Drawing & Illustration : How to Draw Buildings

Okay folks, in this clip I’m going to teach you how to draw buildings. Great thing about learning how to.

Okay folks, in this clip I’m going to teach
you how to draw buildings. Great thing about learning how to draw buildings is it’s basically
a great way to understand different design when it comes to shape and perspective. Learning
to draw buildings is fairly simple when you think about just practical application. I
mean, all it really is is drawing building blocks, essentially. I mean, obviously, you
can go into a certain degree of detail with things like windows and other aspects of the
drawing, but the real thing that will sell the look of a buildings in relation to each
other is a three dimensional perspective. You want to establish dimensions in such a
way that makes thee end result very believable and the way you do that is kind of take the
perspective and then gradually, try and wrap your mind around the three dimensional characteristics
of them. Imagine standing directly in front of a city scape. What might the buildings
actually look like in perspective to where you are. Start by drawing those. I even give
them a little bit of depth in terms of alright, so, if this building back here is a little
bit further away, it might look like that in relation to a building that’s you know,
further up on the block. And obviously you are the architect so feel free to you know,
design your buildings any way you wish, you know. They can be all sorts of shapes and
sizes. I mean, don’t get too carried away I guess, but you know what I mean. Now, once
you’ve drawn different types of buildings, obviously you’re going to want to go in and
add some details to them, I mean, when you’re drawing like big skyscrapers, or anything,
that’s usually good to add some sort of look or pattern to them. Really establish where
the windows are, for one. Come in here and a lot of them, simple up and down lines will
do the trick, just to kind of establish that there are rows and rows, and rows of you know,
windows in there. You can always come across, this is, I would do this in a lighter, with
lighter strokes just because there’s no reason to add a great deal of detail to this, unless
it’s, you know, supposed to be, you’re supposed to call a lot of attention to any one particular
aspect of the building. Now you could really get in there with a fine tooth comb and you
know, really add a lot of detail to each and every single window in your building. You
come in and really individually hand draw each and every one. Give them all their distinct
looks and so forth. At the end of the day, it’s really about your own personal design,
so learn the perspective. Learn how to see the buildings in front of you. Learn how to
create dimensionally correct buildings and then, yeah, become your own little city planner.
As you’re drawing buildings maybe in the background, draw them a little bit lighter so that if
you’re drawing a Metropolis, it’s like you’re calling attention to the buildings in the
foreground and not the ones in the back, but yeah, that is essentially how you draw buildings.

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