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STEPHANIE CREPEAU: Hey. I’m Stephanie Crepeau. And today, I’m going to give you an inside look at some of our.

STEPHANIE CREPEAU: Hey. I’m Stephanie Crepeau. And today, I’m going to give
you an inside look at some of our construction
management labs here in Annex. Welcome to our
Makepeace Survey Room. So sophomore year, you’re going
to take a class called Survey. And you’re going to get to
use a lot of this equipment that we have here, including a
total station automatic level theodolite. We have two GPS systems here
and even the snazzy Carlson Data Collector. So this is a great example of
one of our labs here on campus. We use this space a
lot for paper labs, as well as a lot of
team collaboration here in Annex South. Why don’t we go check out
one of our iPlan tables, too? So this is one of our
iPlan touch tables. And it’s basically
a giant computer. I mean we can use it
to look at plans, which reduces the need to use paper. We can use on-screen take
off on it and even rev it. I can even enlarge
plans on here to look at specific notes or anything. And it’s all touch reactive,
which is pretty cool. It’s like a giant touchscreen. I like that. So this is our Augmented
Reality Sandbox. It lets us simulate
topography in any given area by creating actual physical
features in the sand here. So I can make a little mountain. And I can make a pond. Probably one of
the more fun things is that I can make it rain. And it actually simulates the
rain falling down the mountain into all these little
ponds I’ve made. All of these colors represent
different levels of elevation. So this is going to
let us have a better understanding of
a geographic area and how elevations can
change and the consequences behind them. It’s also a lot of
fun to just use. So now we’re in
our Aggregate Lab, where we test different
kinds of material. I’ve had a materials
testing class in here where I’ve analyzed
different kinds of dirt and what they could possibly be. And we’ve even tested our
own concrete cylinders that we make over
in the concrete lab. So right over here, we
actually tested one of them and broke it. And you can see just
the different kinds of aggregate inside of it and
really how a cylinder breaks. And it’s a lot of fun
breaking all these cylinders. Why don’t we head
into our concrete lab where we spend a lot
of our time here in CM? Oh, wait. Before I forget, don’t
forget your safety glasses. So we do a lot of stuff
in this Concrete Lab here. We’ve mixed our own
batches of concrete before and even done
some stick frame building and mechanical
systems down here. Why don’t we come
and check it out? So we have two mechanical
mixing machines down here in the concrete lab. This is where we’ve made
our own fresh concrete. We have our own supply of
aggregate here and weighing stations. So this is our outdoor lab. We do a lot of
cool stuff in here. As a freshman, I
built masonry wall. I tied Rebar. We built forms. So it’s great to really
get a hands on experience here at Wentworth. I think it’s definitely been
something that’s benefited me while I’ve been here.

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