DREAM APARTMENT // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fixer-upper the show where I usually attempt to fix up your houses.

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fixer-upper the show where I usually attempt to fix up your houses but today fix up my favorite apartment in the game okay listen I love this apartment and I just want to furnish it okay I wish that we had more that were similar to this size because the rest of them are just too big and boring I furnish this one all the time it’s just kind of fun to make a tiny apartment you know and so I did that the other night and we’re gonna do a quick tour of what the original house looks like so we can kind of get it before and after kind of vibe this is the living room we have some sort of tarp down at least there’s video games involved the walls are so bright and cheery so fun we got a cute kitchen over here this way they have one tiny bedroom with one tiny awful carpet and there’s just like a dresser and stuff over there and then in the master bedroom there’s just another one bed super-cute painting and it’s like I said it’s very small there isn’t much to see here around this place there’s one bathroom it’s also kind of small again not much to see in this whole place the floor plans kind of weird I like that it’s two bedrooms but realistically this is just not this is an awful size bedroom it’s so weird looking so we’re gonna try and fix this place at least to the best of my abilities okay I’m gonna go ahead and jump right on into the renovation okay so we are back and we are fixer-upper in this apartment that is right you guys it’s my favorite time of the week today we were renovating my favorite apartment of the game I said earlier in the video but this is like the only apartment to plan or build in because one it doesn’t have like the worst lot traits it has the noisy neighbors so you’re kind of annoying because your neighbors are loud and bothers him all the time but like realistically not that bad of a lot rate it’s also in a pretty decent spot and it’s small because the thing is if I want to play in an apartment I want to play in a small apartment and most of the apartments in the game are way too big and just not fun or they’re either too big or they’re ceilings are too tall like the apartments in this spice district like where the beta family lives those ceilings are ridiculously tall in the hallway is so ugly and it’s just it’s bad this apartment however decent place really enjoy it super fun big fan so I renovated it again this is the kind of apartment I was sort of going for like my own personal style I was like imagining okay if I lived here what would I want it to look like so I’m gonna maybe call it my own dream apartment I don’t know if I would like make this style my dream apart like I wouldn’t I wouldn’t necessarily furnish it this way but I also might so like I don’t know it could be that I would like to live here I will admit that I would enjoy living in this place so maybe it isn’t your apartment who knows but it was fun to furnish I like the flooring a lot I love the kitchen so much and I tried to some clever things in the bedroom too like I I made up a headboard using some objects in the game and I I try to make the house a little bit interesting it was weird to do the living room too because the house is so so I keep saying house the apartment is so small that the floor plan was kind of hard to do but I ended up getting an office I got a living room I got the full kitchen there’s a whole bedroom and a living room nope a laundry room with blonde dang it I forgot to put oh no I didn’t put any hampers in this house there’s a laundry where there’s no hampers okay so if you del in the place you’re gonna need to put hampers in it because I failed to put hampers in the apartment that’s my bad I made a mistake I do that so often I build a thing it’s got a laundry room and then I don’t put hampers and I I’m so sorry I’m working on it someday I’ll be better if today is not that day dang it okay speaking of laundry I have laundry in the dryer remind me to fix that speaking of things I need to fix I’m leaving today for Berlin this is my last video I’m making before my trip I’m going to twitchcon EU so if you’re gonna be at twitchcon this week hey let me know me to follow me on Twitter by the way I’ll tweet out like if I’m doing things and and such like that I’m gonna do some sort of meet-up at twitchcon i’ll let you guys know but i’ll be there both days I’m really excited I can’t wait to go to Berlin and I’m just a little bit stressed because I have things to finish before I leave I’m leaving for the airport and like exactly five hours I still have to stream finish some homework finish packing and finish this video so I mean I’m fine I it’s like a very small amount of homework it’s a thing that only at least I’m it opened today so I couldn’t do it before today so I like have been waiting for it to open to do it let the little things in life you know and the teas that this morning when I started packing I could have been done by now but I had a meltdown so I had to stop because the thing about conventions is that I love them I love twitchcon it’s so fun like I just they’re all fun I love to go to conventions cuz I have to meet you guys I like see my friends at them like usually I have a great time at conventions however I am a very anxious human as you might have noticed and the idea of the conventions there’s a lot of like little fish that just kind of freaked me out a bit like that as of this morning and the meltdown it was mostly related to clothing which I don’t think is like the full reason I had a freak out cuz like why but I just most of the time like if like all these girls that go to conventions they all have these cute outfits and looks so good and like they’re all so pretty and they do their makeup well and they’re good at that stuff and then I go and I like I don’t know I just want to wear like a hoodie and leggings and I don’t wear makeup at all and like I just I don’t know I just feel kind of not normal at them you know and that’s not true but I kind of feel that way and I fee like I don’t have cute enough clothes for the convention and I just I think I have to go shopping for about want to go shopping because that’s stressful and this whenever I try and pack I’m like I’m gonna look so ugly at this thing then I’m gonna have to meet people because I’m gonna meet like you guys I’m gonna meet like other creators and I’m gonna look stupid and I just even though it’s not true I feel that way so I had like a mini meltdown about that and then I was like oh my god I have to go to Germany I don’t speak German I’m scared and then I was like oh my god I have to go to a convention I get so anxious and crowds what am I gonna do and then it was spiral you know how it goes you just spiral a little bit that’s what happened this morning but I got over myself we’re here we’re ready I’m excited despite all of that I am excited I know that