Dream Theater – Fall Into The Light (Review & reaction) English Subtitle #EP61

The keyboardist always make a ‘solo’ this is my 1st time hearing this type of song it’s difficult to digest.

The keyboardist always make a ‘solo’ this is my 1st time hearing this type of song it’s difficult to digest the song its hard song… we just enjoy the song Assalamualaikum (greeting) i’m syahir, i’m syafiq, i’m mas this time we want review a song from Dream Theater a new song this year.. 2019 yes 2019, brand new song Dream Theater is a band that i’m waiting for they got a complex song… not for everyone and not everybody can digest the progressive metal type of song for me Dream Theater is one of THE band i’m looking forward to after Cromok, Metallica and Dream Theater i got collections of several album and concert that i enjoy during Portnoy time as drummer but during Mangini time i’m not into music during that period so this time i want to enjoy their music again Portnoy collaborate with A7X for Nightmare album so now Dream Theater got new song, new album title Fall into the Light i’m not sure whether metal old school band a seasons metal bands most of the time when they come out with new single like A7X Stage Album like this song, its not like having a dark sound but it sound like using minor cord, and drop cord while he sing, there have drop-like singing character give a dark mood A7X new album song title The Stage have a dark vibe and sound deep and dark its not like a… anger mood anger-mood sound like like Metallica always have an anger sound but this song got the darkness-sound like so far i’m impress with the song lets continue that guitar riff… typical Dream theater that keyboard ok…ok got clean sound it feels like Master of Puppets heavy… and got ballad sound got the melody line anticipate that.. the keyboardist must make a solo section Petrucci Dream Theater is tacnical band but when they make a song others band if we hear Metallica we like and we want to learn the song composition same goes to Nirvana or other band we want to learn the guitar part of the song but for Dream Theater, we just listen don’t ever try to play the song we can’t play! even its difficult to finish for one song a lot of parts and song transition if we study the song we can’t finished it for this song we still can enjoy it because if we compare old song from Dream Theater it is hard to digest and understand however for this song we can understand the composition if we hear repeatedly 2-3 times even it got break in the middle of the songs mimicly its like Metallica Master of Puppets song formula it interesting for Dream Theater standard, it on their own class but for virgin ears its hard to listen to even for metal fan facing a problem to hear and digest arts and catalog from Dream Theater it is hard to achieve the level of maturity understand and appreciate where or which parts of the songs that have the delicate Dream Theater is one of the band where as a musician we want to learn or improve guitar playing skills Dream Theater is one of the catalog that every musician should inspired and learn to for example if he want to become a excellent guitarist like playing a fast solo part or progressive composition, you should listen to Dream Theater because to make a the whole music its not just excel on guitar part only but excellent drum bass keyboard i’m waiting when the keyboardist want to make a solo because on the others Dream Theater song he always make a highlight and suddenly ….. he will make his part still maintaining the Dream Theater sound that we recognize but for this single they try to breakthough the mainstream audience commercial market they like turn down a little bit not trying to put everything in one place because it’s hard to understand the old song are you a fan of Dream Theater? are this song is the first Dream Theater song? im the virgin ear! because i don’t here anything from Dream Theater it’s hard to digest it’s hard dude we just listen and enjoy it dont ever try to follow the drumbeat but for 1st time hearing it Dream Theater is on their on class they are not making music to please fans or audience they want to show their ability playing a music and instrument its like; i’m good, i want to show you how to play guitar watch my guitar playing skill its not like “i’m metal, and show aggression” its not like that i am a musician who play rock or metal music i am a GOOD musician who play rock or metal music you hear want i’m playing not just guitar is good keyboardist also very good, so now listen to keyboard sound Drum also very good, so now listen to drummer stroke sound that is their intention they are the benchmark as a musician if you want become expert you should listen that songs to level up the playing skill but from song compositions perspective still ok but not for layman mass audience its hard to explain Dream Theater sound even i’m also don’t hear Dream Theater song back to back.. the whole album must take time relax and enjoy step by step we can’t listen back to back for other album let say Master of Puppets from Battery (1st track) to damage inc (last track) no problem but for Dream Theater… even we as senior music listener still take time to digest everything my friend try to listen to Dream Theater Metropolis album start with a story untill the end my friend say that he could not continue after 5th track give up! i cant listen to this song! he said he like music, hear a lot of music but he never achieve the ear maturation to adapt the song not achieve that stage so for audience out there if you want to listen metal, listen the entrance song, melow 1st in rock scene they got Pink Floyd in metal they got Dream Theater that is from us we will invite Mas again next time if you want to break the ear virgin, listen to Dream Theater! thank you!

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