E1 2019: Backstory of Who R Us? – Before the Remodel Starts!

(upbeat music) (exploding) (click and beep) – (clearing throat) Ready? Take five. – (boom) Yeah! Sometimes it takes five tries.

(upbeat music) (exploding) (click and beep) – (clearing throat) Ready? Take five. – (boom) Yeah! Sometimes it takes five
tries to get it right. Argh. (click and beep) – We’re on five, right? Five, no? – [Jean] Seven,
but who’s counting. (click and beep) – Okay. Oh no! History lesson. Alright, we’ll make this quick. I grew up in Toledo,
Perrysburg area in Ohio. Um, I grew up in (beep) Ohio. God, I suck at this. (people gasping) (Erik laughing) I vacation in North Carolina
every two weeks of every year. My parents would come
down here and vacation, so I got used to this area. (happy music) – [Announcer] And now another (bang) useless fact. – Uh, this led to me to
living in North Carolina. I went to Perrysburg
High School. Graduated from the
University of Toledo. I met the admiral there. And then I took my sailboat
and headed to North Carolina, because two months, sailing
season Ohio just sucks. Yeah, I’m a fair weather sailor, or should I say I’m a
fair temperature sailor. (click and beep) I what?
– [Jean] You took me too. – Do what?
– [Jean] You took me too. – No, I didn’t take you, you
came later. I went first. Yeah, and then you came. – [Jean] More or less. – What do you mean more or less? I remember calling up, “Hey, you coming down here?” I mean, yeah, granted
that was after I got — you know, asked you to, to marry me into that
engagement thing, so. – [Jean] We came down here,
picked out the place together. And then I had to
go finish school. – Well, then you had to go
back, yeah, so, okay, fine. (giggling) So I kind of took you with me. (giggling) (click and beep) Um, okay, warning also, I
sometimes dress up like a pirate and might start talking
if the mood strikes me. – So, what was that? – Uh, you might also
see a pirate pop up in the videos occasionally,
so, mm, yeah, argh. – I work for a TV station. So yes, I’m a
video professional, but I’m not putting that
much work into these videos. – (boom) See that. What’s up with that? I don’t understand
what’s going on here. – It might start to
seem like actual work. – Aye, what a great idea
that was, argh, matey. (choking and coughing) – My sailing history is this. I had a 127. Actually, it was my dad’s. Starcraft 14 and O’Day 19. Then I had a 19-foot
Powersailer MacGregor. Then I had one
stinkpot, which — (woman screaming ‘No’) I went to the dark side. And then we went
the MacGregor 26, and now we’re up
to the Gulfstar 44. So, um, Admiral, your turn. (thundering) – I was born in Maryland.
Lived there for a little while. Moved to California. Moved to back to Maryland. Moved to Iowa in
the fourth grade. Went through high school there. Moved right after
high school to Ohio. – Huh, where’s the rum? – No, I was not a military brat. In Ohio, I went to the
University of Toledo where I met the
admiral, or the captain. – Yeah, I got a promotion. Woohoo, I’m the captain,
and I’m admiral. Woohoo, promotion. So, what does that make you now? (giggling) (singing) I wanna be an admiral. – Makes me the land lover. – [Erik] Yes, yeah, good. (click and beep) I went to the University of
Toledo where I met the captain, and we had a
photojournalism class. We got to know each
other in the darkroom. Old school photography. (film rolling) And things developed from there. (laughing) My sailing history. I have a little, tiny experience
before I met the captain with a dingy-style sailboat
that my family had. We didn’t get to use it much. It was hard to
transfer to water. (click and beep) – So, I was gonna
talk to them about how I corrupted
you into sailing. – On this boat or in general? – In general. – Okay. – Yeah, ’cause really,
I mean you weren’t into sailing really that much — – I like to go out on the water. I was more of a
powerboat kind of girl. – Mhm. (woman screaming ‘No’) But when I met the captain,
he had his Starcraft, and things started from there. And that’s where I developed
my love for sailing. And for the captain too. – [Erik] Bonus. (giggling) – [Jean] I’m getting
really hot and I — feel this close to
your awesomeness. – [Erik] Yeah, that’s
what it is, awesomeness. (laughing) (click and beep) (clank) – Don’t hurt for me too. (giggling) Woohoo. (chuckling) Alright. Hehe, yeah, dude. (chuckling) You would never, (chuckling) never let me do 80s
collar popsin in a video. Not happening. (click and beep) Oh, so you’re still watching. – Please hit like
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– So, there’s a button — Like, I think it’s down
like there or there. Is it there? – There.
– There. – ‘Cause you’re watching the
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try that again. Subscribe is best as we only do these
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– Would you stop doing that? – But I can subscribe. (laughing) – Oh god no. (laughing) Don’t. No, no, no. (click and beep) – I think maybe they
need a little break. – Yeah, we’ll take a little
intermission right now. Give me a few minutes. (cheerful music) (click and beep) So, you’re still watching. – Okay, hit like
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much better, dear. (laughing) (click and beep) – Oh, wait a minute. How are we gonna
get another back? (chuckling) Okay. They gonna pause,
yeah, play, yeah. Hit play now. (click) (chuckling) Thanks, alright. – Nahhh. – Good enough, no?
– Don’t like that. (click and beep) – Don’t do that. (chuckling) – [Erik and Jean] Ahhh. – Ugh, ah. (chuckling) Okay, – Heart-shaped sunset. – Stop! Oh my god. Lord, help me. (click and beep) – Okay, so to help
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still have nine to five jobs, and we still, we have
this old boat from 1970s that we’re working on
all by ourselves and — – I feel like we like to go a
different direction with this. – But that’s not
the pirating way. (sigh) – Okay, it would help. So, it’s, that’s not why
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if you do wanna help us out. (click and beep) Yeah, they’re Patreon, that’s – Then why even have a Patreon? – Because they can give money
if they feel sorry for us. (laughing) – I hope motivate you
to do more videos. – Well, there is
that motivation. – I thought you were
gonna go into more detail. (click and beep) – Please stay tuned
for our next episode, but we’re not sure
what it’ll be. – And we’re not
sure when it’ll be. – That’s a good point too. (laughing)

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  1. So YouTube changed the abilities to do links in videos, so when I say 'click here' it ain't gonna work. So here is a link to Patron I mentioned in the video: https://www.patreon.com/sailingknotshore

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