at one
thing in particular, but I’m becoming well
rounded at many different things and I’ll be able to
make a conscious choice because I’ve experienced a
little bit of everything. TOM STEPHENSON: I believe
our program is unique in the sense that it
addresses the management aspect of construction
very, very thoroughly from top to bottom, both
focusing on many different sectors of the
construction industry, from residential to ICI,
being institutional, commercial and industrial
construction, as well as renovation
and restoration. SEBASTIAN MASTRILLI: At
George Brown we have big projects, one which is
quantity surveying, is a very large aspect of
construction management. And being put into a team
and told to go out and actually start to
calculate how much concrete, how much rebar, even how
much labour is going to go into that building. I think the reason that
you should come to George Brown is because they really
make themselves available to the students. TOM STEPHENSON: If I was
to give a piece of advice, really focus in on
learning the material early on, come to all of your classes
and it’s a building exercise. As you go year to year,
you’re building on a foundation. SEBASTIAN MASTRILLI: I’m
able to see more about what school has to offer,
whether it be the information that I’m learning or the
people that I’m meeting, it’s helped me enjoy
this whole academic experience and I’m happy to sit
down in a classroom where I’m going
to get to learn something that I didn’t know before. Every day is a new
experience here. [music]

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