sounds kind of dumb I realized that it all sounds very dumb it’s just a lot of little things you like I’m not scared of traveling internationally alone because like you know been there done that like I do that a lot so that’s not necessarily a big concern but like the idea of going to Germany kind of freaks me out cuz like I don’t at least like when I travel normally I know the language but I don’t know I don’t know any German I have literally no knowledge at all which is not a good thing does duolingo have German on it should I look oh god not do all I go hey maybe hang on I’m gonna i’m downloading ready set okay guys on the plane tonight mark my words some actually flying to London first and then meeting up with my friends and then flying to Germany the next day because I couldn’t get a direct flight to Berlin anyway and I figured it’d be more fun and also ended up being cheaper to fly into London and then stay at a friend’s house and then flight like the next day using a different airline because I would get in to London or wherever I was getting cuz like it’d be an overnight flight I get there like I don’t know super early in the morning and then just feel like spreads in at an airport at like 6:00 a.m. for a while until you get a flight to Berlin so I figured it’d be a better idea to to wait the night okay I don’t want to do a lingo let’s see if I can learn German I learned this today the day I’m going but I live guys I don’t know anything and the thing is I probably should have like I don’t know tried harder before I left this past week or so but like I’ve been pre recording and doing finals okay it wasn’t happening but we’re here it’s fine I’m working on it I’m so good everything’s fine don’t even worry about it speaking of learning languages I finished my entire Spanish class so just thought you guys should know I’m doing so good German okay I added German onto my I’m gonna do so well new to German guys I’m so good okay so I’ll practice that on the plane later today I’m gonna learn so many things all right I feel better anyway Spanish class finish that I only have my final exam still but like I did all of my homework we finish that we’re caught up I’m getting very close to finishing all my my classes I only have like exams next week I only have two exams the rest of my assignments are all just like papers and stuff so really like exam week isn’t even like a big boy exam week it’s just I the hard work was before I left with the papers and stuff finishing them but once the projects are all done we’re good to go everything’s fine so there’s my little school update for you guys hope that you care because I I sure know you do you absolutely do not under any circumstances anyway the bathroom was hard to do in this house by the way because it was kind of a weird shape and I wanted to fit in like I wanted it to look pretty and I also wanted to have a washer and dryer and I didn’t know for sure how I wanted to go about doing that like I didn’t know if I wanted to stack them I knew I wanted to have like the fancy shelves so I wasn’t certain like what my plan was there but I think I ended up making it look really good it just took some fiddling to get there but that’s often how Sims builds go right you’re just trying your best for a while fiddling around changing things messing with stuff until it ends up working out properly yeah that’s just the way it is and we’re used to it we’re good at it it’s fine everything’s fine it’s kind of sad when you expel all this time making something and you end up changing it you’re just completely redo the entire thing like recently I was building this house I built that Mediterranean mansion video if you guys watch the Lutz building that I’ve seen but I cut out a lot of it because it was embarrassing how much I change because I did the entirety of the upstairs in the house right and then I realized how bad the hallway looked and so I went back and I changed it and I ended up I had this like cute little sitting area I spent forever trying to pick a rug and like a chair combo to make it fit really well and stuff like that I ended up changing the entire thing and turning into a laundry room and so I just I cut out almost the whole part of me trying to pick the like living sitting area because I spent so much time trying to decorate it like an embarrassing amount of time like to the point where it would’ve been shameful to leave it in and then so I just cut it out so that you wouldn’t know because listen it’s one thing to like learn from your mistakes and like show off your mistakes on YouTube because I often keep it a lot of meat and like speed builds me fiddling with things cuz I’ll like do the floor plan and then change it and stuff like that but when tell let’s build where I’m talking through it in real time and I spend like ten minutes trying to make this little sitting area and then it ends up like that’s like a third of the whole video which really didn’t I recorded for like an hour and cut it down to thirty minutes so like it wasn’t actually a third of the whole video and it wouldn’t have been but I spent a very long amount of time trying to fix that sitting area and then I ended up just scrapping it so rip that place kind of embarrassing but I think we all do that you know you just you live and you learn you try new things anyway here’s the bedroom I was very proud of this set up with I I combined two rugs and put like an ottoman on top of them to hide the seam and they also made a fake headboard because I wanted to be kind of fancy looking and so I did that to make it kind of look cool I’ve also been looking a lot of real estate of apartments recently like like fancy apartments in cities just it’s kind of fun to do that like obviously I don’t have a million dollars spent on an apartment so that’s just not gonna happen but I’ve been looking in a lot of real estate recently and I found one that I really liked a lot had this beautiful city view and it had a window sill like at this giant window but like a bench and a window sill and so it looked kind of like this with like I guess this is a dresser but they had a bench and then this windowsill covered in plants and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world so I put a bunch of plants on the dresser kind of like I was like a little shout to that a place but that’s the dream right like a bench window seat and a windowsill full of plants like that’s how I’m trying to be but on that note I’m gonna go ahead and cut off right here I hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those funny two things and in case you didn’t know I posting videos every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow bye everybody [Music] [Music] not to be dramatic or anything but Stan my shoe know is so pretty especially at nighttime Spencer is like too late sometimes I just like look at the Sims and I watch the background like I watched the Sun Rise and Whittington Berg yesterday it was beautiful it was stunning I’m so happy [Music]

