DIY STAIRS RENOVATION, One woman, one staircase, with Spindles, Remove CARPET,

Hi everyone, this is Emi, and my husband and I have been discussing what we were going to do with.

Hi everyone, this is Emi, and my husband and I have been discussing what we were going to do with the stairs and We have a big problem because there are spindles and they’re included or on the inside of the stair treads so it would be a really expensive proposition to have removed the carpeting and have new stair treads put on so I decided to tear down the carpeting and just to refinish the stair treads and I’m doing this while my husband is away So I decided to chronicle it in a video so that I can show him when he gets home. How much work it was I thought I had nothing to lose because we needed to replace the carpeting So if it didn’t turn out I could just replace the carpeting anyway So I’m going to get started and I’m going to show you what I did to get to this finished result from carpeted stairs to a wood look I’ve already started to tear the carpeting down I have to cover up these ragged edges somehow and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about that yet So I’ll show you when I’m done here on the side. I have to pry that up I have all this paint that I have to remove I don’t want to remove the spindles And so for that reason this is a really tedious job because it means I have to get all of this off And I need to remove these rough sections here on the spindles. Now wet it down with my vinegar and water solution. Okay, I’ve got all the stairs cracked field and wood filled and I’ve got them all sanded down I’ve tried several different solid color stains, and they weren’t really the right color So what I wound up doing was buying this porch and patio floor paint And then I mixed three different colors to get the color that I wanted, I have a dark brown And then I have a tan color and then I have a light Wet my step I don’t want very much on my brush. I’m just trying to get a little skim coat right now, so I just got my brush so that there’s just a little and I spread it very thin You can still see these areas where there was wood filler. So then while it’s all still wet, I then went over it and put Extra paint in those sections and the strokes will all blend together so you’re not going to see that Like that So, that’s how I’m going to go and do all the steps After I had the treads the way I like them then I just took a dry brush and I made these streaks with the lightest color that I had When I was happy with the way the treads looked I went ahead and I coated them with the diamond finish water-based interior Verathane, a shiny durable finish l have most of them in place here and I still have one left to put right there in that spot. So That’s it that’s how I went from carpeting on my stairs to this new fresh look and I’m pretty happy with that for now

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  1. After watching many videos, I felt I was the only person in the world that did not find perfect oak wood under the ugly carpet… Great job and great video. Thanks!

  2. Nice job, you just gave me an idea of what to do for one of my customers stairs, I didn't know what and how I was going to do them, Thank you.

  3. Unfortunately my stairs have a 1/4 inch gap on both sides and there's already a 2 inch thick stair skirt board on the wall side. A real problem. I want to pull carpet and paint, but no

  4. Emi, I've never been disappointed in any of your videos. The creativity that you have is a true gift. You truly turn the most simple things into works of art, but these stairs….. that is just incredible. I've often told my husband I wish we were neighbors so I could just follow you around and pick up some of your ideas, creativity and "guts" ( for lack of a better word ) I hope your kids picked up on all your ideas. Your amazing! You need your own DIY show. You do things that look amazing without a lot of money ( I know it's a lot of work ) Maybe you will consider moving to Switzerland so we can be neighbors? ? Once again, another great video!!!

  5. Very wonderful new look, for a beaten up staircase, that looks GREAT. Really good DYI video , liked that you explained each part of the process, good job. Thank you, Chuck

  6. As a contractor for many years, I love the way it turned out…A lot of work went into those babies…You should be proud!

  7. What a great job. So much hard work. Your husband must have been amazed at what you accomplished. Thanks for posting this.

  8. It looks beautiful and amazing
    I am really interested to try it out but I don't know if I have enough money for it.
    Do u remember a price range of how much it cost you at the end ?

  9. I am very impressed , you have a lucky husband to have a wife that is not afraid to get her hands dirty , even though they are manicured well ?

  10. This looks fantastic! I'm considering tackling the same project this Fall. Yours came out great!

  11. Wow, you are my hero! Looks absolutely amazing, and I bet your husband was surprised and pleased when he got back. We need to do something with our stairs, but we don't even know what we have to deal with underneath the carpeting. Your video is good inspiration.

  12. Those little gaps. That would annoy me every time I seen then. I would have use some quarter round to cover it. Also screw the threads down. That's probably what was causing those gaps to begin with.

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  14. What a great job. And great job on all the explanations! I wanted to do this but after watching it I think it’s out of my skill range.

  15. I'm going to try to wood graining tool on my steps if that doesn't work …I'm trying your method! Steps look beautiful! Thank you for the video!!

  16. Haha. You refinished the pine 2×12 they use for carpeted stair treads. This is why you leave this stuff to professionals.

  17. Oh my, Emi, you are something else! Although I watch your crochet and craft and cooking videos, I had not seen this one until today. You inspire me to persevere, not to be so quick to think, I can't do that. ?

  18. I am in the middle of this as we speak! So far, carpet removed, staples removed, paint stripped. Now filling holes with wood putty, let dry and then sanding. It's tedious, but I'm doing a little at a time. Good job you did!

  19. sigh I wish my wife would do stuff like this while I'm away. I'm pulling carpet and replacing with laminate on our enclosed stairs. No spindles to worry about in our case… stair case (pun haha). Nice work. Enjoyed watching.

  20. Wow..they look amazing. You are quite skilled. Great job. That is a lot of work. Hope your husband liked them!!

  21. Maybe title this as wood staining rather than renovation. I’m looking for a staircase reno project rather than changing color of pre-existing treads. Anyone know of such a tutorial?

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