Dirty Keyboard Cleaning (ASMR)

(pleasant pizzicato strings) (chair rattling) (keys clacking) (wind hissing) (keys clacking and rattling) (can hissing) (can snaps) (can hissing and.

(pleasant pizzicato strings) (chair rattling) (keys clacking) (wind hissing) (keys clacking and rattling) (can hissing) (can snaps) (can hissing and whooshing) (keys rattling) (rag buzzing) (rag hissing on counter) (cord rattling) (keys buzzing and rattling) (can hissing) (keyboard clacking) (cup thwacking) (keyboard snapping) – [Man] Eww! (keyboard snapping) (key thwacking) (gloves crackling) (keyboard rattling and snapping) (pleasant pizzicato strings) (can hissing and whooshing) (can thwacking) (keyboard rattling) (can hissing) (liquid bubbling) (keys rattling) (liquid bubbling) (brush buzzing) (keys rattling over muffled buzzing) (brush buzzing) (keys rattling) (muffled laughter) (gloves crackling) (bag crackling) (switch clicks) (bags crackling) (keyboard rattling) (screws rattling) (can hissing) (wipe buzzing) (keyboard clacking) (wipe buzzing) (brush buzzing) (muffled buzzing and rattling) (plastic crackling) (pleasant pizzicato strings) (goo bubbling) (rag hissing and buzzing) (can hissing) (keys rattling) (keyboard snapping) (wind hissing) (gloves crackling) (pleasant chime accent) (pleasant pizzicato
strings and bell tones) (whooshing electronic accent) (pleasant pizzicato
strings and bell tones) (clock ticking) (whooshing electronic accent)

100 thoughts on “Dirty Keyboard Cleaning (ASMR)”

  1. You guys do know there's a subgenre for fast asmr right?

    And goodnight moon has music in her videos too but yeah i guess it's a niche (?)

  2. For all haters. It's one of more tingling videos for me. If they didnt speed it up so much it would be an awesome quality asmr.
    I like the sounds very much. I like the precision of cleaning. Overall very good.

  3. White keyboard: so fresh and so clean clean

    Friend: that's why we get black keyboards

    Black keyboard: I wasn't always this black

  4. Buzzfeed: disclaimer this is for asmr purposes and not cleaning a keyboard

    Also buzzfeed: gives us instructions on how to clean it

  5. When you start working at BuzzFeed and your boss says he wants to see your full potential in editing videos.

  6. No one:

    Literally everyone in the comment section: ThiS iSn't aSMr😡😡😡😡

    (Seriously guys stop it)

  7. I was actually looking for a vid about tips on keyboard and monitor cleaning. Instead I got this. Should you actually do this to clean your keyboard or will it ruin it?

  8. I didn’t use this vid as Amsr bc I find it weird, I just want to do a clean keyboard tutorial bc I don’t have all the things and I thought this vid would be easy to follow 😂

  9. is this guy a magician?while the key was taken out,it placed to the table while this guy was taking out another key.

  10. I'm a gamer and I own a gaming keyboard (corsair k70 mk2) to be more specific and this makes me want to twist my neck aroubd

  11. 5 million views to my 5 views. The rich get rich while the poor stay poor..seems to be the general motto here on this site ☹️

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