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  1. We’re proud of you for being excited! You don’t sound dumb to people you have/understand anxiety! You have the sweetest personality ? only been subbed a few weeks but I know I’ll be watching for a long time!

  2. Probably a silly question, I'm not sure how to word it either, but is this build like… practical?? Could my sims be able to interact and maneuver around everything? It's such a cute apartment, I usually don't download things from the gallery because 1 I don't have internet and 2 I barely have any game packs so limited build/buy objects. When I build houses for myself (not good by any means) I barely even use moveobjects because I don't wanna mess anything up ?? Like if this is available on the gallery would I need to move things around for my sims to use it? Also do y'all think most people who build houses do it more for the aesthetic or day-to-day use??

  3. i spent 3 weeks in germany in december and i dont speak a lick of german and trust me you dont need to. especially in berlin. a lot of people speak english because its such an international city. also europeans are a lot better at languages than us. youre gonna be ok 🙂

  4. You are beautiful just the way you are. People follow 'cause they adore YOU! Be fantastic and enjoy the heck out of Berlin – okay… now I'm jealous ;p

  5. Girl, you’ll be able to communicate with a few people! English is pretty common in Germany. And if you know Spanish that’s a plus because a lot of Germany speaks Spanish! Don’t stress ?

  6. I love this apartment so much!! IT'S SO CUTE AND AMAZING!! I especially love the kitchen.
    I hope you have a good trip Kayak, have fun!! ❤?

  7. Ive always wondered why you put the paper towels next to the stove and not the sink in your kitchens lol ???

  8. Everybody and their mother speaks english here, no worries…. hey, Berlin IS a capital, we do have decent civilisisation around here ? we just HATE being called „Krauts“, if you don‘t call us names we‘re actually nice People ?? enjoy your stay in my city and have fun

  9. i feel so smart!! I know Swiss German (i also know German because it's just a couple small pronunciation differences) I'm only 12!!! Kayak hustle up!! ( I am joking)

  10. OMG love you ❤️ your awesome so wear a hoodie it does not matter. Hope you have a safe flight love you ♥️

  11. I was starting to fall asleep and then i peeked at the screenshots and the first after screenshot is labeled before and now im alert and confused lol

  12. you being in cozy close makes it less stressful to meet you. I get big anxiety meeting people who are over the top done up.

  13. A little German lesson: Hello—Hallo
    Yes-ja no-nein I come from The USA -ich komme aus den USA
    Do you speak english- Sprichst du English?

