Construction Vehicles Cartoon for Children | Construction Game with Dump Trucks and Diggers for Kids

♪♪♪ [engine motor revving] Tony: Oh, look! It’s Clark. Hey Clark, how are you doing, man? Clark: Well, hello there,.

♪♪♪ [engine motor revving] Tony: Oh, look! It’s Clark.
Hey Clark, how are you doing, man? Clark: Well, hello there, mate!
I’m doing great. How are you? Tony: Amazing! This a beautiful day
and I’m ready to work. Are you? Clark: Well, of course, mate! All right.
I’ve got a bit of a problem here. Clark: I’ve got all this dirt and I need it
moved over to the other side of the hill. Clark: Can you help me? Tony: You got it, dude! Load me up! Clark: All right. Let’s do this. Tony: All right.
Clark: All right. There we go. There we go. Tony: Careful.
Clark: All right. You got it, mate? Tony: Sweet!
Clark: Good. All right. I’ll get you another one. Tony: Okay.
Clark: A little more there, a little more. Clark: There we go.
Tony: All right. Clark: All right. Can you handle one more, mate?
Tony: Yeah. Clark: That’s a good sport. Clark: All right. Here we go. [Clark groans] Clark: And good. Clark: All right, mate. Take all this dirt
and move it to the other side of the hill. Clark: Does that sound good?
Tony: Sounds good. You got it. [Tony whistling] Tony: Oh! All right, there it is. Back it up. Tony: And there we go. Tony: Awesome! Let’s do that again! Clark: You find yourself all right, Tony?
Tony: Yeah, Clark. Found it just fine. Clark: All right. Good.
Well, I’ve got a lot more dirt here. Clark: That is, if you think
you can handle it. Tony: Handle it? Come on, dude!
You’re talking to Tony here, man. Tony: I’m the best around. Clark: All right, all right.
All right. Here you go. Clark: All right, careful, careful. There you go.
Tony: This is getting heavy, man. Clark: One more. Okay. There we go. Clark: You’re gonna get all of that. Clark: There you go. Clark: All right, one last one. Tony: Okay. Clark: And there. All right, mate.
Be quick about it. Tony: Okay. You got it. [Tony singing] Tony: Okay. There it is.
Back, back, back it up. Tony: Okay. There we go. Tony: Perfect! [Tony singing] Tony: All right, Clark.
That dirt is as good as dumped. Tony: Do you need any more help? Clark: I think I got it from here, Tony,
but thanks for all your help, mate! Tony: You got it, dude! I had a lot of fun! ♪♪♪ Tony: Frankie, the forklift!
How are you doing, man? Frankie: Hey, Tony. How are you doing, bro? Tony: I’m doing awesome, man. Tony: I just helped Clark move some dirt
and I am ready to go. Tony: Do you need any help today? Frankie: That’s funny that you ask, bro… …because they are building this large, swanky,
fancy apartment complex right up the street… …and my brother is up there already
and I need to get all of this stuff over to him… Could you help me move it? Tony: Of course, man!
That’s what I’m here for. Load me up! Frankie: Tony, you’re a lifesaver, bro! Frankie: Okay, here. Let me give you this box first. Tony: Okay, awesome.
Now where am I taking this? Frankie: You’re just going to go straight up the road
and you’ll see my twin brother, Freddie. Frankie: He’ll be waiting there for you.
Tony: Sounds good. Later, Frankie! Frankie: See you, Tony! [Tony whistling] Tony: Freddie! How are you doing, man? Freddie: Tony! How are you doing, bro? Freddie: Hey, have you seen my brother, Frankie? Freddie: I’ve been waiting for like 10 minutes.
He’s supposed to bring me a lot of stuff. Tony: Oh, that’s actually why I’m here today.
I’m going to help you guys. Tony: Frankie gave me a big box to give you. Freddie: Oh, great! Oh yeah, bro.
Here, let me grab that from you. Freddie: Okay. Ahh. Freddie: There we go. Okay. Freddie: Now the plan is to send all of this stuff
up to the top of the apartment building. Tony: What are they building up there? Freddie: I don’t know. I think some
rich guy is just moving in or something. [machine lift noise] Tony: Hey, George! You got it bro? George: Got it!
Tony: That is so cool! Freddie: Yeah, bro. Hey, Tony… …I know you just got here, but hey, we’ve got
a few more things left for the apartment building… Is there any way you could help us out? Tony: Say no more, man. I got you. Freddie: Great! And tell my brother
I say, “What’s up?” [Tony whistling] Frankie: Hey, Tony!
You’re back already? That was quick! Tony: Yeah, man. Back for more.
Oh, and your brother says, “What’s up?” Frankie: Ahh, that guy is crazy! Frankie: Okay, Tony. I’ve got
a few more things for you, okay? Frankie: This next one is a couple of plants. Frankie: I think it’s like a fruit plant or like
a tomato plant or like a strawberry plant. I’m not quite sure. Frankie: Here you go.
Tony: Sweet, dude! Freddie: What’s up, Tony?
What you got for me now, bro? Tony: I got a couple of fruit plants
or something? I’m not really sure. Freddie: Well, whatever it is,
let’s send it up. Frankie: Okay. [machine lift noise] Freddie: Hey, George! You got the plants? George: Got it! Freddie: Cool!
Tony: Sweet! Back in a minute. Frankie: All right, Tony. This time
we got some sort of cabinets or something… …but I hear something inside! Frankie: It sounds like a chicken or like a turkey
or like a little bird or something. Frankie: I don’t know, but here, take it. Tony: Okay… Whoa… Yikes! Freddie: Uh, Tony? Freddie: It sounds like you’re carrying around
some sort of farm or something! Freddie: What’s going on? Tony: Well, Frankie gave me a cabinet… …but it’s got some sort of chicken
or something inside? Freddie: A what? Okay, I don’t want to know.
Let’s just get it up into the apartment. Freddie: Okay. [machine lift noise] Freddie: Hey, George! Freddie: You got the chicken? I mean, cabinet? George: Yup. Got it! Freddie: Okay. Good! Freddie: Off you go, Tony. [Tony singing] Frankie: Hey, Tony.
Did Freddie see the chicken? [Tony chuckles]
Tony: Yeah, it was kind of hard to miss. [Frankie chuckles]
Frankie: That’s hilarious!
I put that in there as a joke! Frankie: Oh, I wish
I could have seen Freddie’s face! Frankie: Ahh. Well, anyways. All right, Tony.
I got one more thing for you to take… …but it is the most important thing yet.
Are you ready? Tony: Uh, yeah. What is it? Frankie: It is a very expensive porcelain throne.
Or otherwise known as a toilet. Tony: Oh, gross! Frankie: Oh, no. It’s not even used yet.
It’s brand new! Frankie: But please be careful with it.
It’s very breakable. Tony: Okay, I got it. Tony: All right, Freddie. This is the last of it. Freddie: Okay, it’s not another chicken, is it? Freddie: That chicken scratched George’s face!
Are you okay, George? George: Yeah, I’m good! Tony: No, it’s—it’s just a toilet. Freddie: Ooh, that’s nasty!
Well, I guess if you got to go, you got to go! Freddie: Okay. Let’s send her up! [machine lift noise] Freddie: You got that, George? George: Yeah! Freddie: All right. Hey, Tony,
thank you so much for all your help today, bro! Freddie: We couldn’t have done it without you! Tony: No, problem, Frankie.
I mean, Freddie…Frankie? Freddie? Freddie: Freddie, bro!
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