Decorating Our Flat ft. Christmas…Did You Know? | Student Life VLOGMAS DAY 3

Hi guys. It’s the fifth of December ans the third day of Vlogmas. I’m Kat and I’m Sydney and today.

Hi guys. It’s the fifth of December
ans the third day of Vlogmas. I’m Kat and I’m Sydney and today we’re gonna be talking
to you about how you can decorate your flat for Christmas and little did-you-knows, that actually we didn’t know. But I didn’t have any Christmas attire so I’ve
been gifted a sock which I’m going to drape over myself. Merry Christmas!
So the first way you can decorate your flat is behind us. This is a six-foot
tree that we got I think from Argos or if not from Home Bargains and it was
about £25. We all decorated the tree as a flat together which is really
fun if you’re really struggling to sort of get through the Christmas period
whilst not being at home. Number two is basically just surround your flat and
fairy lights that’s what we’ve done. Like drown in fairy lights, like literally drowned.
There are walls everywhere – nearly all four walls in here have fairy lights
on and it just makes it all warm and cozy. Yeah! And then three if you’ve got
some of them left over whack them in a bottle. Put them in a bottle! Number four
is trinkets. Basically just get a bunch of, like, little
decorations and stuff from Wilko. These are about like £1.50 at Wilkos
and and they just, they usually light up but these have been a contender
of mine for three years so they don’t anymore. But they’re really cute to have on the window. They’re so cute. Also if Wilko is out of your price range
Poundland have so much stuff and that sort of moves us on to
number five which is stuff for the window. You know like the gel stickers or
snow spray and make it look all Christmassy. Number six is paper
snowflakes and such – so like paper chains as well, yeah paper chains. It’s a really fun activity to do with your flatmates especially because it’s
just it’s a nice way to bond and you guys have loads of fun. It’s so soothing –
oh my God – to do the paper chains so if you’ve had a really bad day and you’re
feeling a bit low, put on a bad Christmas movie listen to Michael Buble and paper those chains. That’s all the things that we have
done to decorate our flat, if you’ve got any ideas though we’d love to see
them in the comments because it’s not like we need any more than we already
have. We love Christmas so if we can do
anything more we’ll do that. Christmas, did you know! It’s said by US
scientists that Santa in order to be able to go to all the kids homes
actually goes to 822 kids homes (is it a second or a minute) in a second – in a second. Did you know, number two. Did you know that 6 million rolls of sellotape are gonna be sold
around Christmas time? That’s so much sellotape! So use sparingly. Thanks for watching our video guys we
really appreciate it. Give us a like a comment and a
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media. It’s all gonna be down in the description. Merry Christmas! Merry
Christmas! Ya filthy animal.

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