  14. bro… literally when you mentioned the things you spiraled about, I legit FELT THAT. Especially the clothes thing, it isn't dumb, I understand man ? your emotions be valid 🙂

  15. Most German people are pretty good in English, many of them are almost fluent in English, so dont worry about it! Most of us are actually very eager and happy to speak some english from time to time, even though some of us have a weird accent and its kinda hard to listen to their overpronounciation of konsonants (because thats just the way german people articulate), they are still happy to help you if you need it :>

  16. Aaaand now I am sad. Cause my boyfriend is going to Twitchcon too, and I didn't mind cause I thought there will be nothing interesting for me. AND NOW I KNOW YOU ARE GOING AND I AM SO UPSET CAUSE YOU ARE SO CUTE AND I WANNA MEET YOU.
    Have fun there, and maybe I can get him to search for you to get a picture :3

  17. I'm living in Germany right now and you don't need any German to get around Berlin, especially if you're at something like Twitch Con for most of the time. Literally everyone knows English in Berlin, haha. Hope you have a great time! If you've never been, there's a German History Museum with (among other things) Napoleon's hat, the coat that Wilhelm I was almost assassinated in, real chain mail that you can pick up to see how heavy it is, and the super famous Martin Luther painting that's in Every history book. As a fellow history major I can highly recommend it ;P it's called the "Deutsches Historisches Museum" and many of the descriptions are in English and German.

  18. Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a hoodie and leggings! Kayla the one thing we love most about you is that you are you. I’ve been watching you from 10k and I am SO thankful for you. Please never change. Uh well, you can grow and do human things, but please never feel pressure to change.

  19. You probably aren't going to read the comments before you get to Germany, but still: Germans do understand English, we usually start to learn the langage when we are in elementary school. So you probably won't encounter any language problems. Especially not in Berlin 🙂 just learn thanks and please in German and you'll be fine!

  20. Most Germans speak English, especially in big cities. Don't worry, if you have a problem you'll most likely find someone who can help you

  21. "Most of the apartments are too big, this apartment is just right!"
    You haven't lived in a apartment? ?

  22. I was just wondering, how can she move the objects around without having to follow the grids? Sorry if i sound strange lmao

  23. Don’t worry! You don’t need to know German when in Berlin. It’s a huge city and almost everyone speaks English!!

  24. When you make builds, just a tip, only use bb.moveobjects AFTER you’ve put in all the furniture and stuff you can actually use. If you don’t sometimes the build doesn’t actually function well.

  25. berlin is really pretty this time of year, i hope you have fun! and don’t worry, most people you’ll be around (especially at TwitchCon) will speak english really well!

  26. Literally everyone in Berlin speaks English, don't worry! And I know most Germans can seem a bit distant, but we're actually nice, I promise 🙂

  27. Please dont feel bad about what clothes to wear. I wear a tshirt, a hoodie and leggings or jeans every darn day and I love it.

  28. Have fun in Berlin! Germany is on the list of places that I've always wanted to go. And I totally relate to freaking out over what to pack. I always have this fear that I won't be prepared for a situation- like suddenly unseasonably warm/cold weather where I'm going, spilling something all over my outfit, etc and I ALWAYS massively overpack to compensate, then reduce what I've packed so I'm only slightly overpacked instead of massively & having a total meltdown while doing so. Also the German word for excuse me is a good one to know & also hilarious. It's just one of those words that's fun to say.

  29. I swear I don’t have this apartment in my game? Or at least if I do it lt looks totally different?

  30. This is a super cute apartment, the layout would be really nice for a real apartment… The only thing I would've done is put the living room where the office is LOL Idk why I was sooo certain that's what you were going to put it but otherwise, I really really like the colors and everything else.

  31. Germany is a very nice place. Where I've been most signs and important things (especially in airports) have English translations and most if not all the people working at stores and such are very good at English. 🙂

  32. Wow.. im in germany too right now, I don't live here but I am German and my family does live here. My grandma just died Monday so that's why we came here

  33. Germans Are literally so good at English. You‘ll be fine. Especially the younger generation, like almost all of us can speak it fluently???

  34. Ive looked through the whole EA gallery website and i searched your name & went through everything, i CANT find it. Can someone paste a link?

  35. This appartment looks so much better now, I'm jealous (makes me want to buy City Living even more). You're so cute Kayla, I've not been watching Sim YouTubers for long so I haven't known you for long but I love your videos, and your builds are awesome.

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