Countryside Homestay Experience | Traditional Japan House In Akita

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  1. I'm glad you say people who don't speak japanese will be fine. I didn't speak japanese and had great time in Japan. But on the way to Japan I met an elderly couple from Europe (non-japanese) who told me I should have learnt japanese before traveling to Japan and even implied that I shouldn't be traveling to Japan without language knowledge. I'm glad they were totally wrong.

  2. Oh god this owner is sooo cute
    Especially when she said she wants to communicate more via home stay owwww❤️

  3. I would just want to give that lady a big hug when I left. Do you think that would be inappropriate to japanese culture?

  4. 行きたい😍😍😍
    One of the best videos on the internet… It's unimaginably satisfying and peaceful でも私は日本語で上手ません。笑

  5. Can this lady be my grandmother? I love her and this video has taught me to be unproblematic. So peaceful. I wanna move to Japan.

  6. this Japanese woman you are visiting is so warm hearted, so calm, anyone can see what the cities are doing to us 🙁 I am from a far away country, Romania, but I also feel the need for the countryside nature and quietness, and peace, and natural rhythm. I wish one day, soon, I may live in the country side..again

  7. I am indian but I love japan culture specially food . And my wish is to be a citizenship in Japan.. 💓💓💓💓

  8. Would be thrilled to travel to Japan's countryside and visit Ishigaki-San if she would have me. So beautiful there and looks like such a fun experience.

  9. Thank you for these beautiful videos. I had been debating with myself about going to Japan and now I know I am and I am going to the countryside and probably Tottori.

  10. I find the old lady’s life sad and beautiful. The house is a beautiful gift given to her by her long-gone uncles and it is both a tearful and joyful reminder of the times she and her uncles spent together. When she passes away, who then will take care of the memories of the place?

  11. Beautiful house and scenery and your host is such a lovely lady. I will certainly try to go there next time I'm in Japan.

  12. In Japan, even the village very clean and organized, civilised people…I love the video full of nature and peace.

  13. I'm Japanese but I didn't know this place and when I back to Japan, I wanna go here. what a beautiful country I can proud of my coutry..

  14. I've been kind of binging your videos on the countryside and it really is something I'm super interested in experiencing. I really do hope that I get to experience one day.

  15. That looked like a really good experience. I have done some of these things in Japan and would encourage anyone thinking of visiting Japan to just go ahead and do it. Also, I would urge people to see rural Japan and not just hang around the big cities.

  16. I want to try this. I know in the city not knowing how to speak japanese was never an issue for me- is this going to be a big deal in thecountryside.I only know survival japanese language.

  17. I have to admit i want to visit her home and stay there but my biggest concern is that i will not have the same experience as you because i would like to have the same type of conversation with her as you had but my japanese is still at beginner level

  18. Respect, honor and kindness defines Japanese culture . I've always loved and Japanese people from early childhood. If I visit Japan I'll visit the country side. Beautiful country side.

  19. This building is a mixture of traditional Japanese houses and modern houses. For example, the design of the outside of the entrance, the handrails of the inner stairs, and the wash is a modern style. The food is very Japanese. For example, there is no beef or pork. Until the Edo period, Japanese ate only fish and grain and vegetables.

  20. Her house is very modern-looking and looks sturdy and well-built. Her uncle and his siblings did a great job with it. It's very fancy compared to a lot of countryside houses I saw in the provincial parts of Japan before. It reminds me of those houses that wealthy people lived in a long time ago.

  21. So amazing…Awesomeness. I wish my father alive and I come for vacation again. Universe my wish is my command. Arigato for sharing your beautiful beautiful Channel.

  22. It is too dangerous to hold Olympic in Japan Japan is still contaminated
    No visiting No Olympic!!
    if you are exposed the radiation,
    your generation to Generation will be screwed up !! Cesium 137 needs at least 30 year to be disappeared !

  23. Nice video..Japan is best 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵…Japanese people are very polite and helpful…love Japan..
    Thank you for uploading this beautiful video

  24. This is my first time watching your vid and i love it. This kind of vid is very relaxing to me. Found it when i was looking for vid about satoyama. Been watching that iver and over again for a year already. And here I am. I subscribes to ur channel. Cuz it helps me to relax

  25. Pretty much everywhere around the world, villagers are more content and satisfied with their lives:
    More productive
    Own their own homes
    Not stressful like the city

  26. A dream…
    I have always loved the Japanese, Japan, their style of life in the outskirts, the respect they have, and honor they hold.
    Since I was very young I loved ANYTHING Japanese…
    I now live in Madrid, Spain, mostly lived all my life in California. If I could I would live in Japan form a family there and learn as much as I could from the people there.
    And live a simple life for the rest of my days…
    A very nice video indeed, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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